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Hi all, sorry to be MIA....I decided last week to take it easy and only walk the dog. I need to get this hamstring healed before major cycling! then the weather turned somewhat nice this weekend....I say somewhat because this winter has been all about the wind! So Saturday, it was a bit too cool with the wind and my hamstring hurt during cycling...I got a bit worried but figure that cold temps and injured muscles don't combine for me. Sunday it was warmer and not too windy when we started but then WHAM, wind, so strong it almost blew my bike out from under me! We should have known better than to ride west into open areas! But my hamstring didn't hurt, so it's getting better! Yesterday we got 6 inches of snow, so this week is not even walking. I am quilting and designing even more quilts.
Jody, good job on the bike ride....I can't see the map when you use Endomondo, probably because i'm not signed in....shrug. Anyway, does it auto pause when you stop? That will make your average speed better :) It's getting harder and harder for me to co-exist with humans ;) I can't stand the crowds anywhere! We went to a breakfast eatery last week that opened last summer and had lines out the door (Snooze is the name), so I thought the crowds would have died down and it was a Thursday....still had to wait 30 min for a table! The food was good but over priced for what you got in my opinion.
Mary, did you hear about 2 officers being shot in Ohio? I thought of you, we've had 3 officers shot and killed in 5 weeks....the funeral processions are so sad. Then the school shooting in FL....what in the world is happening? We don't need a war we are killing ourselves!
Tracy, oooh a new puppy after all! I was born and raised in FL, left at age 21......I couldn't wait to get out! I'm not cut out for hot weather, just ask Jody, she saw me melt in the heat at the road trip (she also witnessed the little nest I build in the bed to sleep :) ) Why does your feet hurt all of the time? It seems something is always hurting in my body, DH tells me to get used to it. Then I noticed I had an owie on my hand that I dont' remember doing (thin skin), DH said I sounded like him....he's really been getting thin skin and scratches up easily. I must admit I feel I take too much Advil...it all started after my ankle injury and I had to keep taking it to keep the inflammation down. Well, ankle is doing really well (even with walking Suki all last week), so I'm trying to cut it out, but man, when I haven't taken advil for a couple days my whole body hurts, mostly from the waist down....another reason I'm taking so much rest time....maybe I overdid it on all the cycling? Or am I just at that age when everything hurts? I do not like this aging thing! Anyone else noticing more aches and pains?
Ronne, I saw there was an earthquake in your area....did you feel it where you are? Good job on sticking with a rotation, and WOW, CCC all the way through!?!??!!? I guess my question above about aging doesn't apply to you or Murphy you youngsters! I don't weigh myself anymore either, I try to eat relatively well, stay active, and lately exercising my brain with this new quilting technique I'm doing. Some days my brain is just exhausted!



Lisa - glad to hear the hamstring is on the mend. I am definitely getting more aches and pains. Over the past week, the back of my left knee has started hurting for no apparent reason and I'm getting some aches in my hips. I recently bought some new trainers and I'm wondering if it's them as they were very cheap. But I suspect it's just age! They're not so bad that I need to take painkillers though. I tend to avoid taking stuff unless I really have to. I didn't feel (or hear about) the earthquake at all!

Jody - at least you got out and did something! Sorry to hear your colleagues are annoying you. I don't really have that problem ...

Murphy - hope you've found something to get you out of your workout rut. Don't stress about it too much, I'm sure you'll find something.

Been keeping up with (my version of) the rotation. Today was Plyo Hiit 1 - first time I've ever done it without stopping or skipping something. I shaved off a couple of reps on two things but that was it! DD is at home ill from school and she was in the room while I was doing it and after she said that even she wouldn't want to try it as it looked really hard! On the rotation I'm supposed to follow it up with FS Pull Day, absolutely no way on earth I'm doing that!
Had a nice weekend with visitors. Did the big tour of Oxford (practised on Jody!) then went to a Greek restaurant for dinner. Great food!


Thus is what I've been working on, and a picture of the quilt plan I created using an app.

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Hi fit babes! If I didn't say it before, I am grateful for DH's building/fixing skills! When a neighbor asked how he learned to build things he replied, "Child slave labor." :D

I'm sorry you are in an exercise funk Murphy! Have you tried a different instructor for a change of pace? I am still on the Beachbody program and was happy to do something different beginning in Jan, because I felt pretty burned out and unmotivated after the holidays. If you don't have a desire to try a different instructor, how about doing short premixes of workouts? That helps me. Good luck!

