Strength in Numbers

Pam Great job on Imax and BM2 abs! I would live barefoot if I could. I sometimes hate putting on shoes.

Cheryl Great job on XTrain Legs and your dryland training session! Cleaning the carpets is no fun but I am sure you are glad it is done.

This morning I did S&S Bootcamp but the premix that left out the cardio and then did a bike ride in Tahiti. I how I wish I was actually there. I am taking tomorrow off work and I have a huge list to try to get through before my afternoon hair cut which I am super excited about since my hair is annoying me right now.

Have a great weekend!
Julie Great job on S&S Bootcamp and your bike ride in Tahiti. It would be nice to go somewhere exotic after the past year. Enjoy your weekend and getting your hair cut. I am like that too that I can't wait to get my hair cut especially when it is annoying me.

This morning I was going to do Step Blast but I was so sore after cleaning the carpets that I just did segments 1 and 2 of Stretch Max. It really helped the stiffness that I was feeling. Then I got some meal prepping done and some errands.

Have a great day.

Cheryl Great job on XTrain legs, your carpet cleaning, and your dryland training session!

Julie I hate wearing shoes too, but I've had to start because my feet were hurting so much. I got some slippers that have arch support and that has really helped. Great job on S&S bootcamp and your bike ride in Tahiti. Tahiti sounds magical! I hope you get some relaxation on your day off too!

Cheryl Great job on SM !&@ and listening to what your body needed!

Yesterday was a gorgeous day so DH and my friend and I went for a bike ride. It was absolutely perfect weather for it. My 4 princess kittens were spayed yesterday so Aurora and Ophelia will be leaving us soon. The new owner is so excited. The vet also told me that she thinks Tatiana has Cerebellar Hypoplasia which is a congenital condition that causes wobbliness. That is actually good news because although there is nothing that can be done about it, they have no pain and it doesn't affect their lifespan. She is as sweet as can be and looks pretty adorable with her wobbliness. This morning was Pyramid upper body. As always, I modified the planks quite a bit but I got through it. Have a great day!

Pam Good work on your bike ride and Pyramid Upper Body. The ab work on that one is hard so don't worry about having to modify. That is great that Aurora and Ophelia will be adopted soon. I find that cats with special needs get adopted out very fast, so I am sure that Tatiana will find a furever home soon.

So Friday I did XTrain Chest, Back and Shoulder. Saturday we got the dragon boat back into the water. It has been about 18 months since we have been on the water and it felt so good to paddle again. Work was really busy the last couple of days so I am glad just to sit back and relax now.

Have a great day.

Cheryl Great job on picking out a stretch to help with the soreness from carpet cleaning! Great job on XT CBS! Yea that is so awesome you were able to get the dragon boat in the water.

Pam Great job on your bike ride! That is great news about Aurora and Ophelia! Oh, sweet Tatiana and her wobbliness. That is good news that it won't affect her lifespan or quality of life. Great job on PUB!

Friday I did a run in Oregon and a Hatha yoga session! After that I did some meal prepping and cleaning. Saturday I did a strength workout and then did a walk with DH and more cleaning. Sunday was my lazy day but I did do a short walk with DH. This morning I did LITE SBSS UB and a Hatha yoga session!

Have a great day!
Cheryl Great job on XTrain CBS! That is fantastic that you were able to get the boat in the water. I know it had to have felt great.

Julie Great job on your run and yoga, as well and meal prepping and cleaning Great job on your strength workout, walks with DH and SSBSS UB and yoga!

Saturday I did a step circuit premix from Cathe's greatest hits. I liked this premix better than the regular greatest hits workout. It had the last 4 rounds of Imax 2 and all of the cardio rounds from Cardio and Weights and one of the upper body sections from each round. The only part I wasn't crazy about is that it also has the 8 rounds of sit up/push up combo. My abs were pretty sore from PUB the day before so I only did 7 rounds of the sit ups. Sunday was my rest day and this morning was Imax 4 and bonus abs 2. I hadn't done either of those in awhile so it was nice. Have a great day!

Pam Great job on your step circuit premix from GH! I have yet to do anything from that DVD. I don't know that I consider the su/pu combo a greatest hit! Great job on Imax 4 plus bonus abs 2!

