Where can I find a great deal on P90X?

I haven't read through everyone's posts here so forgive me if this has already been posted. I received an email from BeachBody two days ago stating that on Monday(11/13) they are raising the price of P90X back to $120. Just thought I would pass that along to anyone who was still on the fence.
Angie, from what I understand Power 90 is not nearly as advanced or comprehensive as the X, although Kathryn would be better suited to answer this one. Maybe you could post a question specifically to her or PM her?

I'm not in the least bit bored with this program and believe me, I get bored easily;)
Thank you all so much for the information. I don't part with my money very easily but I just went and ordered the P90X. I can't wait for it to arrive! I'm already trying to get my hubby to check it out with me. So far, all I have gotton from him are excuses....

Thanks also for the wonderful promo codes and hints about the ebates web site to those of you who posted this information. It sounds like I got a great product at a great price. I'm already feeling happy about it and I haven't even got it yet. Has anyone received their 15% + $5 cash back check yet from ebates? It probably takes a while? Never ordered through one of those sites before. Learned something new today. It's all good!!

Hey Angie! CONGRATS!!! Welcome to the wonderful world of X. You got a great deal. I paid the 135 or whatever it was in August and still feel it's the best purchase I EVER made!

Hi wantfit - I am a LATE night workout person! 8 is best last night was 9:30. No problem falling asleep. In fact I've been sleeping much better than usual. I'm on week 13!
Hi all - Just an update for those of you still considering buying the P90X package. I ordered last night by going thru ebates and then going to the site and using the SERTROM2 promo code - I got the program for $99.15.

In response to a prior post above, someone said they got Cardio Intervals and Body Sculpt free by opting for the one time charge on the credit card instead of the 3 seperate charges. The online site doesn't give an option to do this - at least not that I could see. I called customer service today and requested the one time charge (easier to keep track of) and requested the 2 DVD's for doing this. They said these DVD's are already part of the P90X package.

Also, for anyone that doesn't have a coupon for beachbody, they sent me a $5 coupon with my order confirmation. But - be careful! I tried to use the coupon using the instructions from the earlier post and now I can't use the SERTROM2 promo code for 20% off. The promo code is definitely a better deal! So, if the promo code won't work for some of you, or if they inactivate it, maybe then you would want to use the $5 coupon. They didn't mention anything about it being non-transferrable, so I'll post the link. Also, I'm not much of a computer whiz so maybe I'm doing something wrong. I think I would need to somehow erase cookies to be able to go back to using the 20% off promo code. I have no idea how to do that, so I hope I don't need to order anything else from them - lol!


Also, for those thinking about this, as posted above, they are stating that they are going to increase the price to $120 on Monday, November 13th.

Hope this information is useful to someone. Have a great day:)
Hi Janie, I just posted my P90X on ebay starting bid is 65.00 and $4.99 shipping. its 12 dvds mine is missing the yoga X. Most havent even been used. It also includes the big journal. If you have any questions email me at [email protected]. Thanks
>Hi Janie, I just posted my P90X on ebay starting bid is 65.00
>and $4.99 shipping. its 12 dvds mine is missing the yoga X.
>Most havent even been used. It also includes the big journal.
>If you have any questions email me at [email protected].
Sorry I meant shipping is $4.00.
JohnsWife - Thank you for all the great info. After reading these Forums for days now, I've decided like so may others out there, to take the plunge and buy the P90X system. I'm so excited. But I have a question about the Ebates...I have never used that site before, so I signed up and got the $5, but after making my purchase through BeachBody, I don't see the 15% off on the "My Account" page on Ebates. When will they know that I made the Beachbody purchase? Any tips you have are appreciated.
Thanks! Melissa

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