Hi Mary!

Jody, I never knew such screwed up people existed until I worked for the state. They are everywhere! I supervise 3 people and none of them are what I would consider normal. I feel your pain!

Hi Lisa, I'm not cut out for the hot weather either and I was born and raised in CA! I love the NW coolness and my sister and dad moved here and love it too. Well, probably not today though since it's snowing quite a bit.... My feet don't hurt all of the time, just some of the time. If I don't wear shoes with high arches the majority of the time, they hurt. Too many years working out on cement floors and running with BB on concrete and asphalt. I am working on being younger every day but my body does have aches and pains it didn't have in previous decades, er, I mean years. As Bette Davis said, "Aging ain't for sissies!" So it's great that we here are already strong and sensible--no one worked out in Bette's time! I take too much Advil too. Beautiful quilt! Are the green squares done on a quilting machine? Is that the back of the quilt for the second photo?

Ronne, that's awesome you got through Plyo Hiit 1 without stopping! You rock!! I think I stop at least once in every workout I do and sometimes for no reason, just habit! Oooh, I'd love to get me some Greek food. Alas, we are not abundant with great eateries where I live, we have to leave town!

We brought Riley Jameson home on Friday and BB is a grumpy old man at the age of 7 and doesn't like this little pipsqueak jumping up to him all of the time! It's getting a little better each day because we have made sure that BB is still number 1. Riley is the sweetest little guy and he's a pretty good pup for only being 3 months old! But I confess that I feel bad for both of them and hope they become friends on a consistent basis in the near future.

OK, I still have not heard anything about the job and finally called the recruiter today to find out if the job has been offered to someone (I just wanted to be put out of my misery!) and they haven't even given her the top candidates to check references for! (So lesson learned, don't believe everything you read on someone's calendar!) The division chief has been out of state for work on the opioid crisis and he knows this job is a priority but this drug crisis is too. I completely understand that. I feel so much better and have hope again! I was really disillusioned, thinking they had picked someone else already who turned it down and then they went to the second one and were negotiating salary and start date and I was a bottom choice. That may still happen but for now, I'm OK!

Have a great rest of your week fit babes! Tracy


Hi all! Have been working out, I’m just losing time! Black Panther was so tremendous, such a great story. I’m not a huge super hero fun, however I highly recommend!

Tracey, fingers crossed! Never know what can happen!

Lisa, such beautiful quilting! Such a gift. No snow here, just rain. Almost would rather the snow.
All this violence here, I don’t understand the point, helps no one. Putting everyone in fear, it becomes paralyzing.

Jody, co-workers, some of them do provide entertainment, some I wonder why they even bother to come to work since they don’t seem to understand the definition of work.

Murphy, hope you get out of your rut!

Ronne, I had my kids CCC with me once, they have never done another video with me again! I think Cathe scared them!

Roxie, have the doctors fixed you yet?

Not much here, work, etc. hope everyone has a good day! Mary


Hi all

Mary - that film is getting loads of good reviews. I went to the cinema on Weds to see something else, and that film was nearly sold out.

Tracy - that's good news about the job, at least you're still in with a shout. Keeping everything crossed for you.

Taking an unexpected rest day today. I started feeling a bit strange last night, I think I might be coming down with whatever DD had earlier in the week. My balance is a bit wobbly and I feel light-headed. Getting some work done this morning then calling it a day.


Nothing to report here. Basically a total rest week, not even walking the dog. Too cold and snowy for me these days. Even the dog doesn’t like it! Didn’t get above 12 one day and hasn’t even been above freezing. Lots of quilting though!

Ronne, hope you’re not getting sick! Sounds like you’re the most dedicated these days!

Mary, take the snow and cold!

Tracy, how’s the pup? Suki is finally back to normal after her dental cleaning and 3 teeth pulled. She kept licking her IV spot and we had to bandage it up to keep her from licking it. 2weeks later, finally looks to not be bothering her since she’s leaving it alone. The green pic is the center of the quilt that I quilted free motion (ie me moving the fabric under the machine for the design). Second is just a computer generated mock-up of what I plan. I got tired of seeing green so I moved to a different project yesterday.

