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    One rep max increase for STS?

    Thank you! This is a great tip!!
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    The Fit Towers

    Yay! Glad to hear more workouts with the Fit Tower are coming! Thanks!!
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    Fit Tower

    Yay I got the Fit I have to start lifting!!
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    Who has already preordered fit tower?

    I pre-ordered and can't wait to recommit to a program! Hope it comes's not even the first of Aug yet....ugh. I have no patience!!
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    NOV 2011 Low Impact Series Rotation

    LIS & STS Cathe don't forget the LIS & STS! Thanks though especially for the snack tips! Appreciate any extra tips on the food!
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    Low impact dvd

    Do not despair we are waiting with baited breathe with you! Golly I want to get started with this....Cathe please hurry can you give us a pre rotation???
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    Low impact dvd

    Low Impact Rotation Thanks that answered my question!! I just got the series today and was wondering what, where, how, which one etc. Now I know check back on Oct 31! Thanks, Cathe
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    STS Total Body/High Reps

    Wow!! I love these new workouts!! I was trying so hard my whole bod was just shaking while doing High Reps!! Both High Reps and STS Total Body just kicked by butt!! Yay!
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    Finishing Meso 2 this week - what next after Meso 3?

    Start over and do it all again!! I think I did Meso 2 about 3 months in a row!!
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    *Sniff* I'm a bit disappointed with the lower body workouts

    Guess we'll have to modify Bam I too have lower back issues so I was guessing I'd have to modify probably quite a few of the leg exercises. Don't hurt yourself it takes to long to recover!! Modify!!
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    Anyone get their's yet???!!!

    I got them! Got mine yesterday!! It's been so long ago I ordered I couldn't believe I was actually holding them in my hot little hands!! Now to figure out all the things I need to get started!! Yeesh! Debbie
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    Thank you so much I looked everywhere... Debbie;-)
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    I'm interested in purchasing the calendar Cathe talks about in the blog does anyone know where I can get one?? or when? Debbie:)