Squeeze DVD w/ Tracey Effinger - Pilates/Yoga/Ballet/Res Training & Squeeze Workout

Hi Ladies -

I just rec'd this and tried the Power Squeeze 30" premix this morning.
My legs were already toast (from running/Barry's/Lotte Berk/Fluidity) and Squeeze was hard. I couldn't even do all the reps (however, I've not been doing Lotte/Fluidity too long). This was described over at VF as Lotte Berk on steroids and I'd have to agree. Some VFers have emailed Tracey with feedback and requested more workouts. I'll be doing the same. It is really good. She does total body in an hour. The ab work and leg work uses a ball. If you did this 3 times a week with your Cathe's.....I think you'd be in awesome shape! This is a perfect workout if you wanted to try Fluidity but don't want to spend the money. I think it would produce similar results. It has a 30 minute premix called Power Squeeze and the 60" version.

If anyone else has it or knows of Tracy - let me know what you think of her. I recently started doing Fluidity/Lotte Berk and Bar Method in addition to my regular training routine and I think my thighs are getting smaller and more defined (however, not sure and finally measured them today).

I was frustrated after doing a long leg rotation with weights where I tried working my legs 3 times a week to blast my problem area (since I carry my weight from the waist down). This did not yield the desirable results for me, so now I've lightened my lifting for my legs just a bit and added in Fluidity/Lotte/Bar Method, etc about 3 times a week and I'm pretty sure I'm getting more compact in the lower half. I am going to continue this for a while. This is a good DVD if you have been curious about Fluidity like or Lotte Berk type of workouts.
Hi Lora,
Glad to see you are getting results going a different way than heavy weights. I'm finding out the same thing. I know how hard you were working on it. Question, does "Squeeze" require a barre of any kind?

Thanks for the info.

No -- just a ball she uses to squeeze between her thighs when working abs, butt and legs. I'm feeling a bit sore in my abs and I usually use a 10 pound DB or so and hardly ever get sore any more. I didn't even use weight, just the ball. I imagine if I'd done the entire 60", I'd be hobbling around tomorrow!

No barre required but a lot of the moves are very similar to Fluidity or Lotte Berk.
Thanks, Lora. Thanks for the info. I sure respect your opinions of workouts and look forward to your reviews. You've always given me good advice! I'm going to order Squeeze.

Netta - Have you ever done any Bar Method, Lotte Berk, or Iballet workouts? I don't have an MP3 player but the Iballets are pretty good with Grace Lazenby also.

When did you discover your legs aren't doing well with heavier weights?

(now I'm nervous cuz you said you're getting this. I hope I'm not just a wimp when it comes to leg work! ....if you get used to the leg work in it, I'd just repeat the segments to make it harder. Since it has upper body in it also, the only thing that would make a better future workout is double the leg work in the original. We've already let Tracy know we want a Killer Premix or workout!! :) )

Get this one - I was reading in a fitness magazine today ....in an article by David Kirsch top NYC trainer to the Stars (whom I respect and have read his books and have a couple of his workouts), described Heidi Klum as a "pear" shaped woman! I almost died. I've always realized I carry more fat on my lower body and zero fat from my waist up, but I never really considered myself a "traditional" pear, as I thought a pear was a person whose lower half was out of proportion to their top. I guess I'm WRONG!!! Go figure. Heidi Klum does not look like a pear to me! He said when she gains, that's where she gains and she does a lot of zeroed in training on that area, as well as running, ellipitcal to blast fat.
Hi Lora,

I discovered that during P90X which has pretty much zero weighted leg work that my legs got smaller, not a lot, but they did get smaller. Also when I do Slim Series, they get smaller too. I've never tried any Bar Method, Lotta Berk or Iballet workouts. I'm interested in the Iballets. I'm not sure how you get them. Are they a downloadable workout that you pay a monthly subscription for? I'll have to do a search.

Don't worry about recommending anything for me. Actually, I like a lot of different things and different intensities. I'm more worried if something has lots of impact or is too killer of a workout cardiowise. Then it becomes a dread thing.

I'm definitely a pear, but have decided if my legs were longer, I'd look more in proportion. Guess that's not going to happen, but I'd pay good money to have longer legs LOL!

Netta - I hear you on the longer legs thing. My torso is long and I've always wished my legs were longer instead. I'm 5'7" but my legs aren't exactly long!! We're never happy with what we have, are we? Just like the curly hair ...straight hair thing!! LOL.

I ballet's are available on itrain's site. I never got one, as I don't have an MP3 player and I doubt having one in the near future. That and a phone line as my computer modem basically makes it impossible for me to download anything anyway - plus my computer is on it's last leg.

Someone at VF was nice enough to send me a couple burned copies of Iballet to try cuz she swears by them. I had only started doing Fluidity (which I bought off of Ebay ....one at a time....no bar) and I had done Lotte Berk's in the past, but Lotte's are more beginner level. I did a 45 minute Iballet with Grace and it was pretty killer. I don't use it that often, as I find it hard to find that amount of time, so I usually just do a shorter Lotte Berk blast, Fluidity, etc.

