Old Altius Tower and New Fit Tower Workouts

aqua girl

Not Cathe here, but I do have both towers. I tend to use the new tower more, actually I haven't really used the old
One since I got the new one. The new tower is so much more sturdy and easier to adjust. Probably some of the
New exercises might work with the old tower, but the adjustments on the new one are numbered and in the DVDs
That come with the tower, which are more beginner level, Cathe indicates which numbered hole to adjust to, as a
Guideline, which for me, works out perfectly. A lot of the exercises in those DVDs can be done with the old tower,
But it's just so much easier to do them with the new one. Hope that helps, kinda' maybe :)


Would you post a picture of the two towers side by side to see where the numbers are so I can mark mine? Thank you in advance.

aqua girl

Maybe SNM can do this, I have no way to post pictures, etc., sorry......but, the old tower has alot more adjustment holes than the new tower
even though it has been said that the new tower has more adjustments than the old one, I never have understood that.....I tried to measure
from the floor up the new tower to "say, hole # 8" and ever how many inches up that was, I then went back to the old tower and tried to
find which hole on that one was close to being a "8", but it just became too much trouble.....that's why I mainly use the new tower more, and
maybe use the old one with Turbo Barre, etc where it doesn't matter.....I really hope Cathe will reference which adjustment hole to use in
the new workouts like in the first dvds, because that does really make "life easier & quicker" than trying to figure out where to put the bar.

aqua girl

You're welcome , sorry I couldn't be more help, but awhile back when I tried to "match up" holes on the old tower,
Nothing would line up and it got more of a hassle than help, and I hadn't figured out how to mark the holes even
If I could have gotten it to work :) !


Awhile back before the new tower came out Cathe had mentioned that she had filmed a comparison vid for YouTube but it's never been posted to my knowledge.


I also tried to number mine, and it's true that they don't match up quite right. (I only have the old Turbo Tower, not the new one.) I used a photo of Cathe standing with the new tower as a guideline, and using her hand as a guide it looked like the holes are about a fist's width apart. Hole number one looks like it's at the very bottom of the old tower, as low as the bar will go (not in any holes). I worked my way up from there. At the top the numbers don't work quite right, but I'm taller than Cathe anyway, so for barre work I sometimes use a higher height than she does. Hope that helps a little?

Also, I used some silicone stuff that came with my home gym to make the upright parts more slippery so the bar goes up and down more smoothly. That helped a lot, but it also made the whole thing kind of sticky. Oh well. The things I do to save a few bucks.... ;-)


This helps thank you. [emoji2] I have the old tower and really not planning on buying the new one because of lack of space. [emoji22]
But I'm hoping Cathe will have information for us the old tower users [emoji2]

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