Strength in Numbers

Cheryl Great job on your Friday mystery workout, dragon boating on Saturday, your Sunday walk, P30 UB and your walk with Zoey! That's cute she was being a sleepy head.

Yesterday, DH got moved to the next level of care which is one step from ICU care. He ended up needing to have his oxygen increased beyond what the regular unit could handle. I was able to talk to the dr last night and he talked to me about his treatment plan. Luckily DH has also been able to text me which helps me feel like at least he is doing ok enough to do that. This morning I did a heavy Push workout and a core based yoga flow. After that the nurse called me to give me an update on DH. So far good news in that he is doing what he is supposed to be doing and it is just a waiting game. He was able to FaceTime with me a little this morning too.

Have a great day!
Julie[ I can't imagine my alarm going off at 3 am. I think you made the right decision to keep sleeping if you slept for another 4 hours .

Cheryl If I don't do my workout first thing it doesn't happen for me either. That was not a good eye Doctor appointment all around. I hope you get some better news from the ophthalmologist today!

Julie That was a terrible weekend!! So sorry to hear about your dad and your DH! I hope they are both doing better soon. So scary for both of them! Great job getting in M1D6 and core work with all of that going on.

Cheryl Great job on your mystery workout, dragon boating, your walk, P30 UB and your walk with Zoey. It's funny that she doesn't want to get out of bed in the morning. Maybe she does that on purpose so she can go for walks with you :)

Friday was Metabolic blast and the calorie crush. The pool was absolutely full of leaves that day so I spent quite awhile cleaning it out. I somehow tweaked my hip and knee and back while I was doing that and could hardly put any pressure on my leg afterwards. It was still bothering me on Saturday so I did Mobility Basics and core which made it feel quite a bit better. Sunday was Lower body blast and then I had a shopping spree wish. I was glad that my hip and knee were feeling better for that. Yesterday was Fit Split Mixed Impact cardio and pull day and this morning was To the Mat Legs and Glutes plus Icy core. That was the first time I've done that workout, It's not one that I would choose very often, but it was good for a change. Now I have to get things ready for Thanksgiving as we are headed to DC tomorrow to have Thanksgiving with Ashley and the boys. Julie, I hope your DH is home and you are both feeling better and your dad is doing better too. Here's hoping for a much better weekend for you this coming weekend,

Julie I am glad to hear that your DH is doing better. That is a good sign that he was able to FaceTime you. Hopefully he won't need to be in the hospital for too long. Good job in doing your heavy push workout and core based yoga flow with everything that is going on.

Pam Yep I am beginning to think that she may do it on purpose to get me to walk her. Great work on Metabolic Blast and the calorie crush, To The Mat Legs and Glutes and Icy Core. Glad that your hip and knee are feeling better. Enjoy your Thanksgiving.

This morning I did MMA Kickbox. So I found out at my ophthalmologist appointment that the pressure in my eye is good but I have narrow angles in my eyes that need to be fixed before they get clogged and pressure builds which could result in blindness. So I am waiting to see another ophthalmologist has a laser to do a peripheral iridotomy. Apparently the laser makes a small hole in your iris to allow drainage. It sounds icky but I think it sounds worse than it is.

Pam Great job on MB + CC! Oh no, I am sorry about your leg and back. That is great that MB and core made it feel better. Great job on LBB, FS MIC + pull day, and TTM L&G plus icy core! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving weekend!

Cheryl Great job on MMA Kickbox! Oh that sounds very icky to me but I have issues with me or other people touching or getting close to eyeballs. I hope they can get you soon so you can get it over with.

This morning I did some core work, a ride in Jamaica, and a Hatha yoga session! I also got to talk to a nurse this morning who said DH had a really great night and they were able to lower the amount of oxygen he needed while keeping his stats high. We tried Facetiming again but the hospital connection is crappy so the video doesn't work well. I am thinking he will be in there at least till the weekend. Since it is Thanksgiving weekend, I won't be on till Monday and I already know next week is a very busy week from me. If you don't hear from me, don't think anything bad, I just probably haven't had a chance to post.

Have a great weekend!
Julie Good work on your core work, ride in Jamaica and Hatha yoga session. That is great that your DH is doing so much better. Enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend.

This morning was yoga for me. Then I went and got some groceries. I will chat with everyone again next week.

