Strength in Numbers

Friday I left work early and took Layla to the vet. Good thing because she did have a minor bladder infection. Saturday I did BB Deadlift day and then chores. Sunday was my lazy day. This morning I did BB Squat day.

Pam Great job on Rock Em Sock Em with the BB! Oh wow that is late for them to show up to haul the UHaul with your mom’s stuff but I guess it gave you plenty of time to get it packed up and time to have fun skiing. Great job on Athletic Training!

Cheryl Wow I am impressed you did as much on Intensity as you did with poor sleep. The step portion is always the killer for me but the HI HiiT is not easy either. Great job on RK too!

Janie Great job on keeping up with your beach walks and TBS! I don’t think I could stop eating ice cream although lately I have been into strawberries and coconut whipped cream!

Have a great day!
Janie There is nothing better than perfect temperatures, clean fresh air, and walks on the beach. What a fantastic way to get your exercise!

Julie It's good that you got on top of Laylas bladder infection before it got too bad. Great job on B Deadlift and squat day.

This morning I did a 30 mile ride with my friends. We are thinking that we won't be riding the rest of the week because there is a 45 mile ride on Saturday. I haven't decided yet if I'm doing it or not because there is also a n adoption event that I should take my kittens to. I may ride Saturday and just do the adoption event on Sunday.....Have a great day!

This morning I did BB Bench Press. It was tough today because my wrist is acting up. I ordered a vertical mouse and wrist rest to use at work. Hopefully that helps with the carpal tunnel flaring up.

Pam Great job on your 30 mile bike ride! Wow a 45 mile bike event. I know you are up for it because your rock out those long rides.

Have a great day!
Julie Great job on BB benchpress. That's not good that your wrist is acting up. I hope that the vertical mouse and wrist rest help.

This morning was Power Hour, another one I hadn't done in ages. This is why I need a rotation, they force me to do other workouts. When I'm just deciding on my own what to do I tend to stick to the same ones over and over. Have a great day!

This morning I did Yoga. I was so tired when I got up but the yoga actually helped me not only feel stretched out but a little more energized. It’s crazy but there is a new healthy restaurant that opened near where I work and I am so excited because my team is going there today. Of course I get excited over food!

Pam Great job on PH! Wow I can’t even remember the last time I did that one. I am not even sure what my wrist problem is. I don’t have numbness which is supposed to happen when you have carpal tunnel. It just hurts the back of my wrist when I press down with my palm. Ugh!

Have a great day!
JulieGreat job on yoga. For me it seems like the days that I least want to work out turn out to help me feel a lot better. I get really excited over food too and I love trying new places. I hope it's great! Ugh is right on your wrist, I hope it's feeling better soon.

This morning the knitting group that I was doing scarves and bags with got together again to start crocheting snowflakes. The goal is to make 1000 snowflakes that will hang in the downtown area this winter. It sounds like a lot, but I finished 2 in the hour I was there this morning. After that I came home and did LIHI legs. Have a great day.

Janie Good for you in keeping up your walking and doing TBS. Ice cream tastes so good though to cut it out :p.

Pam Bummer that you didn't get a workout in but at least you got to go skiing. I hope your nephew didn't get too far before he had to turn around and go back home. Good job on Athletic Training.

Janie Good job on your long walk on the beach with Bizbee.

Julie Poor Layla I guess that was why she was peeing in the house. Hopefully she will get better soon. Good work on BB Deadlift day and BB Squat day.

Pam Good work on your 30 mile bike ride. With all the long rides you have been doing I am sure 45 miles will be easy for you. I like your idea of biking on Saturday and doing the adoption event on Sunday.

Julie Good job on BB Bench Press. I hope the vertical mouse will help you with your wrist issues.

Pam Great job on Power Hour. I haven't done that one in ages either. I am like you where I like to stick with the sames ones all the time.

Julie Good job on yoga when you were so tired. I hope you enjoyed the new healthy restaurant to you went to with your team.

