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  • Stream your workouts from your laptop, tablet, or mobile device.
  • 24/7 Access to All Cathe Videos
  • 300+ Premium Cathe Workouts
  • 3600+ Cathe Premixes
  • 476+ Cathe Live Videos with New Workouts Added Weekly
  • Create Your Own Workouts with Cathe's Workout Blender
  • Instant Access to Cathe's Newest Releases
  • 200+ Cathe Monthly Rotations Make Selecting Your Workouts Easy Each and Every Day
  • iOS Apps and Android Apps Include Built-in Chromecast Support
  • Watch On Your Big TV Using Our 11 Apps. We support Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV and Chromecast.

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Start your free 7-day trial today! $19.97/month after that. Cancel anytime. You will not be charged anything as long as you cancel before your 7 day free trial ends.

You can watch Cathe OnDemand videos on your computer or almost any mobile device and stream it to your big TV. And best of all, when you subscribe to Cathe OnDemand not only do you get unlimited access to all 300+ workouts (the same workouts you get on our DVDs), you also get access to 3600+ Premixes, the Workout Blender, 476+ Cathe Live workouts, 200+ workout rotations, bonus videos, and you receive unlimited access to any new video production we make, including our newest releases for no additional charge.

Also Get Instant Access To Cathe Live

Work Out In My Gym No Matter Where You Live

With Cathe Live you get to see and experience me in the same way our gym members do—unrehearsed, unscripted and little to no editing, with up to four new workouts every month. Cathe Live is included for Free with your OnDemand subscription

Now you too can work out with me almost every week at my gym no matter where you live! All workouts are not only broadcast live, but also recorded so that you may view and work out to them whenever you like, 24/7

  • Includes 476+ Cathe Live videos. New workouts are added almost every week.
  • 24/7 Access

Click below to start your free trial and get 24/7 instant access!

Start your free 7-day trial today! $19.97/month after that. Cancel anytime online. *free offer may only be used once per person and is only available for new customers.

Beth Hoss Hagler

 Beth  Hoss Hagler

Just recently subscribed to the OnDemand service and it is seriously the BEST MONEY I could have spent! I've been a long time Cathe fan, tons of DVD's but I am LOVING the variety and the ability to take my workouts with me anywhere I go! (Without having to schlep DVDs and a player) Thank you for providing a packed library of workouts!!

Kristin Biggs

 Kristin Biggs 

Cathe is so gifted as a fitness instructor. I've been using her workouts for over 10 years and currently subscribe to her on demand service, which is an amazingly good deal. As a homeschool mom of three, being able to get a great workout from home is priceless. I have a gym membership and even teach classes there but Cathe's workouts are my favorite..

Diana Resendez

 Diana Resendez 

Cathe rocks! I've been with her since my 30s, now I'm 57 and still in great shape. I follow her rotations, and I love her Cathe on Demand. The workouts are endless! Kudos to Cathe and Wifi!

Create Your Perfect Workout With My Workout Blender

My Workout Blender is an easy to use online application  developed by us that makes it possible for you to create unlimited premixes from any of my videos. It is included for Free with your OnDemand subscription

In just a few minutes you can mix segments from as many videos as you like to create your own custom workout. Unlike a DVD, you’re not restricted to doing just the premixes we give you on a single disc.

My Workout Blender technology puts you in control of your workouts. You can shorten or lengthen any workout and you can eliminate or substitute one exercise for another. For example you may want to substitute a high impact move with a low impact exercise, or perhaps you hate lunges and would prefer to do step ups. The Workout Blender is the only program that makes all of this easy and simple to do, even for the computer novice.

My Monthly Rotations Make Selecting Your Workouts Easy!

Cathe workout video rotations

My monthly workout rotations make it easy for you to follow an organized workout schedule so you know exactly which DVD or OnDemand video to do each day. New rotations are posted on the first Monday of each month. After logging into your account OnDemand subscribers can click on the rotation video links to instantly view that day’s workout.

What Apps Are Currently Available?

We have currently released 11 apps for our streaming service with 1 more app currently in production. My apps make it easier for you to view, search and work out to all on my workouts on your mobile devices. All my apps are included with your OnDemand and Cathe Live subscriptions. Below is a list of all of our apps that can currently be downloaded as well as the remaining apps we're currently working on.

Apps Available Now:

  • Cathe OnDemand iOS *includes built-in Chromecast support
  • Cathe OnDemand tvOS
  • Cathe OnDemand Android *includes built-in Chromecast support
  • Cathe OnDemand Fire (Tablet Only)
  • Cathe OnDemand Roku (Roku 3+)
  • Cathe Live iOS *includes built-in Chromecast support
  • Cathe Live tvOS
  • Cathe Live Android *includes built-in Chromecast support
  • Cathe OnDemand Fire TV
  • Cathe Live Roku ( use Roku vanity code DHPLJGV )
  • Cathe Live Fire TV

Apps We Are Currently Working On:

  • Cathe Live Fire (Tablet Only)

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image of the Cathletes on the Beach During The Daytona Road Trip

Thousands of people just like you are already enjoying Cathe OnDemand and sharing their love and passion for fitness by working out with my exercise streaming service and making new friends in our Discussion Forums, social media sites and by participating in my Cathe Road Trips. Join the fun and subscribe to Cathe OnDemand today and start building that body you always wanted and become a Cathlete!

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