STS first time!

Fingers crossed, Carolyn.
Goodness knows how I still fit my boots. They are prob a half size bigger. I Ddidnt know about the snow else I would have worn my snow boots.
Be super careful on your driveway. Last Feb I was laying on the ground faster than I could blink--hidden ice under snow!
Hello. Sunny and frigid. I did RWH Legs with Abs 1. Hated the plyo style. The stretch was so insufficient! Came from the abs segment. Prob won't be pulling this out too often!
Carolyn, I was thinking similarly, but in the sense that it took me a year to get almost 100%, so expect that for yourself. My >3 days/wk was so brief, and frozen shoulders wait for no man. I feel that working out keeps them moving though. Those who don't prob keep them stiff inadvertently.
Hooray for you! Go slowly!
Got to run!
Carolyn, which workout did you do today?! What do you mean your quads were screaming?? (My legs were too).
Jean, thanks for making me smile. Guess what? The tights felt tight on my expanding girth today:confused:! un-comfortable.
I just looked out the window and it's squalling out! The sun was out half an hour ago!
Let us know about couponing. I only do the Sunday paper ones. And even that I'm barely managing.
Whaaaa?? You're ok to do legs??? I did blasts--didn't like. There were so many squats and lunges.
Hi! SC this morning :) I'm also doing a 15 day ab challenge with some Facebook friends. Today was 25 sit-ups, 15 crunches, 10 leg lifts and 15s plank.

Toddler class today was a little rough for B. I'm sure it's because we had a long break from it. I got back from the mom time and he had red eyes and his coat on. The teacher said he kept saying he wanted to go home and put his jacket on. Poor kid! Cute though!

Yesterday I did Yin Yoga during nap time. It's the one where you hold the stretches for 3-5m. I did it once before but couldn't focus cuz b and t were running around upstairs. I ended up shutting it off. This time went better although I was still bored out of my gourd at times. Felt great when I was done though.

Jean We are 15m from the zoo. He loved it and asked to go back today :) Dominoes is fun. I'll have to check out Canasta. Never heard of it. Have fun learning to coupon. The good ones are out right now...healthy stuff for all those new years resolutions folk.

Carolyn Yay for your workout! Good for you for not pushing it though.

Mary Good job on the workouts. Feels good to get back in the groove. I agree that the new ones are too hard to do early in the morning. Enjoy dd :)

Betty I can just picture your outfit haha! That's how we dress in MN ;) I LOVED legs and was sore for days :) I do wish the stretch was longer though.

Hi Missy!

We have a dance class tonight at the library. It's going to be hard to get motivated to leave the house at 6:15. I'm usually in my pj's at that time. Should be fun though. Me and two other moms from toddler class.

So I had to add these pics from the zoo yesterday. Notice the skinny jeans. Cute as hell! And apparently designer. His aunt got them for him for Christmas. She told me she paid $80 for them. What the hell?! Is that insane it is that insane?! They will last a year at most with the way kids grow. I LOVE them but I'm still in shock at the price. I would never haha
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Omg, does he look stylish!
$80??? holy toledo!
Ds2 and I went out to dinner on this frigid night. We were insane to venture out. italian. stuffed.
My hips are so sore! I better stretch later. That is, after laundry and making 3 Bday cards.
I watched Downton. Too bad I barely remembered last year's storylines!
Jean, what did you want to discuss about Downton?
Yup, Yin stimulates hyaluronic acid, which may be the only way I'll get it. My scaly patch continues to improve.
Yes, Marie, it is long! You can nap during the poses next time. I bet I could!:D
Carolyn, I loved Cathe's purple top on Legs. Her arms looked really nice, and the top is flattering.
Hello.....oh my...last noght the wind wasterrible and the cold air was blowing in.... I was in the bath tub Shaving my legs....and boom....power went out.... so LOVE Is my husbamd holding a flash light so I could finish we didn't have power for 3 hours....and I was worried we were gonna freeze....hehehe

This morning its 21º.....brrrrr.....

Sitting at table with my hot bowl of oatmeal....mmmmm....

Yeah for doms carolyn!!!! How is the exercise treating your back????