Pam Wow 1000 snowflakes does sound like a lot but if you can make 2 in an hour it should be easy. That is a great idea to hang them in the downtown area. Good work on LIHI Legs.

Wow sorry that I have been MIA, the time has just flown by. Saturday I did Cardio Leg Blast and then we went out and visited my parents. Sunday I did Yoga Relax and then I went to the Farmer's Market. Monday I did FT Legs, Glutes and Core and in the evening I went dragon boating. Tuesday I did Afterburn, wow I hadn't done that one in a while. In the evening we went over to our friends place for a visit. This morning I didn't have much time in the morning so I did 4DS High Impact Step and then I went to the SPCA. It was busy there. We had 6 kittens, 6 cats, 2 rabbits and 2 rats so it kept the 2 of us busy for most of our shift. They last little bit we played with the kittens and spent some time with the cats.

Have a great day.

This morning I was so tired when the alarm went off. I decided to take a rest day and not work out. I am taking tomorrow off work and can sleep in so I probably didn’t have much of an excuse to skip my workout.

Pam Great job on LIHI Legs! 1000 snowflakes does sound like a lot but I bet you will have no trouble getting it done. The new restaurant was pretty good. They definitely had a big selection so you could keep coming back and trying new things. It is called CoreLife Eatery. There is actually one in Fayetteville, NC. Good luck on your 45 mile bike ride this Saturday.

Cheryl No worries on being MIA! Time can slip by so quickly sometimes especially when you are busy. Great job on CLB, YR, FT LGC, AB, and 4DS HIS. The new restaurant was good. Lots of healthy variety. Glad you got some time to play with the kittens after you were done working.

Have a great day!
Cheryl No worries about being MIA, it happens to all of us sometimes. Great job on CLB, YR, FT LGC, dragon boating, AB, 4DS HIS. Wow, that's a lot of stuff! I always get really bad glute DOMS after I do that one. I think it's those Dixie cup lunges,

Julie being too tired is a good enough excuse to skip a workout. I'm sure you'll get plenty in on the weekend. I haven't heard of CoreLife eatery, but it sounds good.

This morning I was supposed to do High Reps, but I didn't feel like it so I did Bootcamp instead. Have a great day!

This morning was Flex Train, another one I hadn't done in a long time. I had a terrible sleep, but the workout felt good. Have a great day!

Julie When you are so tired it is probably good to take a day off. I am sure you will make up for it this weekend.

Pam Good job on Bootcamp and Flex Train after your bad sleep.

Thursday morning I didn't get going early enough to do a full workout so I just did FS boxing Bootcamp just the cardio, then we went out to my parents and did some yard work for them and washed their car. Last night was dragon boating. This morning I was really feeling like I needed to stretch so I did Stretch Max segments 1 and 2. Then I got all the housework and laundry done. After that I got all my food prepped for our regatta tomorrow. I have to be up by 4 am and out the door no later than 5:15 am to get to Harrison Hot Springs. It is a drive of about 1 1/2 hours from our place. We will see how we do tomorrow, it is also suppose to be a hot one.

Have a great weekend.

Friday on my day off I did BB Deadlift day and added on some extra leg work since I skipped Thursday’s workout. Then I did chores around the house and somehow tweaked my lower right back muscle. Not majorly but enough that I decide to take Saturday and Sunday off from working out. This morning I was feeling much better. No back pain and no wrist pain. I resumed my Barbell Badness this morning with Squat Day week 8 and felt pretty strong. I am sure I will be feeling the DOMS tomorrow though.

Pam Great job on Bootcamp! I would enjoy that more than High Reps too! Great job on Flex Train too! Sorry about the terrible sleep. Did you end up doing your big bike ride this weekend?

Cheryl Great job on FS Boxing BC cardio! You did some extra working out with the yard work and car wash! Great job on SM 1 & 2 and listening to your body! Hope you had a great time at the regatta! Hopefully there was a good breeze coming off the water if it is hot out.

