Hey guys...I am looking for some help to put together a rotation of my cathe dvd's for weight/fat loss. I am 5ft 5.5inches and at 215 pounds. I am eating clean now and want to step up my game with my workouts and do a rotation that helps me. Here are the workouts I have...
2. Bootcamp
3. Low impact circuit
4. BM2
5. Drill Max
6. IMAX3
7. Slide n glide
8. Pyramid upper and lower
9. Muscle endurance
10. Leg and glutes
11. Butts n guts
12. HIIT
I also have 3 Jari Love dvds and like her as well
1. Ripped to the core
2. Ripped and chisled
3. Ripped 1000

Cathe is my absolute fav but I do like Jari as well. Please help me figure out a great rotation for these...I am doing the best I can but just wondered what you with more expertise would suggest. Thanks and have a great day.


Hello! What I started to do was go through all of the threads and posts in this forum and check which rotations included my dvds. If you like one of the rotations, but do not have a particular dvd, just substitute with an equal cardio or weight training one. Over time, I purchased the dvds that were listed in certain rotations I was interested in. There are so many wonderful rotations by Cathe and other very experienced enthusiasts here! Good luck!


Hi there!

Welcome here :).

Check out this Cathe rotation:

This focuses on fat loss. You have some of the workouts, which is great. For the ones you don't have, you can always substitute what's on you list. I can try to help you here:

steady state run = KPC, Slide & Glide cardio portion only

STS Total Body, Muscle Max = any total body weight training workout

Intensity, Cardio Core Circuit = Imax3

Athletic Step = step portion only of BM2 (50min), or cardio only of GR1000

Lower Body Blast = any lower body weight training

High Reps = any Jari Love total body weight training or Muscle Endurance

If you did want to purchase a few more for your collection, I would suggest Low Max (which is on the rotation), Imax2 (it's just so fun!) and Muscle Max (heavier weights, less reps). Hope this helps!

Good luck and take care,



Hello Fourmommy:

Without knowing your fitness level I created a beginner rotation that varies in intensity from day to day and from week to week.

Let me know what you think and how it goes.

Week One:
M- Pyramid Upper - pyramid up premix
T – Slide & Glide – standing only
W – KPC –premix#2 kicking& punching drills
Th – Pyramid Lower - pyramid up premix
Fr- LIC – lower body circuit premix
Sa – 20 min walk in morning and 20 min walk evening
Sun – Off

Week Two-
M – Muscle Endurance - upper body split premix
T – Boot Camp – cardio only premix
W – Boot Camp – Kickbox+core only premix +20 min walk
Th – Muscle Endurance – Lower body split premix
F- Off
Sa- Boot Camp - all
Sun 20 min walk in the morning, 20 minute walk in the evening

Week Three
M – Drill Max – drills 1 -3
T – Drill Max – drills 4-6
W – 25 min walk in the morning, 25 min walk in the evening
Th – KPC – Blocks & Kicks premix
Fr- Leg& Glutes – Standing leg work premix (39min) + 25 min walk
Sa- LIC- Upper body sculpt premix
Sun – off

Week Four –
M – Imax 3 – cardio only premix
T – Ripped & Chisled
W – 30 min morning walk, 30 minute evening walk
Th – Butts and Guts – Premix #1 Glutes &Abs
Fr –KPC – Kicking and Punching drills
Sat – BM2 – cardio only premix#6
Sun - Off

**Edited week two** Bootcamp. :D
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Thanks so much

WOW ya'll....thanks so much!!! This all looks great and will get me off to a great start!! Thanks for the link to the fat loss rotation and for making me a rotation. You guys are the best!!

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