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  • Hi Jolene I saw in your ask Cathe post that you're doing the group kick training. I'm group kick certified and if you have any questions you can contact me at You and your sister will definately kick butt! BTW I met you both at the 2008 Cathe road trip. Good Luck, Kristin
    Hi! I see that your sister was on the birthday calendar for today so a Happy Birthday is in order for you as well. Hope you're having a great day!
    Hi Jolene_hajj! I was at the August RT and was told by several of the Cathe gang that they thought I was at the July trip. I was a part of a group of triplets? Hmmm... I explained, no I wasn't but was assured that I looked like one of the triplets and had the same haircut and all..... I think I figured out who they were talking about! Giggle.. Saw your post under the STS board, you mentioned a sister and looked at your photos. Nice to finally meet you! Giggle....

    I'd LOVE to be your friend! It was so great to meet you & your sis. I so hope you can convince your other sis to come along next time. I have a feeling there would be a prize for TRIPLETS! Ha! Thanks for requesting! Deb (who just got back from vacation and is chin-high in laundry! Uuugh, but we had so much fun!) Stay in touch. HUGS!
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