Have a great day!
Cheryl Great job on FS BBC, yard work, and the car wash, dragon boating and SM! You were sure busy with the housework and food prep too. 4 am is way too early to be getting up, I hope the regatta went well!

Julie Great job on BB deadlift day. Sorry you tweaked your back, but glad to hear that its feeling better now. Great job on BB Squats, don't you love it when you feel strong? We did get our ride in on Saturday and it went well.

Our ride Saturday morning ended up being just over 43 miles and it was the perfect day for it. It was overcast so it wasn't too hot. There were a lot of people there and they had 4 options 20 miles, 26 miles, 43 miles, or 60. I think we were the only people there who weren't on road bikes, so our pace was much slower than most people, but we had no problem doing the 43 miles. After that I mainly chilled and then went to a friends for dinner. I took yesterday as a rest day and I helped at the adoption event. It was really busy, and Shaggy got adopted pretty much as soon as I got there. I loved the family that adopted him too. This morning was Intensity and abs from LIC. I was really glad I got a good sleep last night with that on the calendar. My DH went to Florida for training and he's now certified to drive his car in races, so he was pretty happy about that. They are playing golf down there this morning and will be back tonight. Have a great day!

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Julie Good job on BB Deadlift day and your extra leg work. That sucks that you tweaked your back but glad that it was doing better today. Great work on BB Squat day day 8 and feeling strong.

Pam Good for you in doing your 43 mile ride. Nice that the weather cooperated too with not being too hot. Nice that Shaggy got adopted so quickly. Great job on Intensity and the abs from LIC. That is so cool that your DH can now drive his car in races.

So Saturday was a really fun day. It was an early start since I had to leave home no later than 5:30am to get to Harrison for 7am. Our team did really well. We won our first two races and came in second in our third race. With our times we were in the Women's Competitive final which is as high as you can get. Out of the 6 boats we came in 5th, not high enough for a medal but this was the best the team had ever done. So overall we were the 5th best womens team out of 27 teams there so we were really happy. This regatta brings in teams from all over British Columbia and Washington State so overall there were about 72 teams competing. I was really tired by the time I got home so I was in bed by 8:30pm and slept straight through to 6am. Sunday morning I did Yoga Relax because I needed to stretch and it felt really good. Then as it was DH birthday we went in the evening with our friends and my brother to Rib Fest which was just down the street from us. It was really crowded and DH and myself were the only ones who got ribs, our friends and my brother didn't because they ran out. I guess they under estimated the popularity of it. So they had to get fish and chips from a place in the park. Then we came back to our place from cake. This morning I did PRS #2 and tonight will be dragon boating.

Have a great day.

I'm still here. News is getting me upset and not doing what I'm suppose to be doing. But I am still walking the beach with Bizbee. You all seem fine and doing well to me. Very proud of you all.
This morning I did BB Bench Press. I was feeling really weak and couldn’t lift as much as last week. I am wondering if I used all my strength for squat day yesterday even though I was working upper body today.

Pam Great job on your 43 mile bike ride! One of my friend’s sister is biking across Iowa right now. It is 472 miles over 7 days. I would be dead. So happy for Shaggy going to a great home! Great job on Intensity + LIC abs! Oh wow, that sounds interesting for your DH to be racing cars. I would be so nervous it my DH did that.

Cheryl Wow! Your team had some really awesome finishes and finishing 5th overall with all those teams participating is amazing! I bet you gals are so proud of yourselves! I can imagine all that winning and excitement got you good and tired so you could sleep well. Great job on YR after that big day! Happy birthday to your DH! Bummer about them running out of ribs but at least there was something else to get nearby. Great job on PRS2!

Janie Great job on keeping up with your beach walks with Bizbee! So sorry the news is getting you upset. There is a lot going on that is scary right now.

