Strength in Numbers

Julie OMG, I am so sorry to hear about your nephew! How awful :(, I can't even imagine. Great job om your walk/hike in Vietnam, Ashtanga, Heavy weigh workout, CRX UB split and yoga!

Yesterday was cool when I woke up so I went for a bike ride. It was 89 degrees and super humid by the time I was finished though, so I was beat! I came home and did some swimming until a Thunderstorm started. This morning was The Viper from the Terminator disk. It was tough! I was going to do core afterwards but decided I had done enough. Now I'm getting some work done around the house. We leave next week for Africa for 3 weeks so I'm trying to get stuff ready to go. Have a great day.

Pam Great job on your bike ride! Oh that is not a fun surprise to have it turn hot and humid so fast during your ride. I bet the swim felt wonderful. Great job on the Viper! Oh wow, that is going to be a fun trip. Where in Africa are you going?

This morning I did CTX Leaner Legs and Abs and added on an EBE Single Leg Burnout. Boy that ab section in LLA is really like a crunch fest. I was glad there was no bike maneuver. Tonight is the visitation for DH's nephew and tomorrow is the funeral. I will not be on tomorrow but will be back Thursday.

Have a great day!
Julie We are doing safaris in Botswana and Kruger National Park in S Africa, and also going to Cape Town and Victoria Falls in Zambia. We've been looking forward to this one for a loooong time with the 1 year delay! Great job on LLA and EBE SLB! It seems like a lot of the older ab workouts are crunch fests! You were lucky to get one with no bike maneuver though!

This morning for me was Pyramid Upper Body. I didn't do any of the full pikes though, I just did ball exchange in that part of the workout. Have a great day.

Pam Nice that you got your Boss Bands and DVDs. Mine are suppose to arrive by September 2nd.

Julie Great job on your walk/hike in Vietnam and Ashtanga yoga, your heavy weight workout and CTX UB Split and YB yoga. That is horrible news about your nephew. That is something that I can't even imagine on how I would cope.

Pam Good work on your bike ride and The Viper. That is exciting to be going to Africa. That is a place I have always wanted to go to.
Julie Good job on CTX Leaner Legs and Abs and EBE Single Leg Burnout.

Pam Great work on Pyramid Upper Body. The pikes are hard in that one.

So Saturday I did P30 Yoga and then it was off to work. Sunday we went out to visit my mom. She was having problems with her left hip as it had given out on her. We told her that she needs to be careful and that we should get her walker out of storage. Monday I did Afterburn and that was tough. I hadn't done a hard workout in a while but I made it through. In the evening I went dragon boating and it was a really nice night. Then my brother called me to let me know that mom had fallen and broke her hip. So she is in surgery right now getting it fixed. And with covid we can't even go and visit her in the hospital. This morning I had an early morning appointment and I couldn't fit in a workout. I had a mammogram done a couple of weeks ago and last Monday they called to say that they found something on it so I needed further testing. So this morning I had to go for another mammogram and and ultra sound to see if it was cancerous or not. My doctor called at noon today to say that it was just a cyst and that everything is fine. So that was good news. I did manage to get all the housework done today though but I am really tired right now since I didn't sleep well last night.

Have a great day.

Cheryl Wow, what a week you had! I hope your mom's surgery goes well. Great job on Yoga and Afterburn. I'm glad you were able to get our and enjoy an evening on the water in the middle of all of that too. What a relief that it just ended up being a cyst, but no wonder you couldn't sleep while waiting on the results. I hope you were able to sleep better last night!

This morning was Pyramid Lower Body. I don't mind that one too much after getting past all of those leg presses. I did end up taking one of the risers off in the middle of them and it made a big difference. We were going to go for a bike ride today but decided not to because it's going to be so hot. Now I have some running around to do to get ready for our trip. Have a great day!

Pam My mom's surgery was postponed. They apparently have a lot of hip surgeries to do so I guess they are prioritizing them. Great job on Pyramid Lower Body. So exciting to be going on a trip.

This morning I did FS Low Impact Cardio and Metabolic Conditioning. Then our patio finally got started. We had to postpone it because of the water leak that we had earlier in the year. It will be good when it is all done. This afternoon I went and got my Invisalign's put in. It feels weird but it will be great to finally have straight teeth once this is all done.

Have a great day.

Pam Great job on PUB and substituting those pikes! Your trip sounds so exciting. Great job on PLB! I can't remember what height Cathe uses in that one but 4 is the max risers I can use for Leg Presses. Hope you get a lot done for your trip.

