Video Clip of Cathe's Jabs and Abs Live Workout


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This video clip is from Cathe's Thursday, September 21st "Jabs and Abs" live workout and is our 166th live broadcast. Game faces on cuz we are going to get in and get busy with kickboxing cardio followed by some burnin' ab work!

Equipment needed:

Boxing Gloves (optional)
Fitness Mat

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So much fun! Loved the ab/core section!
Agreed, this was fun! I thought the abs section was killer, the way Cathe snuck in the down dog "stretch" straight into the pushups and then all those planks!!!

This really was SO much fun! :)

I was REALLY jonesing for a kickboxing workout so I thought I was going to be grumpy without my kicks;) :D, but there was enough lower body in here to both keep me distracted and make up for it. :p

The heavy bag segment about killed me; I LOVED it! :)

And, yes, the core work was GREAT here! All that plank work! It gets me every time. :D Plus, my upper body was already fatigued; the beginning with all those "lower downs" and push ups was cruel! LOL

This workout felt very different to me from Cathe's other cardio boxing offerings. Though all the moves were familiar, there were some new punching combos (I think? :confused: I don't recall doing them before), and, the sequencing and the routine, as a whole, felt different. And the time just FLEW!

It was definitely another winner in my book! :)
Thanks for all the fun feedback. Yes, I was sneaky on that ab work....slid it in with a bit of a yoga vibe to start off. The routine was scrambled with a few different blasts in a different order. It doesn't take a lot of change to feel it in a whole different way.
Just came off this high energy & intense Live and I also have to say, right from the onset, it was a KNOCKOUT!
Cathe choreographed this one perfectly with the genius music man because we didn't skip a beat til it was over.

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