Have a great day!
Janie Glad that you are still here and that you are getting your walks on the beach with Bizbee. Sorry that the news is getting you upset, there is a lot of crap going on in the world right now.

Julie Good job on BB Bench Press. Did you get a good nights sleep? That can sometimes zap your strength and energy too.

Last night i went dragon boating. It was hot out so we were glad that there was a bit of breeze off the water. This morning I started back at Twist Conditioning. It is the same 6 week program that I did with them last year. The owner of the gym had emailed me last week to see if I was interested. I figured what the heck I will do it again although I am taking a later class that doesn't start until 6:45am. Of course my first morning had assisted pull ups :eek:. Those are hard even if they are assisted. It is still really hot here and they are saying that it could get as high as 100 degrees by Sunday. I really hope not since I am struggling right now and it is only in the low 90s.

Have a great day.

I ended up getting to bed about 90 minutes later than usual last night. We were about ready to go to bed when we noticed Layla’s eye looked weird. It was all puffy and her third eyelid was covering most of the eyeball and she could barely keep it open. I tried looking in it to see if there was something in it but I couldn’t see anything. We decided to take her to the emergency vet which is 40 minutes away. They gave her some drops and told us to give her Benadryl if it starts to swell again. They think it was just allergies maybe. We already have an appointment this Saturday at our normal vet to get her bladder infection checked so they will also be able to check her eye too. It is looking so much better this morning. Despite getting less sleep, I was able to get up and do yoga this morning.

Cheryl LOL! A later class that doesn’t start till 6:45am! That is still pretty early for most people. Great job on your first TC class! Pullups (assisted or not) are definitely tough especially first thing in the morning. I still can’t do any unassisted and use my heaviest band for assisting. Oh wow I hope it doesn’t get that hot out for you.

Have a great day!
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Cheryl Congratulations on such strong finishes for your team on Saturday. That is fantastic getting 5th overall out of 27 teams, plus two firsts and a second. Wow! I bet you guys felt great after that! Great job on YR Sunday morning, that was a great follow up to your day of racing. What a bummer that they ran out of ribs at the rib fest. I think I'd be ok with fish and chips though :D Great job on PRS 2 also.

Janie Sorry that the news is upsetting you, hopefully your beach walks are helping with that.

Julie Great job on BB bench press. Isn't it strange how you can be so strong one day and so weak the next? So frustrating! I have heard about that ride across Iowa. I don't think I'm ready for something like that!

Cheryl Great job dragon boating and twist conditioning. I hate all pull ups, assisted or not! That sounds funny saying that it doesn't start until 6:45, that is still pretty early! Stay cool in all that heat!

Julie I hope that Laylas eye is still doing well. That is scary when they have eye problems. Hopefully it is just allergies and will be manageable. They must have gotten you into the vet pretty quickly if you were only 90 minutes late getting to bed with that long of a drive. Anytime I've had to go to an emergency vet it seems like the wait has been forever. Great job getting up and doing yoga despite the late and stressful night.

Yesterday my friend and I went for a 23 mile bike ride. It seemed really quick after our big ride on Saturday. Sophia and Audrey had their spay/microchip/shots yesterday, so they are ready for adoption now too. This morning I did X10 X52 which was LI, cardio blast, and fat burning, and the abs from ME. I should have checked the workout calendar though, because ME is on the calendar for tomorrow, but I can always skip the abs. Have a great day!

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This morning I was feeling really tired but I muddled through my BB Hip Thrust workout. This one isn’t too bad out of the 4 lifting days. Layla’s eye is back to normal but we have to keep giving the drops until we see the vet this Saturday.

Pam Great job on your 23 mile bike ride! I bet it did feel fast after that long ride. Great job on X10 X52 plus ME abs! Hmm … do you think you will be able to resist doing the abs again? I think we got lucky because we got to the emergency vet about 20 minutes after they opened so maybe most people who had emergencies were still able to get to their own vets.

Have a great day!

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