Cheryl Great job on yoga!

DH is still in the hospital but he is not as critical as last week. No word on when he will get to come home but hopefully it will be this week. I did do workouts over my time off. Thursday was a heavy back weight workout, Friday was a run in Germany and some core work, Saturday was a heavy leg weight workout, and this morning I did STS D9 Legs and some core work. This is a super busy week. Basically back to back meetings over the next 3 days and Thursday I am taking Benny to get his MRI.

Have a great day!
This morning I did a heavy upper body push workout! DH is still in the hospital and is starting to get frustrated with how long it is taking him to recover. I keep trying to get him to stay calm and be positive but I am sure I would be right there with him being frustrated if it were me.

Have a great day!
Cheryl Great job on MMA Kickbox! Oh wow, glad you found out about the issue in your eyes in time to treat it. I
hope you are able to have it taken care of soon.

Julie Great job on your core work, ride in Jamaica, and yoga! I’m flad to hear that your DH is doing better, hopefully he will be able to come home soon. Did you do anything for Thanksgiving? How is your dad doing?

Cheryl Great job on yoga! I hope you had a good weekend!

Julie Great job on your heavy back workout, run in Germany, core work, heavy leg workout, and D9 legs and
Core. I hope your busy week goes well!

We had a nice time in DC and it was good seeing all of the kids. Traffic was terrible on the way there and home, we were wishing we had take. The train. We went to the
Zoo on Thursday and between walking there and walking around the zoo we walked 8.5 miles. That was the most activity we had, but we did walk about 2-3 miles on Saturday to the dog park and back. This morning was Fit Split Boxing Bootcamp and legs and glutes. That one is a little annoying because the warm up is almost as long as the workout. Have a great day! I wrote all of that yesterday but never hit post!

Julie Great job on your heavy upper body workout. I don't blame your DH for getting frustrated, I would be too. He's where he needs to be at the moment, but that can be hard.

This morning was P30 HI Hiit, pyramid bonus, extended stretch, and core bonus. It sounds like a lot but is a little under an hour. I got my Covid booster this morning and so far so good. I'm hoping for no side effects like that last two. Have a great day!

Julie I am glad that your DH is doing better. I would be frustrated too, a hospital isn't the most fun place to have to spend time. Hopefully he can come home this week. Great job on your heavy back weight workout, your run in Germany and core work, your heavy leg weight workout, STS D9 Legs and your heavy upper body push workout. Wow you do have a busy week coming up. I hope you can find some down time.

Pam Glad that you had a good time in Washington. Good work on Fit Split Boxing Bootcamp and Legs and Glutes and P30 HI Hiit Pyramid bonus, extended stretch and core bonus. I hope you don't have any side effects from your booster shot.

So Thursday morning I had to leave early to pick up my mom to take her to a hospital in the city to have a camera sent up her arteries to her heart to take a look at what is going on. It was a very long day and it was raining like crazy. Because the procedure was a long one I came back home for a bit before I had to go back to pick her up. We didn't get back to her place until 7:30pm and I needed to stay the night with her to make sure she would be OK. Everything went well but I sure didn't get a good nights sleep as I was aware of every little sound. I got home on Friday around 10:30am but I was so tired I just sat on the couch for the rest of the day. Saturday we got the boat out of the water. It was another very rainy day and our coach didn't want to have to worry if the boat would sink with all the rain. So this season is over, hopefully next year will be better. Sunday I just went to the farmers market and did a bit of cleaning and laundry. Monday I had to get out early again to take my mom for an x-ray on her hip and meet with her doctor. Everything is healing well so that is good. Then I took her to a few stores so she could get a few things and then we went out for lunch. This morning I did PHA Training. It felt good to finally be able to do a workout. Then I went and got groceries and some of the shelves were empty because the roads are still washed out and trucks can't deliver goods. It was raining here again and I have never seen so much rain it just doesn't stop. Then I got the housework done since I wasn't going outside again in a torrential downpour.

Have a great day.

Pam Glad you had a nice time in DC despite the traffic. That is a lot of walking at the zoo. Great job on FS BC & Legs and Glutes! So far my dad is doing pretty good. I think he is still working on getting his full balance back but his slurred speech is much better. Great job on P30 HI HiiT plus bonus pyramid, extended stretch, and core bonus! Hopefully you continue to not have any side effects from the booster.