Hoping tomorrow we are above freezing! We’re dog sitting Saturday and helping DS with taxes Sunday.

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Hello! Happy weekend! Today did a YouTube workout, yesterday did Thursday’s Cathe Live, it was challenging.

Lisa, still raining here, damp, mud everywhere. Have fun babysitting!

Ronne, hope you are feeling better. Maybe dehydration? Ear issues?

Hope everyone is well, and has a good weekend! Mary


Hi all

Took another rest day on Saturday and felt better by Sunday. Not sure what it was but seems to have cleared up. Yesterday I did HCLB and today was SM.

Lisa - the temperature's dropped here as well. There's snow in other parts of the country but not here but it's below freezing at night.

Mary - hope the rain's cleared up!


Hello friends! I'm just in from a bike ride, it's just too perfect to stay indoors today. There were lots of water birds and maybe a peregrine falcon? I'm not so hot on bird ID. I did see a hawk or osprey with a catch of snake or maybe iguana flying way overhead, that was super cool but also on the drive to park so not sure if that counts toward my wildlife viewing. The last part of the ride was pretty fast since I was trying to get back to get car to dd but alas didn't make in time so now I get to pick her up from work instead so my bad regarding time management. I like riding the bike but kinda hate hanging it on my Corolla even though I have a nice rack. If I had a do over, I'd get a lighter bike in a men's style for ease of transport. Yesterday I did heavy weights with MM since that was still in the player- I can feel it today. I also ordered a new fitbit. PS my mom got a call where they told her they owed her money and she went to her computer to give them remote control of it but finally told them no she wasn't going to do that then they started texting her.

Ronne, glad you are feeling better, your dd is as well? Stay warm, I hope you have some pretty crisp days to go with that cool weather. I watched a real estate show featuring your area and thought of you but omg what a waste of time, watching some of the stuff I watch on Netflix. I just sit down for a bit and next thing you know I've got 3 property buying shows viewed. I do pick up some vocab though.

Mary, did your flu's at work abate? I feel like ours has. I hope to see that movie in the theater so I guess I should go soon, they don't stick around long.

Lisa, I've got taxes all around here as well. Your quilting is beautiful. You really enjoy colors and patterns, I can see why you enjoyed the nail products, too. I've got no design flair other than I like elephants, Indian colors, Boho hippy stuff. Crazy about the wind pushing you around so hard.

Oh Tracy, that is good news about the job still being available. Are the kids starting to warm up to each other yet?

Roxie, I hope you are well!

Murphy, how's the funk? Maybe it's the winter season?


Hi fit babes! I'm happy to be here sooner rather than later!

Mary, thanks for the recommendation for Black Panther, I'll try to see it soon! I cracked up when you had your kids try CCC with you--I got rid of that one because I will never do it again!

I'm glad you are on the mend Ronne, we've been cold and snowy, and now rain again. We don't mind getting cold days here in the winter if they are sunny! And we got to enjoy a couple of those last week. But I am SO ready for Spring!

Hi Lisa! Coincidentally, BB had his teeth cleaned and some teeth pulled in Oct. He didn't lick anything afterwards but he's not into grooming like Suki's breed is. You are awesome at freehand quilting!! I can't even do a straight line without stopping the machine 100 times. We've had some snow lately but the temps have been just around the freezing mark. BB loves the snow. We think Riley likes it but he hasn't been out on a leash yet to really explore it.

I'm jealous of your bike ride Jody! I hope I can afford to be a snowbird and fly south for the winter after I retire. The constant gray days are really hard to deal with! I'm glad your mom eventually said no to those crooks! Would it be too hard to change her phone number and get it on a do not call list?

I hope you are feeling better Roxie! How are you doing Murphy?

The pups surprised us this weekend by playing together! BB hasn't done that in years but the 2 of them chased each other through the house, pounced on each other, rolled over each other, etc. So in that way, they are getting along but they don't play constantly. BB is still grumpy in the a.m. and puts Riley in his place. and we still make sure BB is number 1. But I laughed when I realized BB suffers from FOMO! (Took me a while to figure out that it's Fear Of Missing Out). If he's tired of Riley and I let him go to the bedroom where DH is and close the door, he's soon scratching on it to be let out.

