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I have had a blah week. Motivation = 0. Diet was horrible, exercise non-existent. Not sure where it is coming from. I hate feeling like this.
I forced SS Cardio Slam. Barely got through it.
Hope you pull yourself out of your rut - I've been there many times, it's not easy. It sounds silly, but sometimes you just gotta keep on keepin' on.
I have been horrible at posting this week.
I did some runs and strength through the week. Today was Triple Fit Live. Holy total body- will have to try to fit this one in once a week.
Warm up only from MIS + Margaret Richard TV shows 1614-16 Lower Body segs w 4lb ankle weights+The Firm Core Cardio 1 47m (no Treadmill)
Yoga yesterday- do not like but it's like eating veggies (which I also don't like)... doing it because I know it is good for me.
Lift It HIIT It Legs today- crappers that was hard!
LOL, I am not a fan of yoga either, but I should try to do it. Lift It HiiT It Legs is a great workout - a lot of bang for your buck!
Cathe Rock Bottoms (instead of squats&lunges I did standing leg work w 2lb ankle weights) matwork: I used 4lb ankle weights ouch!
+ I want those Abs Tamilee Webb 15m+ Hi-Lo Choreography Advanced Gay Gasper/Treadmill 3.5 35m
Crunch Master Blaster 2 pt 1 cardio Tracy York + pt 2 Upper Body w Billy Blanks (lots of unique moves for arms, lots of reps @ low weight)Treadmill 3.5 35m + Abs of Steel 2000 Tamilee Webb,Donna Richardson&Tracy York (I did only 15m of the ab section cause hubby arrived with a whopper junior for me. oops!)
Decided on an outdoor run to rosy up my cheeks a little and enjoy a beautiful fall day.
40 hilly minutes following a blue heeled named Bug.
Got through most of Love Those Legs Live (or something similar to that) when I got disrupted by a family emergency- nothing critical, just 2 adult children and a husband that don't seem to be able to communicate all that well which leads to things not getting done how everyone wants them done. Sometimes I seriously consider moving into the forest by myself.
Ply HIIT One. Only 30 minutes- figured I would do 1 and 2... silly girl.
LOL, I know how that feels. Yesterday I changed my workout several times before procrastinating all the way down to RWH Low Impact HiiT one + Bonus Abs. I think I had a much, much longer workout scheduled. Something is better than nothing. However, today I am falling into the same pattern.
Killer Floor Upper Body section only with Mindy Mylrea she does 30+ reps or so I did 2 sets of 12 and added body parts.
Yesterday I got to go to the gym in the city. I did pedal pump, streaming it on my phone, then I did close to an hour of upper body.
Today was Lower Body Confusion Live- this one hurt.
"Step n Stones Two" Circuit & Awt! Gay Gasper 55m but I did 90 minutes because I rewound and led my mom through Strengthwork with a yellow band. Gay does 2 5m Strength segments w band & 2 5m segments with dumbells. Each step section is 7 mins. No abs