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    Video Clip Of Cathe's To The Mat: Legs, Glutes, and Core Live Workout

    Loved all the new variations-my legs, glutes & corr were all burning!
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    Video Clip Of Cathe's Wicked Lower Body and Core Live Workout

    Appropriately named-this was wicked! I love the variations and my favorite was the start of the last round; those curtsy lunges into side lunges that were slow & low!!!
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    Cathe's Slammin’ Cardio Express Live Workout

    Love the short ones! Does anyone know what brand legging Cathe is wearing? I know I've seen that logo before.
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    Video Clip Of Cathe's Arms, Legs, Core and More Live Workout

    Another great've been on fire! I was huffing & puffing through, but I really loved the Alternating sumo squat/rear lunges and the curtsy lunge/3 step-outs - my glutes were screaming!!! Would LOVE to see these two combos in a series!!!
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    Video Clip Of Cathe's Functional Fitness Circuit Live Workout

    Wow - I loved this workout so much! First half was my favorite; couldn't jump rope due to my workout area (unfinished basement with low ceiling) but Cathe showed excellent alternatives. I really enjoyed it and it kicked my butt! Please do more like this Cathe. Been loving some new shoulder and...
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    Sneakers for Plantar Fasciitis

    Thank you @Melvin3698, I purchased a pair of Skechers, Brookes & Asics-I love them all!!!
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    Sneakers for Plantar Fasciitis

    Thank you @snowlover & @Debinmi! I just ordered Archies flipflops & love them. My PT did suggest the Skecher ones but it was after I ordered the Archies. I'll look into the Skechers too. I also saw the boot thing on Amazon-I was wondering how comfortable it would be while trying to sleep. I'll...
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    Sneakers for Plantar Fasciitis

    Looking for any recommendations for brand of sneakers anyone has liked that has had plantar fasciitis. I've been going to physical therapy to do exercises & get foot taped. He suggested shoes with better arch support since I have flat feet while we are waiting for the inserts to arrive for the...
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    Boss Loops Glutes & Corr A+++

    I was so excited to start with this DVD & I was not disappointed!!! I enjoyed this workout so much from start to end!!! I loved everything about it; the music, the backdrop, the outfits, the crew, the exercises & most of all...the new bands!!! They don't roll, slide up or down, or twist - they...
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    Cathe Live Subscribers Please Read

    So scary! Take all the time you need; I'm sure it won't be easy to keep you down, but we all want you rested & fully recovered! Sending lots of love and well wishes!!!
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    Covid in USA

    Thank you both! It's been a rough month, we also had to put our fur baby down. We were lucky to have her for 16 years. House is so empty feeling w/o her & I know we will eventually get another; it's just been a lot at once, so I appreciate your thoughtful messages.
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    April 2021 Rotation

    Thank you so much Cathe-this is so awesome!!! I also will be finishing up a round of STS end of April - now I know what I'm doing right after!!! One question on the Hammer Punch Lunges...I guess it doesn't matter & I'm thinking it's the one you do often where you hammer down in front of you into...
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    Covid in USA

    Thank you ~Elsie. Sadly, after fighting for 3 weeks she passed away. Brother is doing better. Thank you for your thoughts & comments.
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    Covid in USA

    I feel most people follow the safety guidelines, but I wish more people would take it seriously. We have stayed away from my mother (80 yrs old) to protect her & she just got it from her apartment building. She has been in hospital for 12 days and is critically ill due to her pre-existing heart...