Pyramid full body premix


I really like the Pyramid w/o's but have always done either UB or LB. I never tried the full body premix until yesterday. I was afraid it would be too long and too exhausting. Surprise! It comes in under an hour and goes up the pyramid only. Loved this full body workout and plan on using it more often.


I love this workout. I have not done it since the Gym Styles were released. Thanks for reminding me. I was not sure what weight workout I was going to do today - now I am excited about doing this workout.



calorie burn?

I haven't tried this workout yet. Does anyone know what kind of calorie burn you get? I don't have one of those HRM or polar 6 thingees.



Why isn't the full body bonus workout on the premix list?

I purchased Pyramid purely for the bonus full body workout. I wonder why this premix/workout isn't listed in the description? I'm sure there are many others out there who like myself don't like splits workouts and probably had no intention of buying this workout because they don't realise this dvd has a fantastic full body workout that goes for under an hour. The only reason I knew (and subsequently decided to purchase it) is due to the knowledgeable posters here on the Cathe forum so thank you!

ETA: Are there any other splits workouts that have a bonus full body workout not listed in the description that I and my credit card should know about?
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I love this workout. I've gotten good results in the past with it. In the "Workout Manager" this premix isn't listed under the Pyramid DVD option drop window. I asked SNM about it in a post months ago with no answer :mad:


i am confuse

i have this dvd and never saw that bonus!

I only see premix upper or down for both upper body and lower body

where can i find this bonus?


It is at the bottom in the center of the premix page. I never really noticed it either until someone mentioned it.



Thanks for mentioning this workout. Because of your post, I did this workout for the first time last weekend... and I'm still sore!

It was a great workout!


Well now that I know there is a Full Body Premix, I plan on ordering this DVD as well!

Already warned my hubby that late April into May I'm spending $$$ on more Cathe's!! I'm lucky he loves me so much!


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Pyramid Total Body Premix

You know, I have never tried it. I think I will have to schedule it next week if STS doesn't work for me. Wonder why I never tried the premix before - thanks!!


I know this is old but any more of u ladies try this? I Hear that a lot of people don't like LB because of changing weights so often. I have done ub and loved it but I'm wondering if thr total body on here how does it go? Ub and lb interchanging or all ub then lb.. a.d are there so many weight changes that it makes it not good? I may try this.


Hi all, a few months ago I did the pryamid lower body work out with dumbbells as I think Cathe suggests in the work out as an option.

Well I had such DOMS, enjoyed watching every one else change weight while I sipped my water, and my mental focus was spot on.

I used 15,20, 25 and 30 # dumbbells, and my legs really felt it :D


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