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Starting us for the year. I noticed everyone was getting their posts in yesterday so they wouldn't have to start us off .

I'm pressed for time today so no personals, I did do an hour of spinning, 600 calories burned! We're coming out of the deep freeze again so hope to start walking Suki again tomorrow!

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Happy New Year to everyone!

Did anyone get the new DVDs? I know mine are on their way. Started off the year with a KCM today. I'm still carrying some kind of chest infection from before Christmas. I get a bit breathless when I get to the top of the stairs! Need to get my eating back on track soon, put on a few pounds over Christmas!
We had a nice NYE, DD was out at a party and stayed overnight so it was our first one without her. We went out for a Thai meal and to the pub where we played cards. Got back in time for the fireworks and Big Ben on the telly!

Jody - sounds like you've been having lots of fun over Christmas. I never did find out who the VIP was. I asked my neighbour but he reckoned it was at the Sheldonian rather than his college. We tried looking online but nothing! I'll try my friend who works at the university...

Lisa - well done on the spin!!
Lol! Lisa figured us all out! Happy New a Year!

Ronne, I received my dvd’s On Saturday, I have tried all but the low impact/metabolic one. I do like them, my favorite so far is the KB and legs (surprise!). Today I did the step and push one, it was the hardest one for me so far, I am still a bit step shy though. Sounds like a perfect New Years. We went to dinner with friends, nice, pleasant evening.

Lisa, we are still bitter cold here, dogs run out and right back in!

Jody, looked like you had fun with your friends!

Tracey, are you on Facebook? I will have to look for you!

Murphy, did the kids enjoy the holidays?

Hello to you Roxie!

Well, DS is in Berlin now. Amsterdam looked so beautiful! Berlin looks a little dark? Paris tomorrow, then Italy on Sunday. Youngest DS back to school tomorrow, I’m going to miss sleeping until 8! Good day to all! Maty
HI all, working on the new dvd's. Will probably mix in some old stuff too. I am hoping the user's guide comes out soon. I want to record my weights and stuff.

Lisa - freezing here too. Bitter cold that goes to your bones.
Ronne - I received my dvd's too. I have done all of them. Shred cardio is my least favorite because it is step and I don't like step. With that said, the steps are easy to follow. I am 'eh with the boxing. I can take it or leave it. Low impact/metabolic conditioning was my favorite then the mixed impact disc. I do like the push/pull portions and the legs/glutes was good.
Mary - yes, the kids had a good holiday season. I am glad they are back on schedule!
Roxie/Tracey-Jody - waves

Hi everyone

Murphy - thanks for the review!

Mary - sounds like DS is having a great time. Berlin is one of my favourite European cities, so much going on. Is he travelling with friends?

My DVDs are in the country already! Had to pay a charge (not complaining!) so should be with me on Friday. I might have enough energy by then to try them! Did another KCM today: Circuit Burn 1, not too bad.
Hi all. Short on time this morning, my DD wanted to cuddle. I figured I should because one day she won't want to cuddle - or be seen with me. :) I did get in a short leg workout, MM premix, so I feel good about that.

Waves to all.

30 min spinning, hour long dog walk and now phase 2 of cleaning....I’ll be doing that all week. Murphy, yeeees! You’ll look fondly back on those times! Mary, how exciting for DS! I’m still sleeping until 8! It’s lunch time before I know it! Ronne, I feel slightly left out with everyone else getting dvds.
Jody, I took a bit too much of my Cannabis coconut oil mixture before bed one time, woke up to the room spinning. I must be more careful with my homemade edibles!

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Hello girls! Today did a cardio workout from YouTube, yesterday did the new one low impact/metabolic one. It was not bad, not my favorite though. Still the KB/leg one.

Lisa, I cleaned out Christmas yesterday, I was done looking at it! I got to sleep in today, school cancelled until Monday because of the cold. I go back to work Monday myself.

Murphy, no worries, mine still like to cuddle and hold hands, kind of surprises me, I go with it though!

Ronne, so Berlin is nice? In his pictures, it looked a little dark and dingy. He is in Paris now, the architecture is beautiful.