This morning I did LITE: SBSS Lower Body plus the bonus abs 1 and Edge Booty Extreme Booty Blast. I know Cathe went lighter on the weights because it is an intermediate workout but it felt nice going heavier than her.

Have a great day!
Julie Good job on your run in Oregon and Hatha yoga, your strength workout, your walks with DH and LITE SBSS UB and Hatha yoga.

Pam Great work on your step circuit premix though for me the su/pu combo is not a greatest hit :p and Imax 4 and bonus abs 2.

Julie Great job on LITE SBSS Lower Body and bonus abs 1 and Edge Booty Extreme Booty Blast. I bet it felt nice to go heavier than Cathe.

Sunday I took as my day off but Monday morning I was really tired so I didn't do a workout but I did meet a friend that I hadn't seen for about a year and a half for a walk. Then after dinner a met a few of my dragon boat team for another walk. It has been really hot here so I think that is why I am so tired. This morning I was tired again but I made myself do ICE Metabolic Total Body. then I went and got groceries and then in the afternoon I went and got some plants to put out back. I made sure I did it while there was still shade back there otherwise it would have been too hot.

Have a great day.

Cheryl How fun to be able to get together for a walk with your friend and to be able to go again with your dragon boat team. Great job on ICE MTB! I'm sorry it has been so hot lately. It does feel like it got hotter sooner this year. Last week we had 100 degree heat indices but this week we are in the 70s so I am not sure what is going on.

This morning I did a run in Oregon and a hatha yoga session. This session had a wall supported headstand and I actually did it! I am far from being able to do it without a wall but I was proud I wasn't scared to try it.

Have a great day!
Julie It does seem like it got hot earlier this year. It looks like we are in for a very hot stretch. Great job on your run in Oregon and Hatha yoga. That is great that you could do a headstand, even doing it with a wall is amazing.

This morning I slept in and didn't get a chance to fit in a workout before I went to get my hair done. I was trying to let it go grey, but nope not happening, it just looked terrible. So I got my highlights and bob back. It looks so much better now. Then I planted the rest of the plants that I bought yesterday and then I went to the farmers market. I did get a lot of walking in so I guess that counts for something.

Have a great day.

Cheryl Walking definitely counts for something and I am sure you were squatting to plant the flowers.

This morning I did LITE PHA 2 and a ride in Tahiti. I am getting my second vaccine shot today. Hopefully I just have the sore arm and nothing else. I am also taking tomorrow off work although I do have to log on for a 2 hour meeting in the morning but that is it!

Have a great weekend!
Julie Great job on SBSS LB, Bonus abs, and EBEBB! I love it when I can go heavier than Cathe :) . Most of the Greatest hits are not in my list of greatest hits which is why I usually don't do that workout.

Cheryl The su/pu combo is definitely not something I consider a greatest hit either! How nice that you got to see your friend for a walk after such a long time and get out for a walk with your dragon boat team. Our weather has been really up and down. It seems like one week we are hotter than usual and the next week cooler. Great job on MTB and your planting.

Julie Great job on your run in Oregon and your yoga! Wow, I don't think I could do a headstand anymore, even against a wall. That is fantastic!

Cheryl I don't think I could let my hair go gray either. I have a couple of friends who have and they look great, but I think I would just look old. I think both your walking and your planting count as workouts!

Julie Great job on PHA 2 and your ride in Tahiti. I hope all goes well with your second shot and you Don't have any bad side effects!

I didn't realize I had been MIA for so long! Tuesday I did one of the Cardio portions from Low Impact Sweat and ICE Chisled upper body. Wednesday DH and I went for a bike ride. It was another perfect day for it because it wasn't too hot. This morning was Perfect 30 LI Hiit and Chisled lower body blast and ICY core 2. Now I have some yard work to do before a dentist appointment this afternoon. Have a great day!

Julie Good work on LITE PHA 2 and your ride in Tahiti. I hope you don't have a reaction to the shot. Enjoy your weekend.

Pam Great job on LIS and ICE Chiseled Upper Body, your bike ride with DH and P30 LI Hiit and Chiseled Lower Body Blast and ICY Core 2. I hope everything goes well at the dentist.

This morning I decided just to jump into the housework before it got too hot out. It is unusually hot here and the heat right now is doing me in. We are in for a heat wave this weekend and it will probably get up to around 100 degrees or more. I am not looking forward to it at all.