Cheryl Great job on P30 Yoga and AB! Oh no! I am so sorry about your mom's hip. I hope she does well after the surgery. That is scary about the mammogram results but I am glad it came back as just a cyst in the end. I am not surprised you had troubles sleeping with all that was going on. Great job on FS LIC + MC! Oh how exciting a new patio and straighter teeth!

Yesterday I did a walk/jog in Vietnam and a couple rounds of YB yoga! After that DH and I went to his nephew's funeral. There were so many people there. We got there 15 minutes early and it was already standing room only. The service was overwhelming. His BIL gave a eulogy and I cannot imagine how he mustered the strength to get through that with burying his own son. Several of his friends also got up and spoke. The service at the burial site was brutally hot. Since he was in the National Guard, he was given military honors with a 21 gun salute and a flag. Those poor service men in their uniforms had to be sweltering in the heat. This morning I did CTX Back and Biceps and a ride in Jamaica!

I am taking tomorrow off hoping to get a lot of housework and chores done. Have a great weekend!
Cheryl I hope your mom doesn't have to wait too long for her surgery and that she isn't in pain. Is she in the hospital or at home? Great hob on LIC and MC. I bet you are looking forward to having your patio done, but it would have been nice to have it for the summer! Oh well, it will be all ready for next summer! How long will you need to wear the Invisalign's?

Julie Great job your walk.job in Vietnam and yoga. The funeral sounds so sad :-( I can not imagine being able to do the eulogy for his own son. The 21 gun salute and flag are really nice touches at a funeral. Great job on B&B and your ride in Jamaica. I hope you get all of your work done tomorrow so that you can relax over the weekend.

This morning was Cardio Supersets premix that adds the step. I always think of it as Metabolic Supersets now though thanks to Julie :). Then I did the abs from Turbo Barre. I haven't done those very often, but they are quick and efficient. Have a great day.

Julie Great job on your walk/jog in Vietnam and YB yoga and CTX Back and Biceps and ride in Jamaica. I don't know how your BIL did the eulogy. That would have been so hard for him. That was nice that he had military honors and a 21 gun salute. I hope you get everything done tomorrow so you can enjoy your weekend.

Pam My mom is in the hospital and she just had the surgery this afternoon. The surgeons are so busy and absolutely exhausted that they can only do so many a day. She will be in the hospital for another couple of days and then she can come home with strict instructions on what she can and can not do. Right now it looks like I need to wear the Invisalign's for about 8 months but that could change depending on how fast my teeth move. Good work on Cardio Supersets premix with step and the abs from Turbo Barre.

It was Cardio Supersets for me as well. Then I got a few things done at home and then I went back to the dentist because they needed to do some filing on my teeth so they have room to move.

Have a great day.

Cheryl I'm glad that your mom's surgery is done now and hopefully everything went well. It must be so hard being in the hospital right now when you can't have any visitors, I fell bad for all of the health care workers who are so overworked. And of course you don't really want your surgeon to be exhausted! Great job on CSS. That will be great to get your teeth all straightened and 8 months isn't too bad at all!

Looks like I forgot to post yesterday, but I did Imax and then did some running around. Today was Muscle Max and now I'm figuring out what I'm going to do for the day. Have a great day!

Pam Great job on Imax and Muscle Max. I hope your figured out what to do for the rest of your day.

So Friday I did Rockout Knockout and then worked the rest of the day. Saturday I did Yoga Relax and then it was work again. Today I was able to go out to visit my mom in hospital. We are not sure how much longer she will be in the hospital for. She needs to be able to move on her own from the bed to the walker or wheelchair without any help. So it may not be until the end of the week. Then we went to visit our old neighbours who moved to Ottawa about 10 years ago but have now moved back here. It was great to catch up with them.

Have a great day.

Pam Great job on Metabolic Supersets (aka CSS) plus TB abs, IMAX, and MM! Hopefully you figured something fun to do with the rest of the day!

Cheryl Great job on CSS and RK and YR! So glad your mom got her surgery so quickly. Hopefully she can get up and moving on her own so she can go back home.

Friday I did a walk/job in Vietnam and a couple of rounds of YB yoga! After that I did some cleaning and picked two 5 gallon buckets of pears from my tree. Saturday I did a heavy weight workout and then did some more chores and ran errands. I got all my stuff done for the weekend and had my lazy day on Sunday. This morning I did 4DS Back and Biceps and a couple of rounds of YB yoga!

Have a great day!
Julie Good job on your walk/jog in Vietnam and YB yoga, your heavy weight workout and 4DS Back and Biceps and YB yoga. You got a lot of pears from your tree. Are you going to use all of them or give some away.

