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  • Trying to get my life back on so many levels. Fitness usually helps balance all other areas. So ready for this reset.
    Jane Power-Grimm
    Jane Power-Grimm
    Love your comment, "Fitness usually helps balance all other areas." Totally agree! Start with getting a fun fitness routine in place and making other changes gets so much easier! Good luck with your reset Girlyfit!
    I am starting the STS Total Body after work. I have clearance from my doctor to do this! I am so excited. I like whole body workouts a lot. I will report back tomorrow morning and let you know how it goes!!
    I'm at it again! I have a about 7 weeks before my birthday, so I am going to see just how good I can look. I have my nutritional plan (started on Monday) and back to Cathe. Let God and the Force be with me!!!
    Get It Going!! That's my new slogan! I am 100% committed to being healthy, fit and very sexy!! With a clean bill of health and injury-free, there is nothing to it but to do it!! Game On!!
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