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    Cathe Calendar?

    Yay! Thank you!
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    Cathe Calendar?

    Any word on when the Cathe Calendar will go on sale this year? For some reason it popped in my head today that it must be getting close, then checked my email for my order last year, which happened to be on 10/17/14, exactly a year ago today :)
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    Why can't I ever stick with anything?

    Krista, I was just looking at the website for the Beck Diet Solution, and a lot of the little daily tips seem to address the type of negative thoughts you are having, but they say it better than I can :), if you want, take a look at this page of daily tips, Weight Loss Tips | Diet Solution...
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    Check your tubing...

    Or maybe a support group! :D I got smacked in the eye from a short one too, I was so afraid of any damage I did after just recently reading an awful story about this happening to someone, but I was fine. All the short tubes promptly went in the garbage, I only use my Cathe tubing now.
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    Why can't I ever stick with anything?

    Assuming by program you mean a set of dvds like XTrain or P90X? If the assumption is correct, then I would not do rotations as written ever. I get bored with things after a while too especially if I am doing them frequently like in a rotation, so what I am doing with XTrain (I am in week 7...
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    LIS or XTRAIN?

    XTrain times 1,000! I actually find it is milder in many ways than LIS and better for my back. The only one I have not done is Tabatacize yet, that one just may be too much for me right now. And the music is so good on XTrain.
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    She's Getting Ready to Film Again!!!!

    I'm DYING to know what she is doing. I love XTrain, and I have not loved much of anything lately, and it's so varied in this set. I really can't imagine yet what she is doing. I'm almost afraid to find out :eek:. I don't even know right now what I would want it to be. I really want to hear...
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    For kettlebells in particular, when I buy dvds, I do look to see what kind of training and certifications the trainer has. Proper form is SO important with bells. I really appreciate that Cathe is not just jumping on this band wagon. I kind of feel there is a possibility she would add in...
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    Total Body Trisets compared to XTrain?

    I just did XT Chest, Back shoulders yesterday, and noticed the ball was used a lot. I think I'm going to mix it up, and use a bench with heavier weights next time around, and only use the ball for stuff that a bench doesn't really make sense.
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    XTrain vs STS vs P90X

    P90X - I could not do more than a few of the workouts, I was really bored and I am just one who can't deal with Tony's personality on his dvds, he does seem to be a love him or leave him kind of guy. I would say though if you DO like him, the workouts are probably really good for weight loss, I...
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    X-Train low impact Hiit

    Very pleasantly surprised by this one. I didn't expect to like it, as I have been a little burned out from HIIT style workouts in general, but I loved it! I also don't like step, and really liked the step segment in this. I'm really happy I made myself try this one, I am so limited in the...
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    A "good" blow dryer?

    I have and love the Chi Rocket, I bought it because my stylist uses it. Once I upgraded from Conair style dryers, it's impossible to ever go back. I had a T3 but it broke in a couple of years. I have had and used my Chi for many years, now, the price has gone up quite a bit, so it was...
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    I am loosely following the 90 day rotation. I will follow it as written mostly for the UB and Legs workouts, but I will be subbing out some cardio days with other instructors to make sure I keep it varied and don't burn out too soon. I will probably sub the LI HIIT, and some weeks of Hard...
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    90 day rotation question about Hard Strikes?

    I was wondering why the Conditioning portion of Hard Strikes was not included anywhere in the 90 day rotation?
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    1 Rep Max Testing. Do I reeeeaaallllyyyy have to...?

    I did it for STS, but I'm not going to for Xtrain, I am tracking my weights during the upper body workouts and using my "method" of knowing if I need to go higher, lower, or it's just right with either an up arrow, down arrow, or nothing next to the weight. I am just writing in the Xtrain guide...