Hello to Roxie and Tracey!

Not much else here, just bone numbingly cold! Have a good day! Mary
Mary, I haven’t decorated for Christmas in years, it’s just cleaning I’m doing. Just mopped, omg, I knew it was dusty that the vacuum can’t really get but not that much! Whoops!

45 minutes of spinning staying in zone 2 for a recovery ride today. Walked suki , it’s getting warmer here. In fact if I wasn’t so exhausted I’d get out and ride now, hoping for riding weather the next 2 days.

Murphy, stay safe !

Jody, how cold did you get?

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Hi all! Lisa here in S FL we got into the high 30's but warmed up to 50's during the day. I scanned my cities, Mary/ Akron looking most cold! Also, lol about being careful w/ your edibles, LOL. Murphy, jelly you've got to try the new workouts. I got them in the mail and previewed one, it looks perfect (Push? chest tri and sh plus cardio ala step which is on my next up list). Mary, I want to travel. You just saying "Berlin" triggers me and I think I need to go! But Paris is like, nah not yet? I'm weird for sure. Ronne, I hope you get your dvds soon and not just for political reasons but I think you need to do some Cathe, ha ha. Your NY sounds like a nice time w/ hubs, did dd have a good time too? . I did something the other day....a workout....called...? RWH LIHIBaBiSh, yes, I can remember things, go me. Back to work, today I had babies instead of adult ICU so EEK. DD heading back to college soon, interesting to have a wine lover around vs a teetotaler (elder DD) meanwhile I could use a little clean living post London. Hugs and happy NY to all.
Hi everyone

Murphy - definitely enjoy the cuddles while you get them! Worth missing some workout time for.

Lisa - that's funny about the cannabis, watch the dosage! Is this a new year clean you're doing?

Mary - Berlin will be pretty dark and cold at this time of year but it's a great city. I prefer it to Paris actually (but I'm more of a northern Europe kind of person!). Enjoy your last free weekend and hope it warms up for you soon.

Jody - definitely go for Berlin! I'll come and see you there! I did pull out Cathe yesterday. I did a premix from ICE TTM including abs, felt good. That must be more nerve wracking looking after babies.

One of my Christmas presents from DH is a flight to Madrid, I'm going in April with BF! Sat at the computer in my workout gear, waiting for the postman to arrive. Hope he's here soon, it's nearly lunchtime!
Hello! Did yesterday’s Cathe live, fun.

Ronne, Madrid?! How fun! Did your dvd,s come? I would have been waiting on that mailman!

Lisa, not warm here, 0 with a windchill of -17. It’s making me lazy! I would have been fine without the tree, kids love it. Jealous of your weather!

Jody, I’m jealous of your weather too! I want to travel too! Just need more money, or trampolines!

How is everyone else? Tomorrow we are going to a comedy club and the casino with friends, should be fun! Good weekend to everyone! Mary
Hi all. Working on the January fit-split rotation, with modifications. I am not sure I can do a month of it. I must say, not crazy about the abs. I have problems with one of my feet and can’t do the moves. I try to modify but it feels like a waste of time.

Cold here too. The schools were closed Thursday and Friday. I had to work Friday but the rest of the world got to relax.

Waves to all.

I am turning over my New Year leaf today following all the December excess. DD went back to school and I did 3 shifts in a row so yesterday was my first day of recovery. I did FS Shred Cardio and then napped for nearly 3 hours, then re watched Star Wars Force Awakens w/ elder DD. I'm going to see Josh Axe speak at my health food store tomorrow, that should help me focus on nutrition again as well.

So far I love the look of the new workouts!! Shred Cardio was challenging as hell but I attribute that to my depleted state of being. I noticed a 2 set short version of the Push weights! Combo of Push and Pull on the same DVD! The times are 30 minutes! Cardio is "blasty", too! I'll come back w/ personals and another workout this afternoon. Stay warm, y'all!

