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    4 More Days!!!!

    Kevin & I are looking forward to it! Don't know if we are physically ready though ;) Cathy
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    Road Trip 2010

    Are there any details about the NJ 2010 Roadtrip? It's only 3 weeks away and I haven't heard anything (agenda, t-shirts, photo for Who's Who book) since I registered. Thanks! Cathy
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    Thank you, '09 Road Trippers!

    Thank you RT coordinators for a great time. And, thanks for making Kevin feel welcome. He was excited to join the RT this year and it did not disappoint him. He's now part of the Cathe family and that is in large part due to your efforts. Hopefully, we'll be able to participate next year...
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    What were some of your RT highlights?

    Linda, Yes, I noticed the captions...too cute, and sweet! Officially, Kevin lost a total of 30 lbs. over 3 months (He actually lost 35 lbs, but the person keeping the weekly weigh-in messed up his starting weight). He usually doesn't get serious about any eating/workout plan until the last...
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    What were some of your RT highlights?

    Kevin is a "beast" when he's got a goal! His goal was to win the contest at work and he did a FABULOUS job. Way to go Kevin! Now, what are WE going to do with OUR winnings?!!!;) My roadtrip highlights were: - Seeing Kevin do Cathe's step in a group. He REALLY kept up (actually did better...
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    Did everyone get home ok? Check-in!

    Lisa, It was nice to meet you and thanks for the ride yesterday. Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! I hope it's everything you want and more. Keep us posted. Cathy
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    Thank you Cathe, Crew and Road Trippers

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to thank you all for a GREAT weekend! Kevin and I are grateful to have enjoyed the RT together. Kevin used to think I was crazy to be a "Catheite, or Cathlete", but it's safe to say, he may be one too, lol :p;). We enjoyed meeting all of you. I know Kevin is...
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    Did everyone get home ok? Check-in!

    Kevin and I got home ok. We drove thru the storm, but made it. We had a great was nice meeting all of you. Maybe we will see each other next year! Cathy
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    So what is your favorite hobby?

    Scrapbooking, cardmaking & papercrafting (thanks Paper Wishes for teaching me all I know!) Cathy:)
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    Moving to Maryland

    Welcome to MD! My husband used to live in Columbia---nice place--but now we live in Silver Spring. Cathy
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    Are you a road tripper?

    My husband and I are attending; 2nd time for me, 1st time for him (he was jealous he didn't get to go last;)) Cathy
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    The Agenda is posted!

    Hi Trip Coordinators, Question: Can you get more specific with the type of classes we will be having. I see the "bootcamp" class...but I don't know what the others are. I don't mean to be a pest, just want to mentally prepared. THANKS! Cathy
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    Ride Needed From Maryland

    Hi Fitdoggie, I am sending you a PM right now to confirm the details of the trip. Cathy
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    Ride Needed From Maryland

    Hi FitDoggie, Just confirmed that our hotel check-in is for Friday as well. So now it's just a matter of what time we are leaving and I will get back to you. Cathy
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    Ride Needed From Maryland

    Hi Fitdoggie, I'm not sure when we are leaving--I think we (my husband and I) are booked for Thursday night, but we'll check and send you the particulars in a PM. talk to you soon. Cathy