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I am finally going to buy an iPod. I want to use it for music, to listen to when I'm walking or doing cardio machines at the gym, and also for watching videos including Cathe downloads. I would probably hook the device up to a TV or computer to watch videos most of the time, although there would be times that I would want to watch the videos directly on the device as well. I don't need any phone, text or internet capability as I already have a BlackBerry which I will continue to use for those things.

I am a total newbie when it comes to iPods so I don't know which model would suit my needs best. Can anyone recommend one for me? What do you guys use and what do you like/dislike about it?


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iPod touch has the bigger screen and you can use apps on it, also, the touch is thinner than the classic. My kids us my ipod classic now that I have the touch


I agree with the previous poster. The iPod Touch sounds just right for you. Since you want to use it for videos, the screen size is large enough for viewing too. My likes: I can use it with a Wi-Fi connection and don’t need to pay an extra monthly fee for it (like the iPhone), there are so many cool apps for it, I can listen to it without earphones (although it is pretty low), and it is so easy to use even for a non-techie like me. Dislikes: For me, the touch thingy has taken some getting used to since it seems pretty sensitive. Otherwise, I can’t think of any dislikes.

The Nano is great too, but for video viewing the screen is much smaller. The nice thing about the nano, imo, is how small and slender they are which makes it nice for your workouts using an armband. And the colors are so cool!:D


All current generation iPod models (except the shufle of course) can be connected to the TV to watch video.

Also, you should keep in mind that for all recent models of computers,you can directly hook up the computer to your tv to watch video. You dont need an iPod just to watch video on the TV.

a. iPod Nano:
Advantages: -
1. Most compact and light weight. You can wear it in an armband when you run or are at the gym and it is the least obtrusive model.
2. Least pricy.
3. Has a built in video camera.
1. Smaller screen than the Touch (I watch movies or TV series episodes on my Nano on flights or long drives)
2. Lower capacity - If you have a lot of media, you will need to maintain the library on the computer and swap content onto and off the iPod. Personally, I think 16 GB (capacity of the iPod Nano is 8 GB or 16 GB) is plenty for most people.

Most suited if: Listening to music and audiobooks / podcasts while at the gym or working out is the top priority. IT you want to take a few Cathe workout download videos to use in a hotel room with you when you travel, you can still achieve this with the Nano if you get the cable to connect to a TV.

b. iPod Touch
1. Larger screen
2. Wi-fi enabled. You can check email or facebook or buy stuff from the itunes store directly from your iTouch as long as you are in a wi-fi hotspot such as starbucks or in the airport
3. Uber cool touch interface.
1. Bulkier than the iPod Nano, though plenty of people run with it and wear it on an armband too.
2. You may want to check out the iPad whcih has an even larger screen and the ability to read books (like the kindle) which will be launched in March. At the gym, you will not be able to wear it on your person ofcourse, but you can still get a pair of bluetooth headphones and still use it without being attached to it by wires.

Most suited if: Watching video directly from the device or the other cool features of the iTouch are things you will use often.

c. iPod Classic
Small screen like the iPod Nano. But large enough to hold a LOT of content. If you are one of tghe people who wants ALL your videos and music and audiobooks and podcasts on your device at all times, this is something to consider.

Personally, if I did not have an iPod yet, and price were not a factor, I'd get the iPad and a pair of bluetooth headphones to use at the gym.
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I wrestled with the same question. I really wanted an ipod touch. I was looking at the 64gb. I reconsidered because I wanted a device to hold all of my music and all of my workouts so I went with the ipod classic 160gb. While it is not as sexy as the ipod touch, I love it. I have all of STS on it, all of my music and space left over to add many other videos and downloads. I use it at the gym. I use it at home with the cable to hook it to my TV. I love using the downloads instead of the DVDs it is so much more convenient. The portability of the downloads is awesome. So to finally answer your question.....it's a matter of how much space you need on your ipod. Classic can store the most, the touch can store a lot, and admittedly a much cooler device.Depends on what you ultimately think is the most important. HTH


Thanks very much, everyone! I ended up buying a red 16GB Nano this morning. I weighed everything out and decided that the size was the most important thing for me, as my most common use for it is going to be for music in the gym and walking. I am fine with plugging it into the TV or computer to watch videos most of the time (got the right cables for that).


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