Which XTRAIN workout will u do first?

Cathe Friedrich

So with the anticipation of XTRAIN, I'm curious, what is the XTRAIN workout you are most looking forward too or that you will do first?
Either Supercuts or Ride! Either way, I'm sure the entire series is a GEM.

I'm patiently awaiting their arrival and appreciate all the hard work you and your staff are putting in to get these out to us.

I'd like to do all 10 in one day! :eek:

I guess it will depend when it arrives, though and how it fits in with what I did the day before. I can say that I'm looking forward to every single one of these workouts, but I suppose I'm hoping BurnSets is my first one. That photo of you on the cover tells me everything I need to know. :D
I wish I could say Tabatacise but I broke my foot 5 weeks ago. I was in a cast and crutches for the first 4 weeks and now I am in a walking boot until at least January 4. So I guess it depends when I get them and what I am cleared to do. If I had them today, it would be an upper body or Ride as that is all I am cleared for (and lying lower body work) right now.

Still can't wait to get them and watch them over and over drooling about what I have to come and get me when I can go All Out!

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