STS check in Disc 9


You Sneaky Lil Thing Cathe!

Ok- So I'm struttin' my stuff yesterday thinking- Man this Disc 9 is so much easier for me! I am WOMAN! I am Queen of STS...Then after about exercise 10 you SLAM me. You made me drop to me knees, head in hand, wondering what the heck happened! I paused you Cathe- I sat on the floor, sweat dripping, quads cramping and in slow motion I rose up- I found my game face part 2 - I stood tall- I walked around my room I talked to myslf and finally I took remote in hand pointed it at you and said BRING IT ON BABY! Then we muttled our way thru to the end together!

The bonus legs- well same scenario! Ankle weight work I felt like I wanted & needed alot more weight...The plates? Well lets just say that my butt prefers to stay South when it needs to be North on all the hamstring/glute work...

You Rock girl! STS is the most humbling & empowering program I have ever done- trust me- I've done them all! ;)

Cathe Friedrich

Hi All! It has been an insanely busy afternoon but I'm finally able to type my workout check in.

Actually after I did Disc #9, I quickly cleaned up and filmed Cathe TV which should be posted shortly.

Overall, I did well. I haven't done the sit and slides since this past summer's road trip so it was nice to do them again. Btw, anyone who has any knee discomfort while doing them can stay shallow with the sliding depth or do the modification that I showed on the last segment of Cathe TV in place of these.

I am really loving the nice stretch I feel with the 45 degree lunges along with the wide stance deadlifts. It's getting the hams and inner thighs (in addition to the obvious glutes and quads) in a really good way.

Those slow static lunges are just plain, going down super slow for 8 cts is torture and then low ends too? What was I thinking??? tee hee.

The plie squats felt nice and challenging. Going all the way down really stretched the inner thighs, but don't feel you have to go that deep. You can do these in front of your high step and place the weight on the high step if you find going to the floor is beyond a comfortable range of motion for you.

The plate lunges seemed extra hard this week. Must be where they were placed

The deep wall squats fired my glutes really well, but just as mentioned in a past Cathe TV segment, you don't have to go that deep. You can put the weights on a couple of phone books to elevate them and/or you don't even have to put them down at all.

The one legged deadlift looked so innocent but man did that require concentration. I REALLY felt that in my hamstrings. If you find your plate or object sliding away from you as you go down, use a slip proof object or anchor your object securely so that you are not distracted by it sliding or moving around while you are in the middle of your set. A little helpful tip that worked for me....I put the ball of my foot on the toe end of a spare sneaker and that elevated, anchored (my foot just nestled right into the shoe), and slip-proofed the move all in one.

The bonus legs felt just right as I was feeling very tired leading up to them. If it feels too easy for anyone, make sure you increase the weight of your ankle weight. The plate work here was a super challenge. The double leg press out and in’s really worked it. Initially your low back may fatigue before your set is over so ease into this move gradually.

Overall, I felt this disc worked the legs to complete exhaustion with a little more emphasis on hamstrings and inner thigh recruitment than the previous weeks. I imagine these areas are going to be feeling kind of DOMMY in a few hours

Happy Weekend Everyone!


Man, I am SO GLAD you thought the plate lunges were hard, too. They felt MUCH more challenging to me today!


I did this workout on Thursday morning and my legs are still screaming. I have not been this sore in my lower body for a loooooooong time. And I am sore in my quads -- I *almost* NEVER get sore in my quads.

And like an idiot, I got up today and ran 4 miles:rolleyes: BAD MOVE!

Cathe, you got me again with this one!



I did disc 9 this morning , plus med ball abs.
Then my day got busy and I forgot to check in.

I think the above pretty much says it all.
I'm already sore.;)




Oh my poor wobbly legs!

Good Evening All-

I was away for work this morning, so I didnt get to tackle disc 9 until tonight. I just finished a half an hour ago and my legs are still wobbly! :confused:

I agree with those who posted earlier that you feel really strong through most of the workout, and then BAM! youre legs all of sudden start get away from you, for me it was during front lunges same leg. I finished the rest of it after that, but it was definitely a challenge. I sat down on the mat to attempt the bonus section, but I ended up sitting there laughing through most of it because my legs would just not do anymore. :p

To echo Becky's statement, OUCH! I suspect will be the appropriate word of the day for tomorrow. :eek:

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Mary :D


Yep, jiggly wobbly legs.... but also serious forearm exhaustion. They gave out on me long before I was halfway through the workout. I had to set the weights down before they fell out of my hands more than once. Serious DOMS on the way. I thought I was getting the hang of this and the workouts were tough, but I was getting my confidence.

