Week to Week 9/14/20-9/20/20


Hi everyone!

KY & Spinning Intervals with a treadmill cool down.

Lisa, our weather is also beautiful, though cooler than yours high 50s in the day time around 30 at night. The leaves are changing so fall is in the air.

Sherri, I hope your weather will improve soon.



Hi Everyone,

Thought I'd pop over and say hello and report my workout :)

Today I did a pyramid style mcfit method workout for biceps and added in 20 minutes of pyramid style jump rope.

lisa - i find the pha workouts very tough and enduring. I need to be ready for them mentally and physically. tough stuff.

have a great day everyone


Hi all

Yesterday was a rest day and today was CL Sweat Jump Pump and yoga.

Ceci I love PHA training since I don’t lift heavy any longer.

Lanette and Sherri do you stream the yoga practices you do or are they DVDs? I am always looking for new ones

Have a great day


Hey everyone!
Today was KY, the warm-up and one 4 minute section from Cathe’s HIIT dvd & the bonus intermediate step from Step Boss. I love this combo so much!

Siobhan: It’s so nice to see you here. I miss reading about your workouts. I had every intention on participating in both check ins but life got crazy busy.

Lisa, I use DVDs for my yoga. I especially like Raviana’s DVDs that can be programmed for a length that works for me.

I tend to commit to a minimum daily sequence that’s 10-15 minutes long but do more if time allows and it often does.

I stick to the same sequence for 30-40 days. It helps me to see the benefits I’m getting from my yoga.

I actually can stream YouTube but only at the lowest setting, which is pretty blurry :)

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