Strength in Numbers

Cheryl I’m glad that you are feeling better and that it wasn’t Covid. Get the rest that you need to get over your cold.

This morning was PHA 2 and the extended stretch. I got my DH an Inversion table for Christmas because he had borrowed his friends for awhile and really liked it, so I did a little inversion stretch after I was done. It does feel good on the lower back. Have a great day!

Pam Great job on PHA 2 and the extended stretch. I heard that the inversion tables are good for your back.

This morning I did yoga. It felt good to move again. Then I got the laundry done and then had a lazy rest of the day.

Cheryl Great job on P30 LB! Oh I am sorry about your cold but glad it is not Covid. That is great you were able to do yoga!

Pam Great job on your bike ride! That is awesome you can still bike ride in the middle of winter. That sounds like a really fun time at the football game. Great job on RKS plus BB and icy core and PHA2 plus ES! I have seen those tables and thought about getting one but not sure where I would put it.

Thursday I did a yoga session and then we got together with my family for Christmas. Friday I did another yoga session and then had a lazy day with DH. Saturday I tried to do a walk in Germany but my treadmill belt decided to get a rip and a portion of it flipped so I did yoga. After that I sent a request to the treadmill company to get a new belt but of course I haven't heard anything with the holiday. DH and I also did some outside work getting ready for snow that was coming. We ended up getting around 4 inches so not bad but I am glad I don't have to drive in it. Sunday was my lazy day (again)! This morning I started a new Nia Shanks heavy weight workout.

Have a great day!
Cheryl Great job on yoga and getting the laundry done. I started on laundry yesterday, but it’s still a work in progress :)

Julie It’s definitely cramped in our workout room with the inversion table added, but there is a desk in there that we can get rid of and with moving some things around I think it will be better. Great job on yoga. That is a bummer about your treadmill belt, I hope that you hear back from the company soon, Great job on yoga and your Nia Shanks workout.

This morning was Tabatacise and core 1. I had forgotten how hard that core workout is. It looks like our lovely weather is coming to an abrupt end. It was 80 degrees yesterday and they are saying we might get some snow today! How crazy is that?! It’s in the 40’s right now though, so hopefully they are wrong. Have a great day!

Julie Great job on your yoga sessions and your Nia Shanks heavy weight workout. What a bummer about your treadmill belt. I hope you hear back soon about getting a replacement. 4 inches of snow isn't too bad for snow.

Pam Great job on Tabatacise and core 1. Wow that is quite the weather change. I hope you didn't get any snow.

This morning I was going to do Tabatacise but I wasn't feeling up to something that hard so I did ICE Low Impact Sweat and Icy Core 2. I am feeling better but I am still a bit congested. It rained all day here so most of the snow is gone though they say we may get some more tomorrow night.

Have a great day.

Pam Great job on Tabatacise plus core 1! I don't remember that core but I generally find Cathe's core tough. What a bummer about the change in weather. Hopefully you don't get too much.

Cheryl Great job on ICE LIS plus Icy Core 2! Hopefully you don't get too much snow.

This morning I did a bike ride in Turkey and then I did some yoga! I have a really busy day with back to back meetings from 7-2:30. I'm already exhausted!

Have a great day!
Cheryl We did get some snow but it never got below freezing and none of it stuck. It’s still cold today but the sun is out and it’s supposed to get into the 50’s which isn’t too bad. Great job n LIS and Icy core 2. I’m glad you are feeling better!

Julie The Xtrtain bonus core is the one with about 100 banana crunches followed by about 100 side twists with your feet up. I may be exaggerating a little, but that is what it feels like! Great job on your bike ride in Turkey and your yoga. I hope you survived your back to back meetings!

This morning was To the Max Extreme. It really wiped me out. My DH booked me a massage for today so I am looking forward to that treat. Have a great day!

Julie Good job on your bike ride in Turkey and your yoga. I hope your back to back meetings went by fast.

Pam Great work on TTM Extreme. I bet the massage felt really good after that.

This morning I did Boss Bands Total Body and then did the XTrain Scarecrow 100 rep challenge. We did get a bit of snow last night so I went out to clean up our sidewalk and in front of our garage. It was pretty wet and heavy.

Pam Ugh those side twists with the feet up are tough and I don't think you are exaggerating with 100 of those! Great job on TTM Extreme! Oh having a massage after that will feel so nice!

Cheryl Great job on BBTB and the XT Scarecrow 100 rep challenge! Glad you didn't get too much snow and was able to get it cleaned up.

This morning I did a heavy weight workout and some core work. I have another busy day of back to back meetings from 7-2:30.

Have a great day!
[Cheryl Great job on BBTB and the XTrain 100 rep Scarecrow challenge. That is a LOT of scarecrows! I think I would need to use 1 lb weights or maybe even no weights at all for that! Wet and heavy snow is the worst to clean up, looks like you got a bonus workout in there.

Julie Great job on your heavy weight and core workouts. Back to back back to back meetings is no way to start the New Year!! I hope they aren’t too painful!

This morning was Imax2. I made it through all 128 Jeannie Hops :p. Then I had a dentist appointment. They had an HGTV remodeling show on while I was there and now I want that woman to come to my house! The changes were amazing. Have a great day!