Cheryl I hope your mom's heart looks good. I can totally see not getting good sleep when you are making sure she is ok through the night. That is good that her hip is healing. Bummer the season is over for dragon boating. Hopefully next year will be better on so many levels. Great job on PHA! If there is one thing your area doesn't need more of it is rain.

This morning I did some core work, a ride in Jamaica, and a Vinyasa yoga session. I think DH will be coming home tomorrow. They are starting to work on his transition plan for coming home with oxygen and getting everything in place for that. I got through my busy couple of days at work but now I have to figure out how to get the grocery shopping done, Benny to the specialist vet 3 hours away, and DH picked up from the hospital in the next few days. One thing at a time!

Have a great day!
Cheryl Oh wow, you had quite the busy few days. Were they able to figure out what is going on with your mom's heart? I don't think I would have slept well in that situation either. It's a bummer that your season is over and it ended so poorly. Hopefully next year will be much better. I can't believe all of the rain you are having, that is just crazy. I sure hope it ends soon. Great job on PHA Training and getting your housework done.

Julie Great job on your core work, ride, and yoga! That is great news that your DH will be coming home. I'm sure he will be happy about it. I wish I was close to help you with all of that running around. Did you have Covid? I know you weren't feeling well for awhile too.

This morning was Perfect Pump Lower, Upper, and extended stretch. The stretch was feeling really good! I was supposed to go meet some friends for lunch, but about 30 minutes before I was going to leave they started paving the road in front of our house and I couldn't get out of the driveway! It looks like they are done with this part of the road now, but they are still working on the rest of the neighborhood. Have a great day!

Julie Good work on your core work, ride in Jamaica and Vinyasa yoga session. That is great that your DH will be coming home from the hospital tomorrow. That is a lot of stuff to get done in one day but I know you will do it. One thing at a time.

Pam Great job on Perfect Pump Lower, Upper and Extended Stretch. That is a bummer about not getting together with your friends for lunch. Don't they give you a heads up before they start doing that?

So my mom will need heart surgery we just don't know which kind yet, open heart or doing it through an artery. I don't think my mom will go for the open heart surgery if that is what they think she needs. We will see once we hear back from the doctors. This morning I did Hard Strikes. The su/pu combo did me in, I was still sore from yesterdays workout. Then I did some baking as it was a good day for it because guess was raining :p. It looks like we will get a break from rain tomorrow though.

Have a great day.

This morning was Supersets. Normally I find this to be an easy workout but it felt really hard this morning. Then after that we braved Costco to pick up a few things. I did go for a bit of a walk in the afternoon since it wasn't raining.

Cheryl Both of my parents had open heart surgery. It's really amazing that it is a pretty routine surgery these days, but hopefully they can just do the less invasive option. Great job on Hard strikes. That su/pu combo ALWAYS does me in! I hope you get a long break from the rain, you sure need it. Great job on Supersets. I hate it when a workout that I think is easy feels hard. Great job on braving the Costco madness too!

Thursday I went for a bike ride with my friend. We are having such beautiful weather right now that it has been great getting outside. Yesterday was Total Body Giant sets and bonus core. Then we went and got our Christmas tree and then I ran some errands. It felt a bit strange getting our Christmas tree when it was 72 degrees outside, but I'm not complaining. Julie, I hope you made it through your crazy week ok and that your DH is home and doing better. Have a great day.

Pam I guess open heart surgery is getting to be pretty routine. We still haven't heard back as to what they want to do but whatever it is I hope that it is in the new year. Wow you are getting really nice weather. Great job on your bike ride with your friend, Total Body Giant Sets and bonus core.

Friday I did Low Impact Sweat 1 and bonus core 2 then I got some baking done. Saturday I had a pretty lazy morning so I didn't get in a workout but we did do a bit of a walk in the afternoon. Sunday was another lazy morning but I did go for a power walk in the afternoon. It is pretty cold here and they are calling for snow tonight. We will see what happens.

