Where can I find a great deal on P90X?


Educated Crowd,

I can't stand it anymore. I have to get this system. Is it possible to get a better deal out there buying it used? E-Bay is too much.

If so where? Is there a forum I can check out? I am so ready for this.


The idea is to die young as late as possible.

RE: Where do I find a great deal on P90X?

If you are buying off site of BB be aware of anything that may be omitted ... it may or may not be important to you.
13 DVDs in carrying case (12 w/o's + 1 How to use system), 94 Page Fitness Guide (I think its an important component), a 120 page Nutrition Plan Guide. A BB WOWY DVD (no biggie)....
Hope that helps
Hi Janie,

Beachbody is currently selling P90X for $99 + $20 shipping--the shipping cost is worth it because the set contains so much & the package is heavy (5 lbs).

Now, don't walk over to www.ebates.com, sign up. I believe you get $5 just for signing up.

Next do a search for "beachbody," just like that. ebates gives a 15% rebate on the cost before shipping. Click the link. If you have pop up stoppers you will need to hold your control key because it brings you to another window.

Next go to P90X & click "Yes, I'd like to try p90X today."

Then use this coupon code SERTROM2 for another 20% discount!!!!

Also, I have an email that if you email me today will give you another 10% off the purchase price. That will bring the initial cost down to $99.15 including the shipping cost. Then you still get 15% from ebates!!!

Email me through the email link & I will explain how it will have to be done...I'll be in & out today but I'll check in often. The 10% discount expires tomorrow.
Janie -

That's a great price and the X is amazing! I'm on week 12 and LOVING it! 1 to go and I'm a grad - woo hoo!

It's truely a work of genius - I've learned what a rotation really should be. Yoga now is a part of my workout routine for ever. I recommend following the diet plan too if at all possible. I can't stop saying enough about it.

Also come on over to beachbody forum - we've got a great group going on!

Congrats and welcome to the wonderful world of X :)
Definitely follow Johnswife's advice.
I paid full price for mine when it first came out, and I think it was worth every penny! The price they have it at now is an excellent bargain. It does look like a lot all in one fell swoop, but you get 13 workouts for around $100, less than $10 per workout. How can you beat that?
FYI: I have ordered from BB for 4 years (at least 4-5 x a year) and KNOCK ON WOOD .... ZERO problems! I find cs great to deal w/. Just another perspective.
I've bought a bunch from Beachbody and had no problems. I highly recommend doing it online rather than on the phone. On the phone they try to upsell - when you do it online you just hit next :)

The only thing you probably won't get an email when it's shipped but if you call CS they can track it. It does take a while to get the workouts but it's WELL worth the wait.

Laura: Re The results - ok I start the final week tomorrow so here are my results
- Gone from 0 to 20 plus boy pushups :)
- Upped my weights consistently (I'll be doing a cathe rotation after so will be interested to see how my strength gains)
- LOVE yoga and now yoga will be an integral part of my workouts. Did 3-4 seconds of the crane 2 weeks in a row
- Can do 1 pull up - this was the TOUGHEST
- Lost 5lbs I had gained over 2 plus years. Clothes went from tight to fitting great (I did no want to lose a size)
- Can now run 4 miles with no stopping (haven't run in ages and before was always a 3 mile girl!)
- Eating a lot better - especially protein - I tended to only have at dinner - for the 1st time in 15-20 years my nails are not peeling off (so something is better in what I'm eating)
- Found a whole new group of great people!

Sorry Larua - probably more than you asked for :)
Results??? If you follow the program pretty closely (I have skipped at least 1 workout a week), you can't help but have results.

I've been doing the lean rotation for 3 weeks THANK YOU GOD FOR RECOVERY WEEK!!! I've lost 4 lbs, down an inch in my waist, & have eaten pretty poorly. Upper body strength is incredible. I'm starting to see muscles in my arms that I never saw no matter how many Tank Top Rotations I tried. I'm starting to see my ab muscles...not quite a 4 pack, but a line down the middle & lines on the sides. My stomach is FLAT. I'm wearing VS yoga pants with a t-shirt that sits at my pelvic bones (meaning I don't cover my butt) in public & am proud of my a$$!!! I'm 42 years old & have NEVER NEVER NEVER been proud of my a$$. I'm more flexible than I've been since doing gymnastics in elementary school.

