Structured Procrastination

Procrastination is depressing, isn't it? Right now, I'm looking into starting a couple of projects at work and I'm procrastinating because the tasks are daunting, but I finally started it today because the new year is coming and my boss and I are discussing MY goals for 2013 so that makes me get moving.

All I can say is, write down the things you are procrastinating about. Think about WHY you have to do them. Can anyone help you with the tasks (delegate). If not, then either break down the tasks into smaller sets of tasks, or set a deadline on when to get it done and THEN FIT IT IN.

You will feel awesome when you have overcome and accomplished something! Good luck.
It's always worst when I have too much time to do it.
All the time in the world to clean the house?
I'm in maintenance mode, and don't care about/can't even see
much of the clutter or real cleaning to be done.

People are coming over or other deadline
and I'm all adrenaline, and much more efficient.

in high school, I always did better with getting my hw and such done
when I was on the track team.
I tried to explain it to my mom, but she just didn't understand.
it's bc once I got home I had to do it right then, go to bed, and do it again.

I think this year though, once I get in my routine of doing my w/o at same time
each day, I'll be much more consistent.
Going to try to do early morning workouts
first baby steps with walking the dog, or really short w/o
but eventually, it will be habit.
deadline being before the kids get up for school.

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