This one blew me out of the water. I have a feeling my 1RM test results are simply too high. I mean yeah, I can do lift some pretty heavy weights with my legs if I go slow... but at this pace and mixed into a workout, 65% is nearly killing me. Should I be struggling by the 3rd or 4th rep? That is what is happening with some of the exercises.

Fantastic workout. I *am* enjoying them and feeling like I'm getting stronger. I just wonder about the legs since they seem so much harder than the upper body workouts. My body is definitely crying for more sleep the last few weeks! Clearly I'm doing something good/ ;)


Hi Cathe and gang!

Happy Friday

Today's Workout:

CCV2R= 39 min
Calories Burned= 386
Distance= 2.66 miles
BPM= 146 which is my 80% MHR at this level for 20 min in zone.
BPM= 126-135= 70-75% of MHR at this level for 17 min total.

STS- Legs, Meso 1, wk3, Disc 9= 55 min- Calories burned= 451
I really love doing the leg work on STS so far. Today it seemed even faster than usual time just flew by. The only exercise that was super difficult for me and a struggle was the One Legged Deadlifts with Toes elevated using 3/1 count. This proved to be supremely difficult with the balance challenge especially for me with MS this does really underscores my balance issues, but I did what I could not wanting to give up. Wall squats still are proving to be tough for me. I tried them today with wts this time I went light in the wts so I could focus on form I used #8, last week I didn't use wts at all for this one, so I think thats some improvement but still very hard for me. LOVE the plate work on the legs!!! I love STS so much, thank you Cathe for creating it and bringing to us.:D

Core Max- Tough Core premix= 18 min. Calories Burned= 123

That's it for today's torture, um I meant workout:p Have a great weekend and see ya next time.;):)



Jennifer V

I love using the paper plates...they get me good! I am using lighter weights and gradually working my way heavier. I was so fried towards the end, and so I stopped just at the bonus work. Later this afternoon I want to give that part a go though, because I really want to try the plates again!

I felt the DOMS on week one, and I have a feeling I will feel them this week too! :eek:

Thanks, Cathe, were working me hard. It really does feel like you're my personal trainer!



are you using HR monitor for your caloric etc. info? or what are you using?
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Holy crap - my legs HURT!!! I did this one yesterday and I am trying to muster up some strenght to do some light cardio today - not sure I am going to make it.
Cathe - you know how to kick my butt, and I am thankful!!!! About 30 minutes in I had to hit the pause button after a couple of rounds so I could catch my breath!
Loving it!!!


Cathe Friedrich

Keep kicking it Michelle! :D

Holy crap - my legs HURT!!! I did this one yesterday and I am trying to muster up some strenght to do some light cardio today - not sure I am going to make it.
Cathe - you know how to kick my butt, and I am thankful!!!! About 30 minutes in I had to hit the pause button after a couple of rounds so I could catch my breath!
Loving it!!!


Cathe Friedrich

Hi Denise!

We are looking into Disc #9. So far the samples we have pulled including the one I am using to work out to haven't had a problem. Please email customer service about your issue with Disac #9 in the morning. Thanks.

Wow, a 6 inch loss already? That is fantastic Denise. Really, it is! High Five! Keep training hard with your hubby. High Five to him too. I hope to meet you in the future someday :)


I found some problems (pixalating) with disc #9 and so did a few people over at VF (videofitness). Hubby and I are in week 5 of our 6 month rotation and I don't want to send back all of Meso 1 for this disc issue. Any ideas?

Onto the workout, I loved it! The addition of the weighted plie work still has my inner thighs screaming! (and I did the workout Wednesday night :D) For some reason, thus far week 3 has the best sequences in my personal opinion. I'm loving my results! If you haven't seen my other post, in 4 weeks time I've lost 6 inches all due to STS! Plus my upper body definition, especially in the upper back region, is looking great! Hubby was truly disappointed we missed the road trip! He wanted to meet you! :)

Thanks for making such a wonderful product! (as always)


Cathe Friedrich

Pace it, don't race it!

