Video Clip of Cathe's Legs With Weights & Barre Live Workout


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This video clip is from Cathe's (Thursday, April 28th at 9:15am EST) "Legs w/Weights & Barre" Live workout and is our 99th Cathe Live production. Grab your weights & lets go! Sculpt and tightened your legs with classic favorites that deliver results. Then set your weights aside & pull out a chair or fitness barre for a long & strong finisher.


A set of moderate weight dumbbells (10's or 12's)
A paper plate or gliding disc
A fire walker loop
A chair or fitness barre

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huh! I haven't! Once again--I thought I'd done just about everything. How did I miss that? Ha! Thanks for pointing it out. I am adding it to my to-do list now!

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