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Attention Cathe Live subscribers: Thursday, March 11th, 2021 at 9:30 am EST, we’ll be doing “Total Body Mashup” LIVE: a total body workout broken into muscle group segments. Each segment gets topped off with a splash of cardio before moving to the next grouping. Come ready to get sweaty!!!
Equipment needed:
Various weighted dumbbells (I’ll be using 5’s through 15’s)
A medium tension resistance band (I’ll be using my Cathe Blue band)
A fitness mat

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I did this one today and liked it, but I had to modify some of the hiits--too much impact for me and some I just cannot do--e.g., spiderman leg jumps. I just did some familiar low impact hiits. I also recommend you add one 20 lb. dumbbell and one 25 lb. dumbbell if you can't hold two 10s or two 12s in your hand for one arm rows. My hands are too small. What I especially appreciate is that after about 15 min. Cathe slows down a bit. Moving to the legs was a much-needed break.

aqua girl

I am with you garance, I don't care for the Spiderman leg jumps either...
I watched this one and it does look fun, but I will pass on the download....
In case you are interested, instead of doing squat thrusts, I do a right,left
Rear lunge (4 counts) and it works out perfectly to the 4 count squat thrust.
I am standing the entire time.

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