The 10# Challenge


I hope you don't mind me checking in. I have 30lbs to lose but I am up for the 10lb challenge as I need some motivation. I just put in the 10lb ticker but when I get there I will be happy and just keep adding the ticker. 10lb for me is a good mini goal at a time for me. I just joined WW meeting and my weigh in day is on a Wednesday so when should I post my lost on Wed or Tuesday?


Today's workout was Step Blast - love, love, love that one!
M1 - protein smoothy with banana
M2 - honeycrisp apple
M3 - grilled chicken salad
M4 - honeycrisp apple, Zone Perfect Bar
M5 - Ground turkey breast turkey burger
And I had a handful of candy corn - sweets are my down fall.
Have a good night everyone!:)


I hadn't weighed myself in almost 2 years...

and whoa was that a good wake up call. I had actually correctly guesstimated my weight at 158# (5'8") but truly hoped that it wasn't that high :p Great starting point though...but 15 lbs would be fab :D
anyway-great to see all the participants...and the only prize I need is losing weight and gaining some great friends!!!
today did Insanity Plyo Circuit and and Disc 14...we'll see if I can walk tomorrow!
(ps...pray for a cure for ALS, lost a dear friend and patient last week-visitation was today-remember to live each day to the fullest...she certainly did!)
take care


I am so truly motivated by all of you that that have joined this check-in. We can do this!

And no it won't be possible to respond with personals to every single person, but please if you have questions post them. If you are struggling and need support ask. If you need a high five share your success. There are enough of us here that someone will be able to respond.

I have to say, today food wise I had a really good day, which is huge because I find the first day to always be one of the most difficult.:D:D

M1: 1/2 cup greek yogurt, 1/3 cup oatmeal, 10 almond, 4 strawberries
M2: 1/2 cup 1% cottage cheese, whole grain plain rice cake
M3: small salad, 1/3 cup brown rice, 5 oz. tuna
M4: apple w/ 1 tbsp. PB
M5: Large Salad


Hi everyone. What a wonderful start to the challenge. I weighed today, but I prefer to weigh on Fridays. I tend to carry over water weight from the weekends (movie popcorn, so bad, I know), but I would like to try and weigh at the beginning of the week too. That way maybe I will be more accountable with my weekend eating. Today's weight = 128 (5'3"). It has been a really long time since I have been 10lbs lighter (Nov. 04), so I hope I can do this. If I can just get rid of some of the softness around the belly I will be happy.

I'm currently doing Meso 2 of STS on the 6 1/2 month rotation. I will probably not be able to check in every day, but will try to on Mondays and Fridays since those will be my WI days.

Good Luck to Everyone!!!



Hi All-

I'm glad I was able to locate this thread, couldn't find it this a.m. Thanks to all who started it. Though I have a good 40-50lbs to lose this will be a good start for me. I have been working out again (good week, bad week) but scale not going anywhere (not that the wine I consume with my vineyard owning boyfriend has anything to do with it :eek:).

You all are good inspiration to eat (and drink) cleanly to get some results...

Started off well today:

bike to gym, 30 min circuit, bike home and then Core Max for 850 cal burn.

Walked past the Rice Krispie treats and brownies in the lounge, avoided the doughnuts in the break room. Had Pelligrino water instead of wine with dinner.

Tracking cals in workout manager : 1290 for the day with a snack still to go.

Thanks for letting me join in....Good Luck All!


Testing my ticker, and getting ready to finish the Muscle Max Timesaver Premix I started 12+ hours ago. Sigh...I really need to start getting up earlier to get my workouts in. Working out after everyone has gone to bed is tough.

See you all tomorrow!


Hi everyone,

I also have a lot more than 10lbs to lose but since I ate 3 donuts today(stress) I decided I better join this check in.

I started STS round 2 today. I didn't lose the first time but I didn't watch what I ate either. I did lose a lot of inches.


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