Road Trip promo video from YouTube


It really looks like a LOT of fun and a little work thrown in there - ;)
ahhh - maybe next year....:)


Be sure to take Monday off to recover:p No seriously :eek:

I'm taking a side trip into Pennsylvania after the RT to meet an online friend in person. We are already planning to spend the first day getting acquainted at a day spa. You can bet a massage is in the schedule.
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Jolene, it was fun to watch the clip, but..... I have been mostly avoiding all the road trip stuff this year, since I'm not going, and I've been fine about not going.... until I saw this clip!!! I will have to live vicariously. Hope you all have a great time!!



The video certainly got me re-excited about the RT. I'm thinking I'll have to start saving my pennies and practicing my computer skills early though, with all the people I want to meet saying "next year..."


This has me soooooooooooooooo excited!!!!!! Please make me stop eating junk!
Thanks for posting this! I'm getting so impatient.:p
Looking forward to meeting you. See you in 7 1/2 weeks!!!!


So Excited!!!

OMG!! I'm practically jumping out of my skin with anticipation!! I can't wait to meet you all, meet Cathe, see her gym, and workout!!! I hope June and July fly by, but not too fast as I need to get my lower back a little bit better to some of those shuffle drills I saw in the video footage!! :)

See you all in 7 1/2 weeks!! WOO HOO!!

Lisa :)


Doesn't that get you so excited?! I've watched it at least three times, and posted it to Facebook - a lot of my friends are now interested in Cathe, which is awesome! Bring em on! the more the merrier :)


that was fun!!!

OMG! I was there also,I;m so exited I can't wait to be there again that was soooooo much fun!!! I'm so thankful that this year I'm going to make it.
I can wait to see and meet everyone... Last year we made friends Veronica and Monica!!!
So sad there not coming this year, I will miss you girls....
see you soon..


That was so cool!! I saw me in there 3x's!! What great memories. Wish I was going again now :confused:

Have fun you guys - it will be a blast!


Wow! That video clip sure brought back some great memories.

Can you believe RT 2009 is only 7+ weeks away?


Woo!! Just catching up on Forum chatter after being away for a few days (Punta Cana - AMAZING trip I must say) and am so excited for my NEXT trip to the RT this year!! And I'm secretly way excited that my sister and I made the cut into the RT video from last year ;) Yay us! Can't wait everyone!!!

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