This morning I tried to do Tabatacize but I just didn't have the energy so I switched to 4DS Lower Intensity Step but for some reason I still found it too hard so I stopped. I was really tired this morning for some reason, though I did get a good nights sleep. We did a Costco run this afternoon and it was really busy but it is done now for a while.

Have a great day.

Cheryl Good job for trying to do Tabatacise and 4DS LIS! Sometimes the energy just isn't there. I have a love/hate relationship with Costco. Sometimes it is so busy I can't stand it! I am trying to give as many pears away as I can but I think I will still be left with quite a few.

This morning I did 4DS Lower Body and EBE1 Single Leg Burnout! I forgot how good the lower body is. You can really go heavy and there are no lowends!

Have a great day!
Cheryl Great job on RK and YR. I'm glad that you were able to visit your mom in the hospital, hopefully she won't have to be there too much longer. How nice to catch up with your old neighbors too.

Julie Great job on your wall/jog in Vietnam and YB. That is a lot of pears! Will you try to can some? I canned tomatoes once but then we hardly ate any of them. Great job on your heavy weight workout and getting all of your weekend stuff done so that you could enjoy a lazy day on Sunday Great job on 4DS B+B and yoga!

Cheryl Wow, trying to do Tabatacise when you are feeling so tired is very ambitious You were smart to listen to your body and stop.

Julie Great job on 4DS LB and SLB. I haven't done that lower body in a really long time, I'll have to pull it out again one of these days.

Sunday was my rest day and was a mostly lazy day. The foster who is keeping my kittens while we are gone came and picked them up on Sunday afternoon and it has felt so quiet with only our two cats in the house! Monday was LITE Metabolic Blast + the calorie crush and 6 pack abs. Then we had to go get Covid tests for our trip. It was a busy day as IU had lunch with friends and a hair appointment and a zoom meeting with the travel agent too. Luckily our results came back negative :). This morning was Step Blast step and weights premix. It does the 3 Step Blast combos and the weight work from SJP. Then we did few errands for the trip, got packed, and got things done around the house before our flight tonight. We'll be in NYC for the day tomorrow and then leave from there tomorrow night, so I probably will be MIA for the next three weeks. Have a great day.

Julie Great work on 4DS Lower Body and EBE1 Single Leg Burnout.

Pam I bet it was quiet with all of your fosters gone. Great job on LITE Metabolic Blast + Calorie Crush and 6 pack abs, Step Blast Step and Weights Premix. Enjoy your trip.

This morning I did P30 Lower Body then I went and got groceries. My mom called me to let me know she needs to go to rehab for her hip so she won't be going home for a while. I needed to go out and get a couple of things for her that she will need. I will drop everything off for her at the hospital tomorrow so she has it when she is transferred. Then I got all the housework done as I think this is the last day that I have to get it done.

Have a great day.

Pam Great job on LITE MB plus CC and 6 pack abs! Glad your results came back negative and you are getting things ready to go. Great job on SB step and weights premix! Have a wonderful trip!

Cheryl Great job on P30 LB! It is probably a good thing for her to get some rehab before being released just to be on the safe side.

This morning I did 4DS Chest Shoulders and Triceps and a walk/jog in Vietnam! My triceps were fried by the end.

Have a great day!
Julie Great job on 4DS Chest Shoulders and Triceps and your walk/jog in Vietnam. I bet your triceps were fried.

This morning I didn't have time to workout as I had an early morning meeting at work. After that I went out to my mom's place to take her car out for a spin and to pick up some clothes and things that she will need when she goes to rehab. I dropped them off to her at the hospital and visited for a bit. I went dragon boating this evening with another team as my coach asked me if I could come out to be the lead stroke for them as they don't have one at the moment. It was a really nice night though you could feel the fall air.

Have a great day.

Cheryl I bet your mom enjoyed seeing you. Hope your mom gets all settled into rehab. Great job on your dragon boating with a new team on such a nice night! Surprisingly my triceps are not too sore today but my calves are still super sore from Tuesdays Leg workout. I really need to do calves more often I guess.

This morning I did a couple of rounds of YB yoga and then did a ride in the Cayman Island. I am excited to be taking tomorrow off work and having a 4 day weekend.

Have a great weekend!
Julie Great job on YB yoga and your ride in the Cayman Islands. Enjoy your 4 day weekend.

This morning I did P30 Upper Body then I went to work. I went in because my Assistant Manager needed to take her daughter in for oral surgery. We got in 2 bonded kittens and 2 bonded cats today. I am hoping that it will be easy to adopt them out this weekend but we will see since it is a long weekend.


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