Jody - I must admit that I haven't fallen in love with the new workouts yet. I did the whole of Shred/Push on Sat and it just felt too fast. I'll definitely be splitting that one up in future. I did like the cardio. I tried just the LB portion of the KB/LG one yesterday with an abs premix thinking that might be a bit better but I also found that rather rushed. I think I'll like the cardio more than the weights in these but I'm reserving judgement till I've done them a few times.

Murphy - I quite like the abs but I think I will take some time to adapt.

Mary - sounds like a fun weekend. I didn't get them in time for a workout on Friday but made a start on them over the weekend.

So I did a couple of workouts over the weekend. I'm taking a rest day today as I think my body needs it. It's a shame there isn't a shorter warm up on the KB disc for just doing weights. I just did my own thing for a few minutes before going into the weights. Despite having everything out ready, I kept missing the start of exercises as it moved so fast!
Happy Monday?!? DH managed a bike ride Saturday, it was beautiful, 60 and everyone was out! The other days, eh, not so much, just walking Suki. Although today we was walking 1 hr and 15 min...it was supposed to get to 60 today but the sun didn't poke out, I need sunshine to ride in 50 degree temps! Ronne, my body was tired today too so I was glad to give it some rest! How much fun to fly off to Madrid with a BF! Guess it's kinda like us going to another state, but it sounds so much more glamorous! Not really a New Year clean, more like, I've been lazy and cycling too much to bother to clean well, so winter is a perfect time! Main part of the house is done....I'll get to the Master and the spare bedrooms (one's my sewing and one's DH office) sometime. Just really the foyer into the main part was the worst. Murphy, that's kinda how I felt with modifying. Mary, did you win big at the casino (she says tongue in cheek). I tried my best to channel my inner Mary to clean....I did well, however with all the arm movements (especially mopping) and now that I'm not lifting I can tell it's hard on my neck and between my shoulders. Neck is from moving head to look up down, etc to clean and between shoulders is from all the arm movements. I might need to take it more easy the next time but DH helping to dust really helped out! Bless that man! Never complains about helping me and gets my limitations now (I'm finally coming to grips with my limitations--I'd much rather limit that be in pain!) Jody, I amaze myself when I remember things too, it's the most obscure things I'll remember! I'm still refining my effort of making edibles....my bff said she found pieces that were stronger than others too (I think that's what happened to me with the room spinning). I probably didn't stir it enough as I remember being too wiped out to bother stirring it as it cooked in the slow cooker over the 8 hrs. BFF seems as though she won't make any and will be depending on me to supply her :)
I came back to say that I teased out a 35 min cardio, chest, sh and tri from the SF Shred Push. I used the 6 blast TS cardio and 2 sets TS on weights and skipped the legs. I think its been stated and is understood that I am modifying the heck out of any workout I do. RE the pace of this one, I rest up as she gets started on the next chapter and observe the moves then back up to beginning of chapter. I did that a lot. On top of that I think I might have flu since I was around it a lot past week. That might explain yesterdays 3 hour nap and today's fever. I will just walk or something tomorrow if it's not too dingy looking. I'm supposed to see mom but I don't want to take chance of getting her sick, we'll see tomorrow.
I bumped heat up to 75 x 1 to get the chill out of the house today.

Lisa LMAO at cooking edibles in the slow cooker. You are like an Mj Betty Crocker. Good job on the cleaning and nice that hubs is there to lend a loving hand.

Ronne that is an awesome gift from Hubs! I passed up those flights to Barcelona that were only $380. It will cost me more, but it is more responsible to plan travel once I've built up a few mini tramps in the bank. LOL. I bet you will have an awesome time in Madrid. I remember you saying how much you enjoyed Berlin previously, maybe that is why it jumped out at me.

Murphy, I haven't tried the abs yet but they looked challenging. I'm sure I'd skip a few chapters.

Mary did you have some good laughs at the club? In mornings before work, I listen to comedy on Alexa or I'm going to try Spotify now. I have Spotify Premium and I quite like it, good podcasts and a wide variety of music, including World music (bellydance stuff).

Tracy and Roxie, can you find us here in 2018? I hope you are warm and enjoying your workouts. Tracy, do you know anything about position you were interested in? Continued best wishes on that.

Hi fit babes! Already we're in the second week of the new year!