Thank you for the good wishes about the job! I heard from a little birdie today that the goal of the recruiter is to make an offer on the position this week. Whether that happens or not, I'm not holding my breath. But the little birdie was appalled that I've been waiting this long to find out. I've heard that the wait is even longer with the Feds so I should consider myself lucky!

Still doing the Beachbody workouts and they are going OK. One of the cast members keeps cracking the instructor up. One time she asked, "Do you feel it?" And the response was, "I feel it emotionally." I was amused.

Have a great rest of your week!! Tracy


Hi ladies

Jody - that bike ride sounds lovely! Rather envious of your lovely weather - the snow is coming down outside my window at the moment! Yes, DD is better as well now, she was just off school for two days. She was desperate to get back as it was her birthday last week and she didn't want to miss out! Your mum did well to avoid being scammed. It's just horrible.

Tracy - sounds like the dogs are enjoying each other. I love cold and sunny wintry days, especially coming in and getting warm after! How long does the Beachbody thing last? Is it a subscription or DVDs?

So, snow is flying past the window outside. Apparently we're getting winds from Siberia which is where all this sudden heavy, wintry weather is coming from. We are getting plenty of sunshine as well so I don't mind the cold temps. I'm supposed to be meeting a friend in town this evening though and I'm hoping she doesn't cancel because of the snow.
Almost at the end of the rotation. Yesterday was KPC (I did a premix) and today was B&G (I did my version, left out all the barbell exercises and the repeats, I quite liked it!).


Hi all, temps above freezing finally so I’ve been walking the dog since Monday. Hoping for warm enough weather to cycle fri and sat, even if there are crazy winds predicted we’ll go. DH is taking his vacation in a couple of weeks before he gives notice and it turns out that had he not had vacation scheduled he’d be traveling to New Jersey on biz. The relief in his face !

Jody, our bike rack holds the bikes by the wheels, makes it much better than having to hang it on. Most of the upper end bikes doesn’t come in a female style anymore, they have the bar across the top. Funny I can only get on from the right side since my balance is better on my good ankle and I can swing my leg over while leaning the bike over. You know me so not flexible. I do like putting colors and designs together. Sometimes I like to think outside the box. My sewing room is a mess, remember creative people are messy! Lol

Tracy, awe, so fun hearing you talk about the puppy. Suki leg is finally healed since I was able to keep her tongue off of it. She got totally exhausted playing with my sons dog while we dog sat this weekend. We had a clear plastic container that I put treats in, no lid, to test the dogs on how to get it out. Suki put her whole head in it! Got stuck, but then DS dog pissed her off so she jumped and barked at him with it on her head, it started fogging up! It cracked us up! We even got video of it, we’re so mean but it was good entertainment!

Ronne, we get Canadian wind and geese. There’s geese poo everywhere, yuck and I mean a lot! . I wish they’d keep both up there! If you all could see what I walk through! Oh, I saw (actually missed at first) a coyote, he was just across the ditch laying in the brown grass blending in and was only 10 ft away! Now I’m super paranoid there. This area is by the gated old people neighborhood (must be 55 to live there and is gated). My sister lives there and they are constantly told not to feed them. I bet some people are and that’s why their hanging out there. Its not even the open space, houses everywhere, and coyotes!

Mary, what’s the kids plans for spring break?

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Hi all. Sorry to have not been around. I have actually been doing some short workouts and riding my stationary bike. It is coming along. I may ask a friend to borrow some of her stuff, she has some Kelley Coffey's and I have not really tried her stuff. I hate to buy more dvd's, I have so many and need to reduce what I have. Maybe I will try the March rotation and see if I can get my groove back.

Hey, did I miss a conversation about Black Panther? Everyone see it?



Hello girls! Busy here today! Did a YouTube workout this morning. I have been lucky enough to take the dogs on walks too, today raining tho.

Lisa, those geese are MEAN! They are in one of the parking lots I work at, and I have been chased by them, I keep my distance.

Murphy, Black Panther was SO good, your kids would love it!

Ronne, I saw the snow in Europe, looks so beautiful amongst all the architecture, here not so much!

Tracey, my older dog has FOMO also, has to follow the little one around, keeps her distance tho, acts like she’s not interested, however I know she’s acting!

