STS 2.0 Upper Body 1


I did this workout yesterday and it's another winner by Cathe. The reps were varied and Cathe shows so many options for each exercise that I was able to do the full workout without the dip bars or Fit tower. The rep count was again anywhere between 8 and 10 (with 12 to 16 using lower weights or the band). I really appreciated the one-minute break between sets to get set up for the next and recover from lifting heavy.

Thanks Cathe for another awesome series!
That’s the one I was gonna do yesterday. I went to start work on getting my printer back online and the darn thing fixed itself. I just changed a few ink cartridges but thought I’d printed since then. But it’s back online. Now I just need that user guide!
Now that I've got my worksheets printed, I think I'm a go for mixing in these workouts into my rotation. Upper Body 1 will be Monday and Lower Body 1 will be Tuesday. I might go back to the original STS for my shoulders, bi's and tri's day on Wednesday. I'm not totally sure about cardio. I've looked at Giant Sets for my total body day, but there is seriously heavy weights lifted in these dvd's. I'm thinking about a Fit Tower for my total body just for something fun and different and I'll have my Turbo Tower out anyway because I think I need it in Upper Body 1. If not, I'll still drag the thing out! Cardio might be a shorter HIIT like HIIT 40/20 and I may actually do one of the recovery workouts. There is so much mental focus required on these types of programs and sometimes, you just need a fun cardio to clear the mind.

I finally got my car back Wednesday, got it washed and cleaned inside and out yesterday, did my sunless tanner today so Hot Girl STS 2.0 Summer is about to kick off!
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