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Here is the Step Sync Video Clip From Cathe's New STEP BOSS Workouts!

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If you love step choreography, Step Sync is for you! This routine is entirely choreographed from start to finish. The workout consists of three intricate step combos, a finished product segment, and a cool-down stretch.

Become your own "step boss" as you learn, build and master three advanced combinations before putting them all back-to-back with no breakdown! But no worries, you'll have plenty of practice before you put them all together and you'll feel so accomplished after you do.

Not feeling quite ready to dive in yet? Not a problem! Try the 20-minute intermediate bonus step workout to build your confidence as you work your way up to Step Sync. You've got this!
On Step Sync, I notice Cathe brought some moves from, Step Moves, Cardio and Weights, Rhythmic Step! And new moves! From the short clip! Looks like Cathe brought step behind step touch from Cathe Live! I am so glad she did that! I could never get it on Cathe Live! She did it so fast! But, I am glad she slowed it down in Step Sync! Now, I can practice the move and then go back to Cathe Live and do it faster without tripping! Also, loving the good ole box step too! Glad this is on one riser!

Can’t wait to do Step Sync! This looks fun!

Thanks Cathe and Gang!

Jen Den


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I’m so looking looking forward to this set! The first time I viewed this clip the choreography looked insurmountable but I was tired. The second time I viewed it I definitely could see that I’ve got this! The intermediate step wo is also a nice option. I really love Cathe’s calm and clear cueing. Now I want to go do a step dvd even though today isn’t a stepping day!
The first time I did Party Rockin' Step 1, I ended up with almost 11k steps on my Fitbit! I had to keep rewinding and playing it again.

But now, it is my go-to step DVD when I am sore and want to just have a fun workout. I love when Jai starts clapping at the end, because that is how I always feel at the end of that routine.

aqua girl

I have been watching this clip alot glad the music isn't super fast and seems like it is at a very good
tempo to get the job done !

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