Tonight I'm going to spin that means I will get home what will I cook for dinner???? Hmmmm....

Tim has to have a root canal on the 21st....poor Tim....

Yestersay I did my monthly run to hell-mart! Lol

Hope everyone has a nice thursday!!!!
Good frigid sunny morning. Omg, what misery this weather is! No delays or cancellations here either. It's fine since I wouldn't be able to sleep in.D:

My quads and hips are killing. Stiff.
Thank heavens my back has improved. When I think about how I could have injured it with RWH, I am freaking.
Yes, I definitely do believe it's Hydraplenish. It's slowly diminishing. The whole last year I kept switching shampoos, and wracking my mind trying to figure out what on earth!!!
And applying coconut oil topically daily, sometimes several times a day, didn't help:D.

Missy, have Tim rinse with coconut oil:D; my friend who to a holistic dentist who prescribed that to heal her root canal.

Ds1 is en route toward your direction, Marie. He will go to Chicago and Univ of Wisconsin. I had to make him go buy longjohns.

Gtg. bbl
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Plyo Legs week 4 this morning. How long did it take me to compete my goal of doing STS Legs?! Ummm like 6 months haha! Just watching the little guy play right now. He is getting so good with using his imagination. We were pretending to be puppies this morning.....eating, doing tricks, playing with balls, going to our doghouse....and he prompted alot of it. So fun!

Carolyn Ebay!!!! I like it! Thank you! Knowing me I would have donated then after second baby. Hoping it's good DOMS pain in your quads. Mine were killing me and I loved it :)

Betty Mmmm Italian...sounds like a nice mama son datenight :) Glad your patch is healing. Napping during poses sounds nice. I was tempted to bring my phone with me. Maybe next time I'll try reading a book. I used to be such a bookworm years ago. Waving hello to ds1 :)

Alright time to figure out a plan for the day. Ds mentioned the zoo again yesterday so maybe we'll do that. There is also an open gym nearby. Cars, balls, mats, etc..sometimes they even have a bouncehouse....wide open place for kids to run. B loves them. I'm socially awkward though. The moms tend to sit on the sides and socialize :/ I'll give him a choice but I'm secretly hoping for the zoo :)

Jean Funny so many people have asked about the no laces. They have a wide elastic band on the inner part of the shoe that keeps them on. Easier than laces.

Missy I love that Tim held a flashlight for you. What a good hubby! Have fun at spin tonight!!!
;)OMG... I did not see that pic this morning marie... B is too stinking cute! OMG.....

And of course ebay!!!! I love selling.....there is 2 ways to look at things when buying them? What is the resale value? If good...splurge...because you normally will get at least half if not more back.... so why not? LOL

Tonight should be fun at spin.... but till spin class starts I will just be in the aerobic room doing some cathe stuff...squats, lunges, weight stuff... you know...get my sweat on! LOL

Today I went to get my hair trimmed and eye brows waxed at lunch! And of office calls in panic we had a power surge and the computers where going crazy.... only my luck....errr!!!!!

Carolyn...listen to your body for sure....and do what it tells you! I can hear the excitement in your messages for the first time in a while... I am so happy for you.... just take it slow though!;)

Better finish my office work....bbl!
'BTW... at noon today it was still 32 degrees....omg....freezing! It is pure raw outside! Not a fan..... and like a dum dum.... I packed capris to go to the gym in.... YEAH... crazy.... I called the only store in town that sells compression style workout clothes and they were all sold out of pants in smalls. only had L and XL.... so looks like I will be wearing my capris! Oh well.... I will work up some heat!
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Marie, how cute is he?! Love the jeans - I would never pay that either but aunts can splurge!

Carolyn are you ok with a leg workout? Is it doms? So glad you can work out again.

My work is freezing too, I got a cup of hot water to warm my hands. I haven't been able to go outside at lunch and I so miss walking at lunch - it clears my head - but this weather is too cold. Kids had a delay this morning.

The first time I did UB circuit I loved it, this morning at 5:30 not so much! Missy enjoy your spin class tonight.
Mary, sitting here with my cup of hot water too!:D
Remember to brace your entire core when you do that workout! I was fine the first time, but not so the 2nd time.
I would have walked to the post office but it was a tad too nippy.