I suppose I should focus a whole workout on that type of training rather than add on, but I never want to give up another component of training, whether it be cardio, yoga, or weights! LOL. I'm sure you can relate.

It was good talking to you. I miss you checking in at Hardcore. I might do a P90X rotation at the end of the Summer and maybe you can join me! I suppose all of this chatting could have taken place via PM! sorry everyone..........guess not many peeps on Cathe's Forum are all that interested in the title of this thread. I'm glad you clicked on it, as I really think you will see some improvement in your legs from this type of training. I used to read and read endlessly about this type of training, but I'm so hard-headed and never took the time to try it......but after that last REALLy hard leg rotation I did, I got so discouraged when my legs didn't do what I expected. Now, for the first time the other day, I swear I can see a bit more of my inner thigh sweep definition and definition at the very top of the inner thighs and my legs look smaller right above my knee cap......as well as my jeans have been fitting slightly loser in the lower glutes. These exercises really zero in on that lower glute, outer and inner thigh!

I love the pulse downs with ball between your legs in plie position on your toes and then you do them with pelvic tilts while squeezing the ball with your legs. She also does an exercise called the Pretzel.....seated, legs both bent and pointed back......you lift the bottom leg off the ground and pulse (sort of like doing an arabesque on the floor). Tracy then has you lift pulse and then push back so it really targets the lower glute, and outer lower glute.

Some of the ab/butt exercises are done with your legs up on the wall and the ball between your knees. You squeeze the ball and do glute squeezes, etc. Ab work is done with the ball between your legs squeezing it and it was pretty effective. I was impressed and no ab work usually impresses me any more! Lotte's ab work really gets in their differently, but because they are beginner, it's never enough for me. Tracy's was pretty good.

For the upper body, you do things like pushups, tricep dips and then a lot of tricep/shoulder work - pulsing with very light DBs and high reps. I haven't tried that part yet and due to my shoulder/cervical injury, will have to modify parts of the upper body, but I mostly got this for the ab/butt/leg work.

Please let me know how you like it when you get it. I know $29.95 is sort of steep for 1 DVD, but I really think it's worth it.

The artsy way that it's shot sort of reminds me of Cindy Crawford's MTV workouts she had a while back. The music is not bad either.

Please make sure to email Tracy with comments after you try it so she makes more workouts! She has a "get down to business" aire about her and she's not annoying at all. She's professional and works hard. I think most Cathe fans will find her very likable! She's not stick skinny either, but has nice flat abs...etc.
RE: Squeeze DVD w/ Tracey Effinger - Pilates/Yoga/Balle...

Thanks Lora,

I was just about to post to ask about the Iballet/IScupt workout, I was wondering if if is hard to follow? Now you post this, looks like another "must have" ;-) !

If it isn't bad enough, I just ordered Barry's Bootcamp and I ordered the Fluidity Barre, a few weeks ago. I must say, I am loving it! Thanks for your advice with that one too. OMG, this forum is costing me so much money! Are we all crazy or what?:eek:

RE: Squeeze DVD w/ Tracey Effinger - Pilates/Yoga/Balle...

Katrina - It was not hard to follow for me. The site has PDF files you print out that has a picture of the poses. The person that burned my copy sent me one of these. I probably would have been okay without it, as I took ballet in my childhood for several years.....but the pic's were quite handy to have out on the floor next to me. Other items she used was a dowel and ball. I really liked Grace and the music was really good. Sort of hip/hop vibe. I enjoyed the one I did. I would say --- go for it! Have fun with Barry's ..........I am currently getting my butt kicked by the those and Fluidity type workouts. I think you will be happy with your purchases! I wish I could have afforded Fluidity with the bar, but I am not working right now and shouldn't have even bought them off of Ebay for what I paid!!!
RE: Squeeze DVD w/ Tracey Effinger - Pilates/Yoga/Balle...

Thanks again Lora for all of the details and the handout sounds very helpful. I think I'll go ahead and try it out. I'll keep you posted.

RE: Squeeze DVD w/ Tracey Effinger - Pilates/Yoga/Balle...

Lora- You are going to get me into trouble! I already am running out of room for my workout videos! Now you are talking me into another one! I am also one of those on the taller side (5'8"), but don't really have long legs to proportion the booty out! I have notices a thinning of the legs and stuff lately, but only because it's been an "all over" effort. I have never heard of this trainer, but I am totally going to look into her!

RE: Squeeze DVD w/ Tracey Effinger - Pilates/Yoga/Balle...

I stand by my original review of this. I was reading VF yesterday and there was only 1 person who didn't like Tracy and thought the workout was easy (as far as what I read). I got a little worried after that comment since I recommended it for everyone.

I did Power Squeeze abs/legs/butt after Cardio Coach & Kickboxing this morning (and before yoga - by the point I couldn't even hardly finish) and it was even harder today, as I was able to concentrate on form and squeezing the ball harder today. My lower abs feel it already. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the ab work in this. Squeezing the ball is particularly effective for me. Maybe cuz it's new to me or maybe just downright effective.

