Video Clip Of Cathe's Hiit That Upper Body” LIVE Workout


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Attention CatheLIVE subscribers, Thursday, March 2, 2023, at 9:30 am EST, we’ll be doing “Hiit That Upper Body” LIVE! This workout consists of several rounds of intense cardio intervals followed by three to four upper body exercises.

Equipment needed:

A range of light to heavy dumbbells (we’ll be using 5’s, 8’s, 10’s, 12’s, and 15’s)
A fitness mat

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I wish I could beam myself to NJ and be in the row behind Cathe in that class. Some people’s travel dreams are Europe, others are Disney, Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon. Mine is a Cathe road-trip!
Oh wow, you just made my day ❤️ Thank you so much. I do hope we can workout together in person one day
I have done this one twice now, and what I especially like about it is the pacing. I love the idea of 21 and Done, but I am out of breath on that one and its pacing, which is really too fast for this old lady in her 70s; so I appreciate when I can keep up with Cathe's minions like this one.

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