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  • Hi Jolene I saw in your ask Cathe post that you're doing the group kick training. I'm group kick certified and if you have any questions you can contact me at [email protected]. You and your sister will definately kick butt! BTW I met you both at the 2008 Cathe road trip. Good Luck, Kristin
    Hi! I see that your sister was on the birthday calendar for today so a Happy Birthday is in order for you as well. Hope you're having a great day!
    Hi Jolene_hajj! I was at the August RT and was told by several of the Cathe gang that they thought I was at the July trip. I was a part of a group of triplets? Hmmm... I explained, no I wasn't but was assured that I looked like one of the triplets and had the same haircut and all..... I think I figured out who they were talking about! Giggle.. Saw your post under the STS board, you mentioned a sister and looked at your photos. Nice to finally meet you! Giggle....

    I'd LOVE to be your friend! It was so great to meet you & your sis. I so hope you can convince your other sis to come along next time. I have a feeling there would be a prize for TRIPLETS! Ha! Thanks for requesting! Deb (who just got back from vacation and is chin-high in laundry! Uuugh, but we had so much fun!) Stay in touch. HUGS!
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