Strength in Numbers

Pam Good job on ICS LIS and the blizzard blast. Hopefully it dries out for you so you can have your cookout tonight.

This morning I had an email from my coach saying that there was room on a boat this morning if I wanted to go paddling so I did. There was a bit of rain but it wasn't too bad. It was nice to catch up with some people from my old team.

Cheryl, Great job on PLB. Time to make it through a workout sometimes is hectic. Also for doing your parents lawn. And for dragon boating. And also for doing PUB. Decreasing weight and listening to your body is key. Good for you! Always nice to paddle and catch up with people. I'm sure it was fun.

Pam, Try and find out if it's legal where you are. The benefits are amazing. If you are able to, please start with dosage very small. And from there decide if you need more or not. Great job on ICE LIS 1+2+the blizzard blast.

Today Bizbee and I walked the beach for over an hour. It was a beautiful day.

Take care my dear friends,

Janie Good walk on your walks on the beach with Bizbee.

I kind of farted the morning away so I didn't get any yoga in. Though I did go to the farmers market and in the afternoon I went for a walk.

Cheryl Nice that you got to go paddling with your old team! It did dry out for us on Saturday afternoon and we had a really nice time at the cookout.

Janie I will definitely look into the MaryJane oil. I am also thinking about looking into medicinal marijuana for my mom. I have read studies on it being beneficial for people with dementia, and I believe it is legal in Michigan. Great job on your nice Long Beach walks with Bizbee, I bet his heart was singing too.

Cheryl Sometimes you just have to fart some time away :p I need to get to the farmers market soon too.

Yesterday I didn't do a workout, but we did get a ski in. The storm on Saturday really cooled things off here for a couple of days, so we got to have dinner outside last night. That was really nice This morning my friends and I did a 22 mile ride It was great weather for it and there weren't too many people on the trail. Have a great day!

Pam, The CBD oil I take every night before I go to sleep, was mainly to prevent dementia/Alzheimer, but also relaxes me enough to fall asleep. At least most of time. Great benefits from this plant.

Always nice to see you skiing. Glad the storms are over and you were able to eat outside. HOW NICE! Love to bike with you for that long. 22 miles is amazing. Great job.

I have plans to do TBS and walking on beach. Just haven't done it yet. Wanted to talk about my experience with MaryJane.

Will talk later,

I had a great 5 day weekend but the first day back was super busy which is why I didn’t get a chance to post. I did do my BB workouts during my time off and yesterday and this morning.

Pam Great job on RWH CUB! How fun to have a pool party and get to show off all the kittens. Great job on SJP! Bummer about waking up with a summer cold but glad that you felt better after Cardio Kicks and B&G stability ball abs! I bet it was the guys in CK that helped you feel better. They always make me smile. Great job on ICE LIS 1 & 2 + BB! Our weekend was fabulous weather in the low 80s with hardly any humidity and a light breeze. Now we are back in the 90s with so much humidity it is almost suffocating.

Cheryl So glad it warmed up for you to have a nice night of dragon boating. I would find it hard to find things to eat as well. As long as you tolerate the coffee, I say keep drinking it. Great job on S&S RUUB! I think the walk was a perfect cardio add on. How cute trying to weigh the bunnies! Great job on PLB weights which is the more fun part of that one! Great job on PUB too! Every day is a new day. Sometimes you are a beast and sometimes just doing the motions is what matters. Glad you got to catch up with your old team and get a nice morning paddle session in too! It’s nice to “fart” away the morning sometimes.

Janie Great job on TBS and your hour walk on the beach! That sounds like the perfect 2 day combo. I completely understand the tired legs feeling. A 2 hour walk on the beach sounds perfect especially with Bizbee by your side. I’m loving that you are loving your walks with Bizbee on the beach! I bet he loves it too! Hope you were able to get a walk or TBS in yesterday.

Have a great day!
Janie Thanks for the info on the CB oil. I looked at it and you can't buy it here and they can't do mail order across state lines :confused: Maybe someday. I have really been enjoying the bike rides. It's nice to be outside and a nice change of pace from the dvd workouts.

Julie So glad that you enjoyed your 5 day weekend and had such wonderful weather for it. We had a couple of cooler days too but are bak up in the 90s again. Get job keeping up with your BB workouts while you were off work.

This morning was 4DS kickboxing. I hadn't done that one in ages so it was nice to change things up. I always wonder why she does such long warm ups on the short kickboxing workouts though. Then I had a dentist appointment, so my teeth are all nice and clean again. Have a great day!

Pam Good for you in getting some skiing in and doing your 22 mile bike ride. I am sure it felt good to have the weather cool down a bit and to be able to have dinner outside.

Julie I am glad that you had a great 5 day weekend. Good job on your BB workouts.

Pam Good job on 4DS Kickboxing. I hate the dentist but it is nice to have your teeth clean again.

Monday morning I did AOLIH and then I met up with a friend. In the evening I went dragon boating. It was a bit rainy but not too bad. This morning I did ICE Chiseled Upper Body and then I went and got my hair cut. Then we got some running around down in the afternoon.

Have a great day.

This morning I did yoga. Felt so good! I never thought I would say that about yoga but here I am.

