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Another winner for me that I know I will be using often. This is such an awesome selection of exercises using the pyramid system. I really felt each in my glutes & I'm sure I will be sore tomorrow:) On the step ups I was thinking I probably could of gone up 1 increment strength wise, but the entire workout is very aerobic in the sense that your heart rate will be up. The pace is slightly slower which I loved because I could concentrate on going deeper & really using that mind to muscle to feel the work...and also because I was winded at times. I love Cathe's comment "don't rush the progress, don't rush the challenge". I'm so glad I didn't go up in weight for anything because it was perfect & I probably wouldn't of been able to finish all the sets. Towards the end, after the deadlifts, my back was getting a little sore (my issue), so I actually didn't complete all the calf sets & just went to the stretch which felt really good. This is another perfect amount of time with solid lower body work - thank you again Cathe for continuing to design such amazing programs for all of us!!!


Thanks BlakKat for the review , hope your not too sore tomorrow !
It is good to feel the work, and I am glad to hear the pace is slightly slower so we can feel that conection. Will stick to the weights Cathe is using, thanks for the heads up ! How many calf sets are at the end and are they straight or toes in or pointed out variations ?
Thanks :)


Hi Bubachick! I'm not sure about the calf section since I didn't do it, but it looked like it was just straight calf raises using the pyramind system. So, a set of 12 reps w/lightest weight, 10 sets w/middle weight & 8 sets of w/heaviest weight, then back down pyramid. Enjoy!


Oh my !!!
That's a lot of calf raises , what weight if any is Cathe using ?
Thank you Tigger lite !
My husband told me we got an e-mail that a package cleared the border on Friday
Hope it's my Cathe dvd's. :D:)


This is a great workout, only did it once, so I'm expecting my great to go to *fantastic*. Doing upper and lower together with abs...I got a great burn from it, more then I expected. The sequence is good, but I think when I do this several more times, I'll get it to flow better for me. I'm super careful about my lower back, and usually sub-out straight deadlifts to kettlebell suitcase lifts, or use my squat machine, or do kettlebell swings. I've also learned that doing a one-legged deadlift with an elevated back leg really works for me. Good grief the music, sooo good!

aqua girl

Love Pyramid Pump too! I did my own little dvd mix using both lower and moving
To upper doing one set from each segment I picked. It was great. I especially
Like the calf raises that Cathe added to this one as well as one exercise in the
Metabolic Blast. A lot of times calf work isn't included, so this makes these
Workouts so well rounded! So many new moves and different ways of doing them.
Time flies by! I like all the warmups & stretches so far as well. Still have a few more to get too.


Wow!!! This is an awesome workout. I was a sweaty mess. :) I attempted to do it as scheduled on the rotation but due to time constraints and starting to feel fatigue, I did legs, back and biceps and that was more than enough. I was feeling my glutes as soon as the workout was over. This was my first time doing this workout, so it took me some time making the transitions, for the upper body portion. Not sure if I would do upper and lower together in the future. I love having that option but i think I need to focus on either lower or upper body during one session. However, I love this workout. Thanks Cathe, loving this series.
On the step ups I was thinking I probably could of gone up 1 increment strength wise, but the entire workout is very aerobic in the sense that your heart rate will be up.

@BlakKat .I have not ordered the bonus but I am considering adding it later. Are the step up done with barbell
as on the original pyramid. Could you please compare this new pyramid to the old one. Which one do you like best?
Wow! Wickedly wonderful workout. :) Did the full body Pyramid Pump and pumped I was! I used weights quite a bit heavier than Cathe which meant I sometimes took a breather between sets but that's okay as I wanted more strength than cardio benefits from the program. The transitions are quick which kept my heart rate up anyway.

So glad I decided to purchase this extra DVD. The premix selection is absolutely amazing! I don't think I will ever tire of this one - results based and adaptable.
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Could you please compare this new pyramid to the old one. Which one do you like best?

I was delighted to find that it is very different from the original pyramid - almost all new exercises selected! This is a great compliment to the original, IMO. Pyramid Pump uses a sliding device for many lower body moves, whereas the original has your foundational moves such as squats and lunges with a barbell. So I think it is really important to continue to use both within a rotation. When used together you get the full pyramid experience!
@Jane Power-Grimm ,

Thanks for answering my question. I am glad to know the new pyramid offer new exercices.
Cathe always deliver we both know. I recall thinking twice before stepping up with barbell during
the original pyramid. Few seconds up on the air lol:D I realised what muscle the move was targetting.
My glutes said hello within seconds, right in the middle. I good to have variety:p


@nckfitheart2009 I agree with Jane Power-Grimm exactly what she said. I prefer this new one mostly because there are days I just don't feel like getting the Barbell out, esp in pyramid style where it involves changing the weight back & forth often so I didn't reach for the old one as often. Even though it has important classic exercises, I get bored just doing them. Since this one uses dumbbells, I was able to keep up with Cathe's pace and feel the cardio & the strength benefit and I enjoyed the new exercises which give me a refreshed spark:)

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