Have a great day.

Cheryl Great job getting the housework done before it got too hot. That is very hot! I hope it doesn't last too long.

This morning was Rockout Knockout and then I did a little bit of stretching on may own. It's an overcast day here so I may try to get some more yard work done while it isn't too hot and sunny, That or get a pedicure :). Have a great day.

Pam No worries on being MIA. Great job on LIS and ICE CUB! That is awesome that you had a nice day to go for a bike ride with your DH. Great job on P30 LI + CLB + icy core 2! Hope you got all your yard work done and still got your pedicure in. Great job on RK and adding extra stretching!

Cheryl That is so hot for early summer. I would assume it is outside the norm to get that high temps normally for your area even later in summer.

Friday I was a little tired and had a sore arm but I did get a run in Oregon and a Hatha yoga session. After that I did some meal prepping and ran some errands. Saturday I did a heavy weight session and some core work and some chores. Sunday was my lazy day but DH and I got a short walk in before the laziness set in. This morning I did the Timesaver from GS Chest & Triceps and a few rounds of YB yoga.

Have a great day!
Julie Great job on your run in Oregon and your yoga session, heavy weight, core work, GS Chest and Triceps and yoga! It's nice that you got a walk in before the laziest :) I'm glad to hear that you only had a sore arm from your shot too!

Saturday I took as my rest day and Sunday I did Hardcore Extreme Circuit and intervals. It really kicked my butt. Then the rest of the day was lazing at the pool. This morning was Lower Body Blast and I have a haircut appointment and some errands to run. Have a great day!

Pam Good work on Rockout Knockout. Lucky you to have an overcast day, I am jealous. I think the pedicure would be more fun.

Julie Yes this is not the norm here at all, we are not prepared for this kind of heat. Great job on your run in Oregon and Hatha yoga, your heavy weight session, your walk and the timesaver from GS Chest and Triceps and YB yoga. That is great that you didn't have a reaction to the vaccine except for a sore arm.

Pam Great work on Hardcore Extreme Circuit and Intervals and Lower Body Blast. Nice to have a pool to laze around.

So for me the only thing I have done is dragon boating on Saturday morning. Even at 8:30 in the morning it was really hot and it was so busy there. Yesterday the temperature was about 105 degrees and it really didn't cool down in the evening. It never gets that hot here and today is going to be even hotter. We can't find an air conditioner either all the stores are sold out. I haven't slept in days so I am like a walking zombie now. We did go with our friend and Zoey to a river that is very close to us so Zoey could go swimming. It was so crowded that it was hard to find space but the cold water felt so good. I think we are going to the mall today because they have air conditioning so it will give us a bit of a break. Too bad we can't take the cats there as they are suffering too.

Pam Great job on Hardcore Extreme Circuit & Intervals! Sounds like hanging around the pool was a great way to complete the day after that work out. Great job on LBB!

Cheryl I'm so sorry it is so miserably hot there. I hope you can continue to find places with air conditioning or cool water to get some relief. Your poor kitties too.

This morning I did Timesaver 2 from GS Legs and added on a 10 minute Booty Express from Edge Booty Extreme. Even though I only did the Timesaver from GS, it was still tough. I don't know how I have done the full program in the past before. Hopefully I can walk tomorrow.

Have a great day!
Cheryl I hope you get a break from the heat soon, The heat out there has been a big topic on our national news. It sounds like you are begin creative about ways to stay cool.

Julie Great job on GS legs and Booty Express. I hope your DOMS aren't too bad!

This morning was Afterburn Double Trouble premix. That is the only way I like to do that one ever since Julie told me about that premix. I do think it's harder though because the only reason it's shorter is because break times gets shortened. I'll be spending the day setting up a gaming computer, desk, chair, etc for a wish kid. It is going to be a surprise for him when he gets home from school :). Have a great day!

Pam Great job on AB DT premix! I like it that way too. It is a little harder due to shortened rest breaks but I like how some of the harder intervals aren't repeated after each other. What a fun wish, I hope he was surprised and like it!

This morning I did a run in Oregon and then a couple of rounds of YB yoga. I can't believe how hot it is out West. I saw a picture of someone's vinyl siding melting and buckling from the heat. So crazy!

Have a great day!

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