The other thing is that as much as I love Cathe, I always had joint problems doing her stuff. I haven't felt better since switching over to P90X. I have low back problems, shoulder problems, & achilles tendon problems. I haven't had a single ache since starting Tony. Where as with Cathe, I had back & ankle pain occassionally, shoulder aches ALWAYS. A trainer friend of mine said that its because you go at your own pace & do your own number of reps with Tony as opposed to doing Cathe's break neck speed & killer number of reps.

How do you do your own number of reps at your own speed, you might ask. Tony says "okay, we're going to do this exercise for 1 minute. Go at your own pace & do as many as you can."

Like Robyn, probably gave you more information than you needed.

edited to correct typos
Johnswife. - Congrats on finishing phase I resistance. You should stop over on the beachbody p90x thread and say hi!
You reminded me oops - I forgot to focus on the physical changes - yes lots more definition on my abs, arms, shoulders and for some reason my legs (trouble area) are looking way more defined.

I think my body is responding well to the not so intense cardio so often and less weight work on the lower body!
I caught it when they were offering free shipping with the $99. So...even though I vowed never to order from them because of a problem I had, I caved. I never could find an ebay offer that contained the guides. I hated caving, but my goodness, this is such a great package, I'm forgiving myself.

I was the one on the VFers thread that was billed 4 times in full for P90 Masters, (even though I'd selected pay in full) on an on-line order.

If possible, use a one time credit card from your credit card company or get one of thoes secure cards where you add the amount you want. I'd personally use the one time credit card from your credit card company, I think there is more security if there is anything goes wrong.

I'm not starting the P90X rotation until January, but I've started working them into my current rotation. Yoga X has already done wonders for my flexability.

Oh yeah...don't forget the ebates discount. I was so hyper about ordering, that I forgot to login to ebates first.
johnswife and robyn thanks for the info on the results. No it wasnt more than I asked for. I love hearing all the positive stuff. I order the entire system friday. I too have been thinking of getting these for over 6months now. I finally ordered them,one for me at home and for two to get more ideas to incorporate into my bootcamp class I am teaching. I cant wait to get them,they said 5-7days!!!I might order the jari love workouts also.

I tried to email you but, it keeps comming up error.

I am very interrested in all the breaks you get. I want to order asp, before my husband changes his mind (just kidding). Let me know what else to do if there is more steps.

Thank you so much!


The idea is to die young as late as possible.

I'm supposed to get mine on Wednesday. It doesn't sound like I got QUITE the deal everyone else did but I ordered through the 800 number on the commercial.

I am getting the whole package plus two extra dvds (for doing the one-time payment, they said) called Cardio Intervals and Body Sculpt. They insisted these are brand new, not part of any previous system. I don't have it yet, so that's all the info I have. My total including tax was $118.95. I think I ended up paying shipping, but that's okay considering I got two extra workouts!

The number I called was 800-989-8414. If you can stand saying "no thanks" a dozen times to different offers, it was pretty painless.
Laura and Janie - CONGRATS!!!! Welcome to the wonderful world of X :)

You'll love it!

Very cool your hubby is going to do it too.

They just upped the ante on success stories - there will be 8 a month (by age and gender categories) each gets 1k - 1 per month get's 10,000 :) so even one more reason to do it

Definitely drop by the beachbody forum. It's mixed men and women so your hubbies would like it too

>I am getting the whole package plus two extra dvds (for doing
>the one-time payment, they said) called Cardio Intervals and
>Body Sculpt. They insisted these are brand new, not part of
>any previous system. I don't have it yet, so that's all the
>info I have. My total including tax was $118.95. I think I
>ended up paying shipping, but that's okay considering I got
>two extra workouts!

You are SOOO going to have to give us a review on these new workouts!!!
I'm joining in here to say YAY for P90X (Robyn, I know I haven't been checking in - sorry!).

I've got amazing results from this program too, and my eating has been AWFUL! But I have much more muscle than I did before starting, I have a six pack now, amazing arm definition, my legs are hard as rock (and there's hardly any weighted leg work!) and my SO tells me that my butt is higher and tighter;) He also says I've leaned out.

Oh yeah, and this is the only workout series that I've been able to coax him to do. He loves it, and he's getting HUGE!

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