Hi Tracy!

I would hold off changing anything else right now since you said you are pleased with your results. When the point comes that you feel you are no longer challenged the way you are now, we'll look into more change but no need for that now. My motto for endurance work is "Pace it, don't race it". Keep working hard and respecting your body's limitations. You are doing great Tracy!:)

Hi all,

This will be my last disc to check in on because I'm on the 6 month rotation:(

I am loving the leg workouts:D Due to some past injuries (2 herniated discs 2 years ago), I'm not able to go quite to failure, but it's close. The leg workouts are so comprehensive that I'm really feeling quite good in the lower body and back. Anyway, since I'm a little light on my weights, I've been doing an extra day of plyo each week. That seems to be working very nicely. I'm wondering, do you have any other suggestions or should I just keep plugging along as is?


Cathe Friedrich

You're awesome Heather. Keep with it and continue to fill me in on your progress regardless of what workout your doing. :)


Thanks for starting this check-in! I have been waiting for this thread so I can check-in and wrap up this day. I am super tired again. I experienced STS Disc 9 for the first time this morning, and it was not intimidating like I expected it to be after seeing the workout card. I almost fell out of my chair when I printed the workout card last night and saw a one-leg sliding move in the warm-up! I am delighted to share that the one-leg sit and slide in the warm-up is fun and not as challenging as the one-leg sit and stand in STS Disc 6. I enjoyed the plie squats alternating the weight from hand to hand too. Going all the way down to the floor is much more challenging than the 4-Day Split version! I have a feeling that my inner thighs will be talking to me in the morning! I love this workout from the squat lunge sequence in the warm-up to the final one-leg deadlifts. I am saving the bonus burn for next week. I missed my beloved firewalkers! I love firewalkers and walking lunges! I am glad you included side lunges onto the high step and 45 degree lunges for me to enjoy instead!

I am very pleased with the variety in this series. Each workout feels like a whole new workout instead of a premix. Thank you for the Cathe TV form pointers too. Because I was tired this morning and not able to go all the way down to the floor with good form during the one-leg slide back lunges, I substituted one of the intermediate modifications you demonstrated and held my weights the whole time.

I am so glad Daylight Savings Time is just around the bend! Spring is my favorite season of the year, and I feel so alive and free when the bluebonnets are in full bloom. I am looking forward to giving this workout my all next week when I hopefully have more energy. It is time for a warm bubble bath and a restful night of sleep. I am looking forward to my Friday rest day.

Have a blessed weekend! You will be leaving me behind next week, and I will miss checking in with you. I will be reading your updates for inspiration as you move forward to the “eat your veggies” mesocycles. LOL! Have fun! Hugs! :)

Heather B.

"So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God" (1 Corinthians 10:31 NIV).

Cathe Friedrich

Hi Morningstar!

I'd hate to see you overtrain. If you must then please NO MORE THAN ONE circuit workout (although I still don't feel it necessary but if you must then try this order instead):

Monday: STS upper split
Tuesday: Cardio
Wednesday: Circuit training
Thursday: Off
Friday: STS upper split
Saturday: STS legs
Sunday: Cardio

Hi Cathe,

I have just discovered how much I love circuit training workouts (I love heavy weight lifting too). I have STS, but haven't started it yet. Is there any place for adding in a circuit training workout into an STS rotation, other than maybe the rest week? For instance, could a circuit training workout with light weights be used as a cardio day, or are there other ways to incorporate it?

Would this be a reasonable week's rotation?:

Monday: STS
Tuesday: Cardio
Wednesday: Circuit training
Thursday: STS
Friday: Cardio
Saturday: STS
Sunday: Cardio or rest

Thanks so much!!!

Cathe Friedrich

Awesome Chrissy! Just think of how strong you will be to give that guy a nice :p

Cathe- I did this workout last week. Just wanted to say it kicked my butt into the following week. After 30 minutes into this workout I was so fatigued, I didn't think I would be able to get up during lunges. It wasn't a burn I was feeling at this point, it was 'Oh crap, I don't think I'll be able to stand up once I go down!' feeling! :confused: This workout I finally got the sliders down so I was able to go down far enough to put the weight down. Same with the wall squats. I also decided it would be 'fun' ;) to add the vest while doing squats. I was sore for 4 days. That same night, a guy in one of my classes asked why I was walking down the stairs like I was pregnant! (just slightly embarrassing-:eek:)

While yes I was way too sore- I think this was my favorite disc so far. I love love love this series. I truly look foward to each workout.

