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    I just read....

    Loved Hunger Games!
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    Water carbonating systems

    I have the sodastream and I love it. I don't drink a lot of soda but when I want it I can just whip it up. My dh and teenagers do like soda though and 1) I like not having to buy it and lug it home and 2) even the regular flavors are made without high fructose corn syrup so it is 35 calories per...
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    Sean T's ASYLUM--Now available!

    Why has this thead ended w/o anyone reviewing? Please tell me how it is??!
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    Someone please tell me......

    I have found that early mornings work best for me too. However, I do get to sleep in until 5:30am! LOL
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    Muscle Max

    When I load this one into the blender, every chapter after the warmup (beginning at chapter 3) shows up as Dumbell Squats. When you play them, that is also what plays.
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    Insanity. WOW!

    I actually find real that even the people in the video can't keep up. Maybe it is for show but I sure feel like less of a loser when I can't make it all the way through!
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    Substitute for tomato soup

    V8 is another good option! They have lots of flavors & variety. I use it for cooking, thanks to my grandma!
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    Insanity. WOW!

    Nan, sounds like we are at the same point! Looking forward to the rest although, my DH told me today that he can really start to see a change, makes me want to keep going! See you at the Insanity finish line where we can drink a toast (if we survive!)
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    Michelle Dosois Peak 10 Dvds

    Great! More workouts to stalk! LOL Thanks!
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    Insanity. WOW!

    I am starting my 4th week of Insanity and, I agree, the warmups are tough! My only complaint is that after 3 weeks, I am tired of the exact same warmup routine on almost every workout. I am almost looking forward to the 2nd month just for something different. Of course, I am not sure I will make...
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    I deactivated my facebook account

    Instead of "defriending" people, you can block them so that their status updates don't show up in your feed. I have done that w/several negative people that I know!
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    I found the BEST iPod Touch App for Cathe downloads

    Got this & LOVE it! Thank you!
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    Spark People - LONG

    Really? I am using SparkPeople because they have a moblie app (android) and I couldn't find one for Calorie Count.
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    My 1st double digit run!

    Great job! I have done 5.25 outside tops but someday I am hoping to hit 10 miles too! I love summer, but not really for running outside! I am an evening runner & I can say that it just doesn't quite get cool enough to make a difference for me yet. Once it's dipping into the 60s, it'll start to...
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    New Cathe DVDs in the works? Announcement at the RT?

    I am also very very excited for these new workouts! All of them! I also hope that they are available for download at the same time the DVDs are available! I really want to convert all of my dvds to digital format, especially since the workout blender is going to be available so soon!