Pam Great job on 4DS Kickboxing! I keep going back and forth on whether to go back to Cathe in 3-6 weeks when I am done with this powerlifting rotation or not. Especially when I see you and Cheryl post about workouts I miss. Love the fresh clean from the dentist feeling.

Cheryl Great job on AOLIH and dragon boating in the rain! Great job on ICE CUB too!

Have a great day!
Cheryl it was great to have the cooler weather but it didn’t last long, it was 96 today! . I hate going to the dentist too, but it’s good to be done for 6 months. Great job on AOLIH, dragon boating, and ICE CUB.

Julie Great job on yoga, I need to get there where I am enjoying yoga too. You always get me thinking I should be checking out some of these other workout programs. Cathe does have a lot of fun ones though!

This morning my friends and I did a 21 mile ride. It was a lot hotter and muggier than it was on Monday so it felt a lot harder. Then I did some running around and then went for a swim. Have a great day!

Julie Good job on yoga. It does feel good to get your body stretched out.

Pam 96 is hot, it was hot here today too but only in the 80s. Good work on your 21 mile bike ride when it was so hot and muggy. I bet the swim felt really good.

This morning I did ICE Chiseled Lower Body. Then I went to the SPCA and looked after the rats and rabbits. Then in the afternoon I went and got groceries.

Have a great day.

This morning I really wanted to stay in bed and snuggle Layla. She had a rough night last night. We are getting new internet service and they were laying the cable in our backyard making a lot of noise. She had her tail tucked and was trembling while they were there and I think it made her a little restless at night. But I got up anyway and did BB Hip Thrusts. Glad I did because I always am smiling when I am done working out.

Pam Great job on your 21 mile bike ride! I bet your swim felt wonderful after the hot muggy ride and your errands. We are going to have a hot and muggy next couple of days too. Dog days of summer are here.

Cheryl Great job on ICE CLB! Are the rabbits doing better or are they still on lockdown quarantine?

Have a great day!
Cheryl Great job on ICE CLB, I hope the rats and rabbits are doing well.

Julie Oh poor Layla, I hope she is doing better now. Great job getting up and doing BB hip thrusts anyway, glad that you were smiling when you were done!

This morning I did Muscle max. It seems like it's been a long time since I've done strictly a weight workout, so it felt good. I'm sure I'll be feeling it tomorrow. Have a great day!

This morning I did Cycle Max scrambled. So happy it is the weekend even if it is supposed to be miserably hot out.

Pam Great job on MM! Hope you can walk and move your arms today!

Have a great weekend!
Julie Great job on CM and Happy Weekend. Don't melt! Surprisingly I'm not really sore at all today. Maybe it will set in later...

This morning was Rock Em Sock Em kickbox plus the blizzard blast. I dropped the 4 kittens at the vet for their spay/neuter this morning and now I'm off to pick up a U Haul to load my moms furniture. Have a great day!

Julie Poor Layla I hope she is doing better. Good for you in getting up and doing BB Hip Thrusts and to be smiling afterwards :D. The rabbits are still quarantined but it is only a precaution. They have had their shots for the disease so they are up for adoption we are just being safe than sorry with the quarantine.

Pam Yes the rabbits and rats and all doing well. Good job on MM. It feels good to do a all weight workout when you haven't done one in a while.

Julie Good work on Cycle Max scrambled. Enjoy your weekend and try to stay cool.

Pam Good work on Rock Em Sock Em Kickbox and the blizzard blast. I hope everything goes well with the spay/neuter and loading up your mom's furniture.

So Thursday I didn't sleep well and I was really tired but I did Intensity although after the step part my legs didn't want anything to do with the High impact Hiit so I skipped that and just went to the low impact. In the evening I went dragon boating, it was hot out but at least it wasn't muggy. This morning I did Rockout Knockout and then got the laundry and vacuuming done.

Have a great weekend.

You all are doing so well, exercising, cardio...I'm still walking the beach and doing the next day TBS. I may have to change it up a bit and start on another DVD. Maybe like the Wedding Video. Will walk the beach everyday while weather lasts. Then on Monday start the next DVD. Can't wait! i just have to stop eating ice cream now. LOL!
Cheryl Wow Intensity after a lousy sleep, you are a maniac! Great job. Great job on dragon boating and RK too.

Janie Great job keeping up with your walks and TBS. Enjoy those walks. Hmm, stop eating ice cream? That doesn't sound like much fun. I just read that today is national ice cream day too. :rolleyes:

We ended up waiting until yesterday morning to pack up the UHaul, so I didn't do a workout. Then we found out that my nephew hadn't even left Charleston yet at noon, so we went for a ski. They didn't end up getting here until 10 pm last night because they had a problem and had to turn around and go bak home at one point. They stayed here last night and then headed up this morning. Then I did Athletic Training, another one that I haven't done in a long time. Have a great day!

Pam, Skiing is the same as a workout to me. Good job and FUN too! Great job on Athletic Training.

Bizbee and I did a little longer walk on the beach this morning. Beautiful days are perfect for those kinds of walks. Clean fresh air and perfect temperatures. It doesn't get better than this.

Take care people and enjoy your surroundings,


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