STS or Xtrain? where to start?


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Hi! I am new to strength training, although I have been doing Cathe step dvds and spin classes for awhile. I would like to turn my focus towards more strength training, which set would you use? I like the structure and intensity of both sts and the new xtrain, but would one be better for someone who is relatively new to weight training? Should I consider another option as a better first step? Or maybe do one first, then the other? Thanks for any thoughts or advice you have. :)
Actually had the same question, so would have been interwsted in reading the suggestions. I have been a cardio junkie and would like to get into adding strength training as I am 49 find I need to not be doing quit as much cardio and more strength to balance my body more, would actually like to see some definition;) , but sad there weren't any answers or responses :confused:
Man I wish I could help! I am kinda new to it to. The one she has that is adaptable in my opinion is push pull because u do not have to go as heavy as Cathe and it hits every muscle total body in about 45 minutes. It is my fav. Im a cardio crazed person. So trying to do weights is boring to me so I like push pull not boring at all. I also like pyramid upper body. And supersets. Other then that im not as educated as the rest of cathletes
Well, since Xtrain is not out yet, it's hard to do a comparison of it with any of Cathe's previous series'. However, I am on my last week of STS and I was not much of a consistent weight trainer beforehand, and I absolutely loved the series. It was a structured, focus program that I could use to really achieve noticeable gains in strength and muscle tone. I feel fit and powerful,and definitely look forward to repeating STS again.

Like Renee said, I've also heard good things about the push/pull series for weigh training. I liked the nature of STS in that it was a gradual progression with variety over the course of the 3.5 months of the program, which makes it unique from the other weightlifting videos that Cathe has produced in the past.


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