Thanks chrissy

Cathe Friedrich

Hi Reena! Please keep your heel off the plate as opposed to the flat foot on the plate. A flat foot will restrict your flexibility and range of motion. I'll have to go back and see who had that flat foot on the plate...;)

Did disc 9 on Tuesday, continuing with my consecutive days, but alternating upper body workouts.
Seriously, these leg workouts, while enjoyable, are definitely getting harder :) I could barely finish the paper plate lunges this go around.
Similar to disc 8, I felt like there was a prominent exercise in this disc = dead lifts (though not as much as the pushups). Maybe if I don't want to do something I feel like it stands out more :) Although typically I enjoy deadlifts.
The burners at the end were very challenging - I could barely lift my legs during the ankle weights section, but somehow I trudged through. Of course, I would be remiss if I didn't give a shout out to the plate work.
Question for Cathe - is it best to keep your heels up when doing this plate work? I noticed some of you did in the dvd and some of you had flat foot on the plate. Should I alternate heels up if I am feeling strong and flat foot if I want an easier day?


Great Workout.

My legs are still feeling like jelly. I got about half way in and then my legs were shaking! I had the tremors so I know I was working hard. It was a great workout altogether. I really like the variety. I keep thinking I am lifting too heavy sometimes, but I know the weight is good for me and I am just being pushed to the next level. It is challenging, but not impossible.

I am going right to disc 10 tomorrow since I took two days off this weekend.


Today I'm going to try something that may not work. I need to break in my new backpacking boots, so I'm going to try doing STS Disk 9 Legs wearing them. My usual shoe size is somewhere between 6-8.5, and these boots are size 10, so this could get interesting. They are that big to accomodate my issue with my left foot pain, and to include liner and expedition hiking socks.

I will be doing two hiking trips to northern Ontario this summer, for a week each. These are through-hiking trips all on the feet, rather than stopping at campgrounds or driving. It will be very very rough terrain, and very challenging exercise the entire time. Basically, for 6-8 hours nonstop per day you are doing both heavy cardio and heavy strength training at the same time. I carry a huge heavy pack, (although not the heaviest of the group) because you have to carry everything you need for that whole week.

Each time I do it, I aim to get better endurance, more strength to carry a heavier load, more agility, and stronger legs. Occasionally, I get to swim in Georgian Bay, one of the most beautiful places on earth, and it's cold as hell, and so worth it. There are Massassagua rattlesnakes, frogs, grouse, a billion daddy long-legs and spiders, black bears (although I've yet to see one), dragon flies, and lots of other wildlife. I find these trips incredibly difficult, and when I am at the end, I feel exhausted, yet like I have done something with my life that is extraordinary.

Edited later to add:

Wow! I love my backpacking boots! For anyone that's looking for an awesome pair, they are La Sportiva Cypress GTXWs. They worked really well for the STS legs. They are lightweight, and although a bit stiffer than I would normally use for this kind of workout, by the end I really didn't notice anything different about wearing them than if I was wearing runners.

As usual, STS legs was challenging, but not as hard by far as GS Legs or Butts and Guts, so I got through it fine. My weights are up, using my 40lb vest frequently, and my deadlifts are at 75lbs. My squats are the heaviest I can go, at 65lbs on the BB and the 40lb vest. I can't make my vest any heavier, and can't lift anymore over my head, so that will have to do. I don't have squat racks, and have no room for them. I know I could probably be raising my squats to 150 or so for Meso 1, so that's a little frustrating, but it is what it is. I found that I really hit the muscles hard during the leg blast this time, especially using the plates. I really like all the plate work, actually.

At the end of the workout, I did some Stability Ball Abs (always so much fun, if not as effective as some other abs routines) and the Extended Stretch. But then, halfway through the stretch, I seemed to lose steam; all energy was gone completely. I'm glad it happened at the end of the workout!

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