Jody, Netflix! Lol! I like the Great British Baking Show, (have a bit of a crush on Paul Hollywood, as my DH says “he’s devishly handsome “). It annoys me “are you STILL watching.” Have to yell at it a bit.

Not much here, DS comes home next Friday for 10 days! DD comes home 2 weeks later, wish it was at the same time, it will be nice to have some one on one time with each of them.

Good day to all! Mary


Not much to report, trying to stay active. I think I am going to branch out for a bit. I have some youtube suggestions.

Mary - we saw Black Panther as a family and we did love it. Did you stay for the two extra's during the credits? I was surprised by the second one, I forgot all about that connection.

Mary / Lisa - speaking of geese and ducks and such, when my girls were little, we used to go to this local park with animals and ducks you could feed. One time my youngest dropped the box of crackers or whatever and spilled them - the ducks starting coming for them. She picks up the box and starts running, leaving a trail of crackers behind her - and the ducks were chasing after her to get the crackers. It's funny now, but not so much then!

Have a great day.



Hello everyone

Murphy - hope you find something fun to do! That's really cute about your daughter.

Mary - I always forget you have dogs. Hope the rain stops for you soon.

Lisa - Do coyotes attack people? It sounds exciting to see one to me.

The country is grinding to a halt thanks to the snow. DD was off school today, I think all local schools are closed. I can't remember it ever being so cold in all the time I've lived here. We've had yet more snow again today. I'm not planning to go anywhere this weekend!!
Did DM today, last one of the rotation! So pleased I've managed to complete it. Planning a rest week next week, some easier workouts, yoga, days off.


Hi everyone! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Kept up the workouts. Youngest DS got his first job! At the zoo, he will be working in the service department, and when he works on weekends he will be able to feed the animals, he is so psyched! Then I explained taxes and union dues, not so psyched about that!

Ronne, do you still have snow? Ours is melting, will return tomorrow, spring is coming tho.

Murphy, we did stay until the end of the credits, I totally forgot about that too. Hardly anyone stayed at the theater we were at, I was surprised because they always give teasers.

How is everyone else? DS comes home Friday, of course the only day I work this week, it will give him and DH time together. Hope everyone has a good day! Mary


We had a beautiful weekend, spring sprung! Cycling fri, sat, and Sunday, then the winds moved in and cold. The winds were the worst yet this winter,I didn’t even walk the dog yesterday it was so blustery. Winds tend to make people cranky! We dog sat Saturday and will be dog sitting in a couple of weeks while my other DS goes to Japan on holiday (I feel so British saying it that way). We enjoy our furry grands!
Ronne, there have been a couple of attacks on small children in the last decade. And more on dogs and quite a bit of cats going missing. The coyotes are in our area more because of all the people moving here and houses being built where the coyotes live. So we are in closer quarters with them now. They need to stay fearful of us but with people feeding them they instead learn we aren’t a threat like the farmers who used to farm the land and shoot them. I saw one just roaming the gated neighborhood with no fear. I never used to see them and I’ve walked these areas for over 25 years. Off soap box now! Hope you had a nice relaxing snowed in weekend! Our feb was much colder this year than last according to my heating bill!
Mary, congrats to DS! Taxes , ugh! DS is having issues that I can’t help him with. His company reported more state wages to Kansas than should have been because his address wasn’t changed in their system for months and they won’t fix it. Hopefully tax preparer can help (not sure how), I surely don’t feel comfortable changing numbers since it’s reported. If they can’t help the poor kid will owe 2000 in taxes for Kansas. It’s complex, ok if you don’t understand since I can’t really explain well.

Dh is having concerns of retiring now.
, sigh. It is a hard decision to give up some great income. I told him that maybe instead to look into reducing work hours to just 3 days a week. If they don’t want that then at least he knows he looked into every option. Going to less hours is ideal, that’s what I did for 5 years before I left the workforce.

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Hello! Did a YouTube workout, a challenge, Yvette Bachman.

Lisa, frustrated for your son. I’m sure there has to be a solution? I’m sure you and DH will be able to figure out something. You both are still so young. My parents are starting to worry if they will have enough to last however long they last, (I mean that kindly, lol). The stock market didn’t help them a few years back. I wish I know the answers, if only to win the lottery?

Tonight have a high school band concert, DH always seems to be at the fire station on these days, coincidence? I’m starting to think not.

Hope everyone has a good day! Mary

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