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Today CIA2502 Power to the third interval workout with medicine ball alternating with cardio. So as usual I added weight work which she doesn't do. Bench press, rows, Biceps, Militaries, flies etc and when she does lunges I do leg lifts. Then Abs + my Treadmill for the cardio segments.
Ok, very strange, I lost weight, almost 10 lbs now, I thought I would never lose 1!
Every day after lunch, as a desert, I eat an apple. Sometimes I serve myself a smaller serving of food because I want to be able to eat it.
I didn't think it was possible but I tried different scales including my dr's office they all say the same. And I'm not even exercising the way I should. Can you say "stunned"?
I finally started walking again yesterday and today, now if only I could get my weights out from storage then I hope to get back to working out again.
It is time to take care of yourself as well as you help us take care of ourselves. Be a good patient (easier said than done). Best wishes and heartfelt thoughts your way for a successful and rapid recovery.
Best wishes to Cathe Friedrich - one of the nicest, genuine people in the media world. If you have never done any of her workouts I urge you to discover her. Here's to a speedy recovery and good health!
Total Body Stretching - Ball Workout #1 - incredibly RELAXING! Ahhhh... Perfect mid-winter, mid-covid self care routine!
I purchased a new Treadmill! Yeah!
Proform. I made sure it had a bar under the console (like my previous one) so that I can do pull-ups on it.

So today I walked 30 min @ 3.7 ... it's been so long my legs ache.
Today I went to walk on my Treadmill since July of last year. And it seems lightning from some storm burned out the engine on it. So I went for a walk around the neighborhood for 30 minutes.
Finally something that feels like a workout!
Metabolic Med Ball Blast (Live #308) breathed life into my week with a workout unlike any of the DVDs! So fun, so fresh, so effective and all in 37 mins!
Yesterday was IMAX 4 with bonus abs. Today I wanted to try Ripped w/ HiiT Lift It Hit It, chest tris and shoulders. Welp, the dvd doesn't work, siiighhh. But! Instead I did HiiT Circuit Upper Body and I'm glad I did. It was fun! Finishing my green smoothie and then heading out for a walk with DH.