Lisa--thank you for starting our new year off right with a new thread! I hope you will be able to stay out of any deep freeze from now on! I decorate for the holidays every year--some years I do more or less--and DH went all out with the outdoor lights. Part of that was to figure out which ones still worked! But I'm not sure we would know what to do with ourselves if we didn't decorate. I LOLed about your BFF expecting you to be her supplier and another use for slow cookers. Whoda thunk it? I'm sorry your neck is showing you some limitations but I'm glad DH is understanding, and helping you.

Ronne, it sounds like you had the perfect New Year's Eve! It was a quiet night here, and with no rain! So DH and I enjoyed our fire pit outside. That is such an awesome gift you got from DH! When are you planning to go? I've only done one of the workouts from the new DVDs so I don't have much to add other than the pause and reverse buttons on my remote are my favorites! I did the Low Impact Cardio MC and I liked it, but I did pause quite a few times!

Mary--I certainly don't blame you for being step shy! I would be too. I am on FB, and am friends with Lisa and Jody so I think I'm easy to find. Or I will find you! Unfortunately, I'm having network issues with my mobile device so I haven't been on there much. And I am living vicariously through your son's travels, glad we're having a great time! I also see that you are finally coming out of that incredible freeze, I hope that's the end of it for you this season! The coldest we've gotten here is 10 degrees and that was a rarity. We are not well educated on dealing with deep freezes here!

Hi Murphy! I want the guide too, that's why I've only done one workout so far, I keep waiting for it! I'm going to check again after I post here to see if it's up yet.

Jody, yes, I found you! It wasn't hard at all. I want to travel too, really badly. Alas, that is not in the cards for me right now since we are getting a puppy in about 3 weeks! We met him this past weekend and fell in love, I'll get a photo of him here when I can. Although I don't have many because I took a lot of video! I'm trying the clean living too and did really well when I was sick but not so well this past weekend. Glad you love the new workouts and I hope you are feeling better soon! Our highs are in the 40s and we're gloomy as usual and a little rainy but I'm not complaining in light of what the rest of the U.S. has gone through recently! I got the call today for an interview for the job I applied for--thanks for asking! It's next Tuesday and I'm pretty excited!

Hi Roxie! Hope to see you soon.

Have a healthy week fit babes! Tracy
Hi ladies!

Tracy - good luck with the interview! That's brilliant! Glad to hear you're a pause girl as well ... I'd certainly never get through any of the RWH without it. How nice to have a fire pit outside, that sounds like fun. I'm going in April with BF - she's running the Madrid 10K (that was part of her present). I am not running...

Jody - take care of yourself and rest as necessary. That Shred/Push combo sounds good and much more doable! I just get annoyed if I have to keep pausing with weights, I much prefer it if they're built in. I miss the days when Cathe used to have a drink of water now and again!

Lisa - I love your cannabis stories, they're so funny! I bet the slow cooker people don't provide recipes for that! Glad to hear you've been getting your beloved cycling in (and your less beloved cleaning!)

So went back to the new series today and did the Mixed Impact Cardio (I think that's what it's called) premix, cardio only. Much more doable than trying to do the whole thing. I really enjoyed it actually, short, simple, no equipment, just enough hard work but not killing. Can get through the whole thing without pausing.
Hello everyone! Today did and ICE workout, yesterday too. It was like they were brand new, it had been so long.

Ronne, I liked the mixed impact one, it was fun. The step one was hard for me. You will be your friend’s cheerleader!

Lisa, sounds like you need one of the instapots , a combo slow cooker, rice maker and what not. You could experiment with different recipes and start a whole new business!

Jody, I hope you didn’t get the flu! That is miserable! Take it easy on yourself.

Tracey, prayers for your interview! I’m sure you are as engaging in person as you are here and you should be a shoe in!

Well, DS is now in Rome, looks beautiful. HUGE conference, I thought it would be something in a hotel dining room and the pictures are in this enormous theatre, even the United States Ambassador to Italy is there. Crazy, looks like he is having fun. Going to see the Greatest Showman tonight. Good day to all! Mary

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