Video Clip Of Cathe's Rapid Fire Legs & Core


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This video clip is from Cathe's Thursday, January 11th “Rapid Fire Legs & Core” live workout and is our 180th live broadcast. Grab your weights and get in position because we are on a “move it” mission. Get ready to move quickly from leg exercise to leg exercise with challenging weight & intense reps. Just when you thought it was over a quick little ab section slides in out of nowhere to finish off the workout. Heeee he he heeee.

Equipment Needed:

Various weighted hand weights
A stability ball
A fitness loop (aka fire walker band)
A fitness mat

*We ran into a lot of technical problems yesterday on our end and on IBM's end too. We were planning on switching to a higher resolution video quality (1080p) starting with this broadcast, but we ran into technical issues and had to switch back to our former lower resolution of 720p. We plan on redoing this video file next week once we and IBM figure out everything at the higher resolution. We also want to correct the volume (it's too low) and the color too for the video file. Hope to have this figured out for next time.

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