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How can we update our ORM without going through each one. Can we put our current weight in and have the program calculate the ORM? Or do we have to go through each one. I have updated my weights used through the calander portion where you can edit your workout but that info does not transfer into the workout card and thus each exercise.

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I just posted the same thing I on the workout manager forum. Not sure if or how we are supposed to be updating what weights we used.
Hope to hear soon! I had some extra time tonight and thought I would start this (from disc 5 to disc 23!)


to update the weights you used click on workout details. then edit workout. then you can input you numbers. however it does not update on your workout card.

the other problem I am having is that he calories burned does not always increase after I check that i have sompleted a workout even though te workout has a calories used number with it.


What has been working for me is to mark the STS exercises where there is a big change (up or down), and then go through the 1RM calculator and update with the number of reps/weight used. If it is just a pound or two, I don't bother changing online ... And I do this for each individual exercise. My 'parts' are all getting stronger, but not at the same rate!

I also go through each workout card individually beforehand and compare to the weeks before, and mark small changes on the card - and figure out what combination of equipment to use to make the weight right. If I picked too light a weight I add in extra reps during the workout. This rarely happens :)

It helps that I'm doing STS on the six month plan, since I can make most adjustments the first time around.

I don't know that this is "right" but it is certainly keeping the weights challenging, while still letting me hit the right number of reps. My 1RM max is much higher in most cases than when I started (am just about done with Meso 1).
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