Carolyn, it's so great to hear of your workouts and the happiness in your tone! Wow, you loved ROKO! Does that mean you're a kb convert? The routines are definitely confusing! Just keep at it. Cathe's cuing is very good but sometimes my arms do something else from, say, KPC:D. So happy that all is working out well!
I so sympathize with you about dh.

Missy, you'll be fine in the capris. You'll be working up a huge sweat, and you'll need that break of fabric! Enjoy the class, teach!

Marie, zoo it would be for me! Just the mention of bounceballs, cars, mats, cliquy moms on the side will send me running. Can you say germaphobe??

I worked till 4:30 and noticed it is light out when I left! Hallelujah!
Oh, Carolyn, it's so good to hear from you more often:D!
I noticed twice this evening that if I sit too long, when I get up my whole hip and quad area is super duper sore!
I stretched, which I haven't done in many, many days (yes, including ignoring my shoulders).
Ironically enough, I wasn't as huge a germaphobe when my kids were little! Only a fraction!
Don't drop your phone in the tub!
Did you already remove the post with the link about RWH and low back pain??? I haven't had a chance.... Never mind--found my way to it. I hope this means we're being worked, not injured.
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Good evening. ... tonight was spin class....then I came home and had a salad..... it is was 30º when I pulled in my driveway 7.... too cold for me....

Carolyn....yes...I always consider resale value on'm glas to hear you have massive doms like me last week....I thought....oh my...why do I have to go to the bathroom again....hehehehe

Betty....stretch stretch stretch. ...

Hello Mary, Jean and Marie.....

Off to shower and go nite nite!!!
Good morning....its morning cycle time....then a full day at work...yuck!

Btw....its absolutely freezing!!!!

Hope everyone has a lovely friday!!! I'm so excited for the weekend....I am ready for some rest!

Good cloudy morning. Supposed to be a smidge warmer.
I did RWH Ba/Bi/Sh premix today. One step behind, as usual. It should have been called rear delts, technically? There's a shoulder one on the other disc too. I didn't like that the premix started in set 2 so it was missing the graphic on weight and Cathe saying what the exercise is, like one arm row, etc. I haven't done that many of the workouts but do you feel things were a bit rushed to production?
Carolyn, I've been looking to read her post on inflammation. I'll let you know what I think later. Late for work!
We went to storytime this morning and now are at a coffee shop with a cool kids play area. Another place for cliquey moms that socialize on the sidelines, however I either play with b or right now I'm relaxing on the couch with my phone and a latte. It's fun to watch him interact with other kids :) Oh btw the zoo won yesterday. Yay!!! This place is full of germs too I'm sure but the owner is awesome and mentioned to me once that they clean everything each night. Open gyms are not like that I'm sure. Gross! I of course still do the germy stuff but unlike some I give him a bath every night. Some of my friends have certain bath nights for their kids. I'm ocd about bathing.

Intensity this morning. I needed a good one because dh made enchiladas last night. Yum :)

Norwex party tonight. One word...dread! I'm sure it will be fine but you know me I just like to be at home with my boys, especially since I work tomorrow.

Mary I'm so with you on missing outside walks at work. My skyways are so drab. Good job on UB Circuit. I have yet to try it.

Carolyn Hope dh feels better soon. I feel like everyone has been or is sick. I agree with hearing about your workouts....yay! That hockey schedule is insane. I mean really 620....that is SO early! And long does a practice last? I didn't see that post but I'll check it out.

Jean Couponing is definitely time consuming. I never do the website coupons. I don't have a printer :/ but I'm all about clipping the newspaper ones. We only got a couple inches of snow however my silly ocd neighbor snowplowed her driveway twice and then was doing the street. No joke! She was halfway across the street clearing it off. She mows her lawn at least three times a week in the summer. She must be bored.

Betty Yay for light at 4:30 :) Long summer days will be here before we know it ;)

Missy Omg 30 I wish ;) It's negative 3 here. I need to move to a warm climate. Good job on cycle this morning.

Alright off to play and then home for the little guy's nap.

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