Squeeze DVD w/ Tracey Effinger - Pilates/Yoga/Ballet/Res Training & Squeeze Workout


RE: Squeeze DVD w/ Tracey Effinger - Pilates/Yoga/Balle...


I have a Power Rangers rubber ball of my nephews that I use and it works prefectly. It's solid and the right size. Just look for something like that. Something that kids might use for kickball. That's about the size you're looking for.


RE: Squeeze DVD w/ Tracey Effinger - Pilates/Yoga/Balle...

A kickball, as stated above, is exactly what you need. I use the ball that came with Fluidity.

Cathy :)


I love The Squeeze. I have done 3 workouts and I can already see and feel the difference. My goal is the Full Workout (60min) 1 time a week, the Power Squeeze (30min) twice a week. I would like to start adding some Custom exercises also. When I did the Full Workout my whole upper body was sore. It works the whole body, but very intense on the arms, back, and waist. The Power Squeeze seems to work the lower body more, so I was sore lower body.
I will buy the Callanetics when the new version comes out. I will do a rotation with Callanetics, Squeeze and Aerobics/Toning.

Billie TX


I too, have fallen to the pressure of the forum. (Or is it the wisdom?) I have ordered the SQUEEZE! I had the old callenetics book years ago and really like the moves. I am really interested in how it will affect my legs as they tend to bulk very easily. Thanks for all the input!



I ordered it too.... I do have to say - I received a personal email back from Tracey thanking me for my order... pretty cool and makes me look forward to trying it even more.

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