Survey: what move do you dread?


[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Mar-13-02 AT 04:16PM (Est)[/font][p]Okay, since jillybean posted "what are your favorite step moves" I thought I'd post this one: What Cathe move do you totally dread? Whether it's from step, cardio kicks, weights... whichever!

For me, I totally dread tricep dips! I don't know why, maybe because my tri's are burning by the time we get to them in S/H or MIS, but I know when she says "we're gonna do dips next" I always roll my eyes. I do 'em, but I don't have to like 'em!!!

Oh yeah, and pretty much ALL of LL... but we've been there before :)

So what move do you dread (but do anyway)? :)

The 360 degree move on Power Max. Phew! It wears me out and it took me a long time before I became comfortable doing it.
The static lunges in Power Hour. I can do them in other videos just fine, but in PH they hurt me like nothing else can. I guess it's probably the lower-ends that do it to me.
I hate (just cause I'm sick of them and don't like the move) over the tops (the long way across the step). Some tapes of Cathe's have you doing a lot of them, and I get so annoyed at them!

I also hate power scissors! Never can do them without feeling "off".
#1. I loathe the sashay off the step in MIC. I always feel like I'm moving like an elephant. Plus, Cathe does so many of 'em! Sometimes I just substitute power 7's for 'em (cheater!)

#2. The last interval in Interval Max. Seem to be weak in the plyo leaps and tucks, although I'm fine doing them in Intense Moves.

#3. Plyo jacks (Interval Max) and plyo lunges (once again, Interval Max).

Oh, what the hey, truth is, sometimes I just plain dread working out at all; but I always do it 'cause I LOVE it when it's over and done with!

i would like to concur with anyone that said power scissors and those lunges in power hour and leaner legs. i am waiting for them to get a little easier??.....
Here's another vote for those "low-end" lunges and squats in Power Hour. YEOWIE!!! Those are really, truly TOUGH!!

Jeanne :)
Power scissors and static lunges in LL! That LL tape is a killer! How I sweat so much standing virutally in one spot is amazing. This is the superwoman tape as far as I'm concerned.
I also agrre, I hate the lunges in Power Hour, or any tape. They just kill my legs!!!! I have a heavier barbell, and one that is about 5 lbs. lighter, I use that one for those lunges. My poor legs just scream!!!
I dread the barbell bicep curls at the end of slow and heavy arms. My concentration and mental determination is just about gone by this point! In fact, I might switch the dumbell and barbell curls around sometimes so that I have mental focus on barbell curls sometimes.
The drop-squat-pendulums in Power Circuit - I've almost missed the bench on numerous occasions, and now just substitute plyojacks.

RE: Oops! Forgot Leaner Legs

I forgot about LL! I dread LL more than any Cathe tape!!! ALL the moves, especially the lunges (I, too, have to lighten up for those).

Just did it again this morning (I am so relieved to have it done with). My entire body was a-quiver, and that was BEFORE doing it. Terror, thy name be Leaner Legs!

YES! Someone else who hates over the tops!!!! I am NOT alone! i hate lunges and power 7s and 15s.
One-legged squats (hurts the elevated leg), Low end moves (all of em on LL), Static lunges and I really really dislike reverse crunches.

I too did Leaner Legs this morning. The sweat was pouring off of me. Honeybunch said it. How can you sweat so much standing in one spot. If I had a heart rate monitor, I bet LL would qualify for an aerobic work out.

No doubt about this...
Oh and, of course, sit-n-stands. I mean, C'MON!!! When you go down to sit, you're supposed to SIT, right? Not this half way up, halfway down stuff....LOLOLOL
On good days, Power Scizzors get done with good form and I hate them. On bad days, Power Scizzors are more like "Dull Scizzors" and I still hate them.
But, ya know, like the saying goes, "Oh it hurts soooo GOOD!"
Lynn Finn
The uneven squat off the side of the step in Circuit Max. I just don't get it--the weight distribution part. I may come to be ok with this though. This tape is new for me.

The heel, toe , diagonal across, down jack. My poor feet! I work out on cement. For some reason this move seems more bothersome than other high impact moves.

Static lunges are my least favorite weight movement. I don't feel balanced. Sometimes I do walking lunges instead.

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