Video Clip of Cathe's Ready For Action Bootcamp Live Workout


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Attention Cathe Live subscribers: Thursday Oct 4, 2018 at 9:15 am EST we’ll be doing “Ready For Action Bootcamp” LIVE. A fast paced workout consisting of six rounds. Each round includes cardio, compound, upper body and core! Get Ready For Action!

Equipment Needed:

A variety of weighted dumbbells (we’ll be using 5’s, 8’s, 10’s, 12’s and 15’s)

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Sheesh, can't you do something without so much impact? Last week was awful with endless impact. Another jumping routine.
Hi garance, Cathe offers a wide variety of workouts on Cathe Live, including high-impact and low-impact classes. Though the cardio in this workout was mainly high-impact, it was only a small part of the class and can easily be modified as you will see many of the people in the class doing. Cathe does high-impact moves not because they're bad for you but because they're necessary for strengthening bones and developing power. Loss of bone mass as you age is a huge problem for many people and you need a certain amount of stress on a bone to make it grow - low impact exercise doesn't do this. Lack of the ability to generate power is also another problem as we age and again high-impact exercise helps this too.

Unfortunately, high-impact exercise has a bad reputation for many people when it really shouldn't. It's a myth that high-impact exercise is bad for your joints and research and studies back this up ( The Effect of High Impact Exercise on Knee Health ). It's common for people to blame high-impact exercise for every knee ache an pain, but quite often the real cause is body inflammation caused by eating too many processed foods and excessive body weight.

Obviously, there are many people that have damaged joints and can't do high-impact activities and for those people on Cathe Live we offer weight training workouts, low-impact workouts and cycle workouts that are zero impact. But you should do some high-impact exercise if you can - it's good for your health and good for your bones!
It was a brisk & robust live fueled with sequential compound movements that worked every angle.
Thanks Cathe for the added bonus at the end - Cathe threw in surprise round :eek:!
The chart buster move for me was in Round #2 - where you added "a little more teeth" :cool: tricep overhead extensions in a lunge position - loved it! Good Job
Just wanted to add....I agree that high impact is nothing to fear for the joints. I tore my ACL a few years ago, and my physical therapists had no mercy on me. I was doing high impact training and plyometrics as part of my recovery. They told me that the latest research shows that high impact training actually helps to stimulate new tissue regrowth. You should certainly modify according to your pain issues, but whatever you are able to do... do it!!!
I cannot find this video clip on Cathe's youtube channel, Cathe Television. Was it not put there? Just wondering. Thanks.
Just finished this one, liked it, "short & sweaty" :). I do very little high impact, if
Any, and this was easy to modify where needed. I'm also not so great on those
Plank moves, but I just hold a modified plank during those. It's all good!

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