Pam Great job on PP Lower and upper plus ES! Oh what a bummer about having to miss lunch because the road was being repaved right at that moment. Yes I did get Covid. I am thinking my getting the vaccine helped the symptoms to be pretty mild. Great job on your bike ride with your friend! That is awesome you are getting such great weather that you can still do outside workouts. Great job on TBGS plus bonus core! That sounds like perfect weather to me to be in the 70s in December!

Cheryl Oh I am sorry she has to have surgery. Hopefully they can do the one your mom feels more comfortable with. It would be added stress to her if they say they need the open heart surgery. Great job on HS and that pu/su combo! Great job on SS and LIS plus bonus core 2! Glad the rain stopped so you could get some walks in too! Oh no snow! We might get some tomorrow too.

I was able to pick DH up from the hospital Wednesday night. It was kind of late after getting him home so I slept in a little but got in a heavy back workout before I needed to leave to take Benny to the specialty vet. When I got there, the MRI machine was down for maintenance but it sounds like the doctor wouldn't have done it that day anyway as he wanted to do a prelim first. He thinks we should monitor Benny for another month and journal any episodes he has so we will go back in a month and see what might need to be done. So far, Benny hasn't had any episodes in over a month so hopefully it was just an anomaly. Friday I did a run in Germany and Saturday was a heavy leg workout. Spent most of the weekend just hanging out with DH. He was sent home without oxygen but has been doing pretty good. He gets out of breath easily even when just walking to the bathroom. It does seem to be getting a little better each day but I think it will still be a long road before he is back to his pre-Covid self. This morning I did STS disc 9 legs and some core work.

Have a great day!
Cheryl Great job on LIS and bonus core. It's nice that you were able to get out for a walk both days, hopefully that means it wasn't raining. Snow doesn't sound good though!

Julie Great job on your heavy back workout. Hopefully Bennie doesn't have any more episodes, that kind of thing is so scary. Great job on your run in Germany and heavy leg workout. I'm glad that your DH was able to come home. I imagine it will be frustrating for the slow recovery, but at least he is out of the hospital. Great job on D9 and core!

I took Saturday as my rest day and did some work outside blowing leaves and cleaning out the pool. It's really windy here today so I'm hoping it will knock the rest of the leaves off the trees because I feel like cleaning up leaves has been a full time job lately. Sunday was Metabolic Blast+calorie crush and core. Then we decorated the tree before going to a friends for our annual Christmas caroling party. It was really fun because all of the people that we caroled to really appreciated it. This morning was 4DS Bootcamp, biceps and triceps. Another one that I hadn't done in ages. It was a nice change of pace, but the bootcamp was harder than I remembered it being. Have a great day!

Julie That is great that your DH is home from the hospital. It may take him a while to recover but being home will probably help him recover faster. Good work on your heavy back workout, your run in Germany, your heavy leg workout and STS Disc 9 legs and core work. I hope what happened to Benny was just an anomaly and he won't have any more episodes.

Pam Great job on Metabolic Blast + calorie crush and 4DS Bootcamp. Cleaning up leaves can be a workout in itself. That is nice that the people appreciated your caroling, it makes it more fun that way.

So I had an early morning appointment to have a field of vision test done and pictures taken of the back of my eyes. It did snow last night but not too bad. I did leave earlier than I usually would need to just in case the roads were icy but they were fine. I did go for a short walk to do a few errands that were close by though.

Have a great day.

Pam It was really windy here yesterday so I hope you got the wind you needed to get all those leaves down. Great job on MB + CC + core! Well I hope it wasn't windy while you were caroling though. Great job on 4DS Bootcamp!

Cheryl I am glad the roads weren't bad for your drive to your eye appointment. Will it be a while before you get the results back?

This morning I did a heavy chest, shoulders, and triceps workout and added on a short yoga core flow. We are supposed to get cold today in the 20s. It was like 4 degrees when I let the dogs out earlier. Brrr!

Have a great day!
Julie It shouldn't take long to get the results back. I was told I would only be contacted if there was something they were concerned about. Great job on your heavy chest, shoulders and triceps workout and your yoga core flow. Yikes it is cold where you are. Hopefully it will warm up a bit for you.

This morning I did PHA2. Then in the afternoon I had a dentist appointment which is at the mall. It wasn't too crazy busy there which was nice. I have about another 9 weeks for my Invisaligns and then hopefully I will be all done with them. I can see a difference in my teeth with how much straighter they are.

Have a great day.


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