The one person mentioned above also didn't like Tracy....said she made a few abrasive comments.....but I haven't noticed that yet??
RE: Squeeze DVD w/ Tracey Effinger - Pilates/Yoga/Balle...

okay........I'm not thru yet -- Today, while working out, I noticed my legs are really looking more defined above the kneecap where I've always wanted thinner legs. This is the first time I've ever noticed this! It is especially noticeable during movement.....as is the definition in my quads. I haven't looked at my backside lately (LOL), but since I've got a nice round butt.....I'll wait for a while before I peek back there. My DH smacked me on the butt (HARD) the other day. I said OUCH......you hurt me -- to which he replied "I thought there was more padding back there"..........so maybe he knows something I don't know.

I can't believe it took me this long to figure out this is what my legs like. I think I will continue with weighted leg work/traditional floor work but keep my weights sort of light and try to do this method at least 3 times a week...............yay for results! I guess I really am a "pear" shape even though I never thought I was cuz I'm not really out of proportion, but just carry more fat from the waist down. Bellybutton up is practically without hardly any fat!!
RE: Squeeze DVD w/ Tracey Effinger - Pilates/Yoga/Balle...

Hi Lora and ladies,

Thank you for recommending this workout! I did the full body workout today and all I can say is OUCH! You are so right by saying anyone who is interested in Fluidity "like" workouts should try this! To tell you the truth, this offers more options and it's cheaper. I did use my Fluidity Barre for some of the moves in the workout and it goes very nicely with the workout. I plan to alternate this with my Fluidity workouts about three times a week. I like the fact that it borrows from several different disciplines and it moves quickly.

Thanks again for the tip,

RE: Squeeze DVD w/ Tracey Effinger - Pilates/Yoga/Balle...

I was reading this thread and thinking of buying this DVD! I am now doing Cathe's May rotaion, so how could I incorporate Squeeze without neglecting my original rotation? Any thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks!
RE: Squeeze DVD w/ Tracey Effinger - Pilates/Yoga/Balle...

Ann - sorry ....no good advice for you. I'm currently not employed, so I've just been doing it extra on top of my current Cathe rotation. I have no idea how I'm going to fit everything in once I find a job!! I do yoga, weights, cardio and now Lotte/Berk/Squeeze and I want to start adding Pilates in too!
RE: Squeeze DVD w/ Tracey Effinger - Pilates/Yoga/Balle...


You sound like me when I finally discovered these type of workouts a few years ago. I started with Callanetics and then got the Bar Method and Berk Method when they came out. Bar/Berk were never favorites of mine because they were nothing intensity wise compared to Callanetics. I still love Callanetics because it does have some different exercises than Squeeze, but Squeeze it currently my favorite workout. I've been doing it several times a week and am loving the results. I never had the lean look I was longing for when I was lifting heavy. Now I incorporate the two with a little Jari, Slim Series, and Barry's Bootcamp thrown in and I love what this rotation has done for my body.

If you really like these type of workouts there is supposed to be a new Callanetics workout coming out sometime this month. Amazon will be selling it sometime early summer (sounds like sometime in June). This workout sounds like it's going to be tough as well. They were describing the way they do pushups Callanetics style and it sounds grueling but great.:)
RE: Squeeze DVD w/ Tracey Effinger - Pilates/Yoga/Balle...

I just received Squeeze while in the tail end of my P90X rotation. I've been doing the Power Squeeze (shorter workout), lower body premix (someone created this - it's not a premix) and individual segments of my choice (abs or a particularly tough inner thigh segment) as add-ons a few days a week. I have not done the full body workout yet but will once the X is through. I absolutely LOVE this DVD and the great burn I'm getting!

~Cathy :)

>I was reading this thread and thinking of buying this DVD! I
>am now doing Cathe's May rotaion, so how could I incorporate
>Squeeze without neglecting my original rotation? Any thoughts
>would be appreciated! Thanks!
RE: Squeeze DVD w/ Tracey Effinger - Pilates/Yoga/Balle...

Thank you so much for the information -- I am looking for a fresh, fun, and effective video.

I get frustrated waiting so long for a new Cathe video series....I wish S&M would announce more info on Cathe's new series and permit us to preorder.

Even though ballet was never my strength when I took lessons, it sure does great things for the body.

I like basic Yoga well enough.

I've never done any Pilates beyond what few Cathe has in her videos....like the hundreds in Cardio & Weights.

And the Firm had hundreds in their Better Buns. Jennifer Peluso is a Pilates instructor and left South Carolina to move to Los Angeles to open her own Pilates studio.

What is a rubber playground ball? Is that like a medicine ball?

I saw the Behind The Scenes and Tracy is wearing the exact Nike Cardio Pants I own. But she looks way better in hers than I do in mine!

Anyway, thanks so much for the info -- looks like I'll be making Squeeze my next fitness DVD purchase.



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