Today is good news day


My tests have been completed and the PET scan and bone scans came back clean, meaning that the breast cancer apparently has not spread anywhere else. There are a few axillary lymph nodes that may have been affected but they won't know until they actually take them out.

Sooooo, my surgery is scheduled for this Friday morning. While you guys are worrying about how much weight you gained at your Thanksgiving dinner, I will be coming out of surgery at least 15 lbs lighter :p:D

Looking even more on the bright side, I have been complaining about my boobs being big and saggy these days, and constantly in my way when lifting weights or painfully annoying when running (unless strapped to my chest so tight that I can't breathe anymore :eek:), heck, I can't even see my toes because my chest is blocking the view. Whereas I probably wouldn't have done anything otherwise, now I get to have a new set of nice (smaller :)) perky boobs in a year or two.

Whereas I obviously wish I wouldn't have gotten cancer, I also have to say that this may have happened for a reason and it certainly was a wake up call. We always think these kind of things only happen to other people, not us, and when we turn out to be the "other people" it puts everything into perspective.

Originally the diagnosis was like a punch in the stomach and had me slip into the "Why me?" victim role, but I realized that I had to face my fears and fight back. It was yet again CCV 7 that pulled me out, whereas I had done the workout many times it didn't hit me until I sat at the hospital, waiting for my PET scan, listening to Challenge 1 "Fear is the mind killer. Fear destroys our hopes and desires. We must face our fears and breathe them in, so that we feel and see that they are empty threats and they have no true hold over us".

I know now that I do have a mission in life and that I am not done by a long shot. This is just another steep mountain to climb.

Thank you for being so incredibly supportive, boy, you guys sure have taken cheerleading to a whole new level and given it new meaning :D
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I'm literally in tears reading your post.


Your bravery, attitude and spirit are amazing. I'm very glad you got such terrific news and look forward to your "Welcome to my perky boobs" post in a year or two. (LOL!) Take care and Happy Thanksgiving!! You have reminded me of how much each of has to be thankful for.


that is great news, and i am so happy to hear that it hasn't spread. there are so many people on these boards that really care about you and are sending good vibes your way. good luck with your surgery!


Carola, what wonderful news!! I know another woman who was also recently diagnosed with breast cancer and is having her surgery on Friday morning. I will be thinking of you both!


Carola, I'm sure with your great attitude, the love of your family and friends, that you will beat this cancer.



That's awesome news, and you wrote it so beautifully!! Thank you for sharing, and know that on Friday morning, you will be in the hearts and thoughts of so many people here. Your positive attitude is great, and it will take you far!

Sending lots of good vibes -- and you'll be in my prayers!

L Sass

Definitely a prayer answered my friend! Sending good vibes and big <<<HUGS>>> for you on Friday, and you will continue to be in my heart and prayers. Well, following your surgery on Friday, I will be reporting for duty as a member of TEAM CAROLA at this Saturday's CCPP. Way to go girl!


Carola, thank you for the great post. So glad to hear that the cancer hasn't spread, and I'm also glad that your fighting spirit is helping you get through it. We are all sending you all of the love and (((((hugs))))) we can, and I hope you can feel it!! I too am joining Team Carola for CC-PP this weekend.

And may I be the first to officially welcome you to the Itty Bitty T!tty Committee! We will be happy, proud, and honored to have you as a member!:D:D
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Wonderful news (I've been thinking about you every day since last week)! <3 Sending you much love, strength and vicodin for Friday. ;)


That is great news Carola! Your positive attitude is inspiring. It will also be the thing that gets you through this.



What wonderful news, and an even greater reason to be thankful this season! All the best with your surgery and healing. I bet we could all band together and eat some extra for you :D You have an amazing spirit - the ability to look on the bright side from so many angles...that takes a special person with an amazing outlook. Hugs to you, and prayers of thanksgiving for his news, and for a successful surgery are in my thoughts.


Carola, wishing you the best through all of this. With an attitude like yours, you will come through with flying colors. Keeping you in my prayers.



Thank God for answered prayer. He obviously has big plans for your life. Stay close to Him and draw from His unending love. He's always available.

Praying for you,



You definitely earned your "whoa is me" thoughts with what you found out last week so be kind to yourself in that regard. You got some bad news and your reacted appropriately. I am a big baby so I admire how you handled it all.

I am thrilled to hear about this latest news. I am delighted you will be 15 pounds lighter even though at this point in my fitness journey I am 15 pounds heavier!!!

Happy Thanksgiving Carola - thanks for blessing you gave to all of us during this difficult time. We are lucky you shared with us this very private ordeal and it makes us all a little more thankful this year.

In life, Carola, should we brighten the day or change a thought in the life of someone else, we have certainly done our job. You, are working on overtime.

God Bless and take care!


Carola, you SEE - you are going to use this time in your life to help I got so much bad news, from a friend with lymphoma to my hubby's job...and I"m very heavy hearted....and then I read your post, and tears started down my eyes....God is saving one of the good ones.....and I"m so thankful we'll have you to post with for years to come....your odds of beating it are over 90 percent now I believe (from friends with stage 2).....

Great news....and I agree, go for the total....



You are in my thoughts and prayers, never forget you are an inspiration. What incredible, well deserved spirit!

Please keep us posted!

Fidget Queen

That is the BEST news!! Congratulations! I hope this gives you a whole new wind in dealing with this. You WILL be fine, and that attitude is what will get you there. It's contagious :) I cried a little and now I'm smiling. Thank you.

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