Julie Great work on your heavy weight and core workout. Oh fun more back to back meetings. I hope your survived.

Pam I used 3lb weights for the scarecrows and followed Jai. It did get hard by the end. Good job on Imax 2 and all of your Jeannie Hops. It is amazing what people are able to do on those remodeling shows.

This morning I did XTrain Legs just the standing portion. Then I took Zoey out for a walk since she didn't want to go before our friend had to go to work. It snowed just a bit last night and it was a bit icy out so we didn't go too far. After that I went and got groceries because it is suppose to snow a lot more tonight.

Have a great day.

Pam Great job on Imax 2 and the 128 Jeannie Hops! Maybe you can get on the show and get your house remodeled.

Cheryl Great job on XT Legs standing and your walk with Zoey! Oh man, you aren't getting a break on the snow. We have been in single digit temps and yesterday it was so windy all the snow we got a few days ago was blowing all over the roads again.

This morning I did some mobility and yoga work. I purchased a program that has several mobility workouts and some focus on getting into splits and backbends. Today I focused on hip mobility and backbends. I don't necessarily ever expect to look like a master yogi but I've noticed with every year, things are getting stiffer so I better try do something to counteract it.

I am taking tomorrow off. Have a great weekend!
Cheryl Great job on Xtrain legs and your walk with Zoey. I hope you don’t get too much snow.

Julie I did go to the HGTV website to try to see how you sign up to be considered for the show, but I couldn’t find any information on it :rolleyes:. It does say that you can hire her, I’m sure that would be a bargain:p. Great job on your mobility work and yoga, I have been noticing how everything is getting stiffer too, I’m just not doing anything about it. We will need pictures if you start doing splits and back bends!

This morning was PHA 3. I did a mish mosh premix where you do half of the ab stacker abs halfway through and the other half at the end. I liked breaking them up like that. Have a great day!

Julie Great job on your mobility and yoga work. I have also noticed that I am a lot stiffer than I have been. You have been really good in working on it while I still need a bit of a kick in the butt.

Pam Good work on PHA 3 mish mosh premix. That is a good way to break up the ab work.

So we got quite a bit of snow last night. It was really icy on the roads too. So this morning I shoveled all of the snow which took about 45 minutes. Then DH had a dentist appointment so we then went to that. After that I had to walk Zoey because our friend tried to take her to doggy daycare but they were closed because no one could get to work so he dropped her off back home but forgot to get her out to do her business before he left for work. So I took her for a short walk so she didn't have to hold it all until he got home. After that we had a few errands to do so I didn't get a workout in, it was a busy day.

Cheryl It sounds like you got quite a workout in with the shoveling, It was nice of you to take Zoey out so she didn’t have to hold it all day too!

This morning was Revved up Rumble and the calorie crush. I am just not coordinated enough to do the double back kicks, they feel so awkward! Have a great day.

Pam Great work on Revved up Rumble and the Calorie Crush. Some days I can do the double back kicks and some days I can't.

I didn't have any energy this morning. I don't know if it is because I am still trying to get over this cold or if it is just the weather but a workout did not happen this morning. I am having way too many lazy days, and I hope that I get my energy back soon.

Cheryl I hope you get your energy back soon. I'm sure the combination of your cold and the lousy weather are not helping matters at all!

Yesterday was my rest day and I had a shopping spree. The other volunteer that was supposed to do it with me couldn't come because her son just came down with Covid the day before. The little girl had so much fun though. She got so much stuff but still had a lot of money left to take home. She was really sweet and bought a lot of stuff for her twin sister too and also a game for her older brother. His eyes just lit up when she told him she would buy it for him. This morning was Supersets, one of my new favorites. Have a great day.

Pam That was so nice of her to buy stuff for her sister and brother too. Great job on Supersets.

Yesterday morning I didn't do a workout but I did get enough energy up to do some cleaning. This morning I finished the cleaning and then went for a walk because it was so nice out. Though you had to be careful because it was pretty icy in places. It was so busy down at the park everyone was taking advantage of the nice weather.

Pam Great job on PHA3 mish mosh abs premix! I can actually get up into wheel/backbend (not beautifully though) but the front splits are not close yet and my middle/side splits is non-existant. I will have to try to figure out how to take pictures. Great job on RUR plus CC! I remember those double back kicks. That is so sweet she used some of her wish money for her siblings. Great job on SS! I like that one.

Cheryl 45 minutes of snow shoveling is quite the workout! I'm sorry about your lack of energy. The weather and your cold could both be affecting it. Glad you were feeling better to clean and go for a walk.

Friday I did a heavy weight work and some core work and then did some meal prepping. Saturday was a bike ride in Turkey and some light yoga and then cleaning. Sunday was my lazy day. This morning I did a heavy weight workout and some core work.

Have a great day!
Julie Great job on your heavy weight workouts and core work and your bike ride in Turkey.

This morning I did AOLIH and core 1. Then I went for a short walk in the afternoon. It was really rainy and icy out so I didn't go far but I did want to get some fresh air.

Have a great day.


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