Push It January 2014


Jennifer, "SleepMax"!!!! LOL!!!!!!
Toni, SO HAPPY to hear you are doing so well!
HeartyMax, for goodness sake, please stretch for Jennifer!!!!!
Tasha, how are those deadlifts coming along?

Back at work yesterday and today...lots of catch up :rolleyes:!
Yesterday I did Slide 'n Glide because my achilles felt a bit tender after ALL THAT HIKING!!!!! Tonight I'll probably do Lean Legs & Abs.

I posted 2 new hiking pictures to my Hiking album; I'll try here too!

I can't open the pictures here :(
Take a look at my album....


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Hi everyone! I'm glad the check in is still here! I saw that Natasha and Toni posted too.

HeartyMax, I'm so sorry about the deaths you have been experiencing in your life right now. You're such a sweet woman...my thoughts are with you. Sometimes when it rains it pours doesn't it? I hope that time will help heal your heart.

Toni, I was sad to hear about your recent surgery. :( Please feel better soon! It's easy to wait on something for yourself when you are so busy taking care of others. Take it slow and put yourself first for a bit. :)

Jennifer, thank you for always thinking of me. I see a shout out now and then and it makes me smile. I miss this group. I keep trying to find the time to get back to the groove of things but it just isn't happening. I have been at least walking more. I upgraded to a Samsung S5 and it has a built in step counter. It was a eye opener about how inactive I have been. The past year I had gained 20 lbs due to all the job stress and poor eating habits. With the new job, I am slowly losing it and I have cleaned up my eating quite a bit. However, I know I need to get back to the weights and higher intensity cardio. Speaking of cardio & weights, how are your classes going?

Nancy, hiking is so amazing. There is nothing like the feeling of climbing to somewhere that most people won't see because they aren't willing to make that journey. :)


Good morning!
So I think it's been awhile since I posted any actual workouts that I've been doing.
BM2 (band walks instead of squats), S&H Triceps and Biceps -- I LOVE the grip work in that one and have trying to remember to incorporate those particular exercises regularly; it doesn't take much to fatigue the fingers/hands that's for sure -- Imax2 (haven't done that on in a really long time and I loved it), Strong Curves glute work and GS Shoulders, Athletic Training and PiYo Sculpt, YogaMax, Burnsets Upperbody, PiYo Drench, FlexTrain and Floor work from Great Glutes, and finally PRS#2.
This morning I'm up for S&H Back, some SC Glutes, and a shorter PiYo.

I also wasn't able to see your pics after clicking on them so I will go to your album after I finish writing here. If I do it now I'm afraid I'll lose my post. You cracked me up, though! Thank you! I want Heartymax to stretch! :D
I hope you are digging out of the surplus of work and emails you probably have after a nice, long vacation:cool:

SO glad to hear from you! And to hear that you have a new job and walking more. Sounds like you're finding balance again. How is Tyler? Is he still taking Karate? How is school going for him this year?

Glad you got out and did some walking; I can imagine how good it felt to just be active :)

Hope your workouts (and stretches!) are going well!

How ARE your deadlifts coming along?

I best get; waking up early is helpful in order for me to do some nice workouts but not if I spend too much time on the computer. Nancy, I'll go look at your profile/album -- looking forward to seeing your pictures! Have a great day!


Hello everyone. I had a great weekend. I attended Oprah's the Life You Want Weekend event in DC. I did not purchase tickets earlier this year when they went on sale. Last weekend a former coworker and friend contacted me about buying ticket of a mutual friend who couldn't go because her mom had to have surgery. I jumped at the opportunity. They were the cheapest seats but we received the same inspiration as those with expensive seats. The experience was amazing. Friday's event was all Oprah and Saturday included Mark Nepo, Elizabeth Gilbert author of Eat, Pray and Love. She was amazing. Rob Bell was awesome and Iyanla Vanzant was super as expected. It was a total of 3 other ladies that I was with and I knew 2 of them. I was thankful for the opportunity to go because I have been spending time thinking about what's next in my professional life and trying to focus more on happiness in all aspects and being thankful.

I took last week off and my shin area feels much better. I just finished Party Rockin Step 2. I figured it would give me a good workout without all the jumping.

Jennifer---I did the entire stretch at the end of the work out so you would be proud of me. To make sure I had enough time I skipped the finished product combo because I didn't want to make excuses and not stretch.

Stacie---it is so great to hear from you. Welcome back.

Toni---I am sure it felt great to get out of the house. Hope your post appointment goes well.

Nancy--cant see pics either but will remember to look at them when I use desk top to access forum and can go to your album.


I bought Muscle Max on sale yesterday. I have heard all of you talk about it and it sounds like a great total body companion to Gym Styles. So, this week I'm doing Gym Styles and hopefully MM will arrive in time to do it on Saturday! Last night I did Tabatacise (I haven't done an impact workout in a while). I was looking over some of Cathe's rotations and re-worked her STS/LIS 3 Month Transformation Rotation to a generic template. I think I'll just fill in the blanks using all my DVDs until Ripped with HIIT arrives.

Heartymax, sounds like you had a life-affirming weekend! I bet it feels great to be positive and excited about your future! I'm glad your shin improved with the time off; I will have to bust out the Party Rockin' workouts soon, they are still mint in the package :eek:! I have been very careful about challenging my foot too much and all the hiking has given me some tenderness. I need to toughen up!

Jennifer, you have been hitting it hard these days! You are spot on about doing grip/forearm work! I really need to focus more on that too! There are so many things I want to focus on that I need to sit down and systematically diagram it all out! It is easy to forget those nuances of fitness.

Toni, you seem to be progressing marvelously! It must be very tough to get moving again and not get discouraged by having to be careful. I think Cathletes are in touch with their comfort zones and understand the differences between bad pain and good pain. You've been through so much lately that you deserve to be treated to gentle kindness (nice easy stretching)...what about massage?

Stacie, So glad you checked in with us! It sounds like you are getting back into your groove and making progress towards reclaiming your healthy lifestyle. It is so easy to get lost in the chaos of life, isn't it? What is/are your favorite Cathe workouts for motivation?

Tasha, how are you?

Bye for now!


Hi fabulous ladies,
It's Thursday and the weather has been crazy... back to mid/high 80s after high 60s/low 70s. I imagine everyone else is having the same kind of weather?!

Thank you for skipping the final product of PRS to make time for stretching :)

Wow, I can just imagine how amazing last weekend was! And the fact that the opportunity just happened to come up is even cooler :cool: Going with a few other women always makes things more fun :)

Speaking of inspiring, Craig and I are taking a Staying in Love class at church and it talks about the 5 Love Languages which is a book but I can't remember the author's name. BTW, the languages could also be about employees so it's a recommended book for managers. It just helps everyone realize what each person needs to feel cared for - they language they speak and the language they understand could be totally different (which is very interesting).

I about died laughing because my "quality time" rating for what I want from Craig was only a 2 but his was a 7! That just means that he understands my love for him when I give him my time (but I'm so busy like we all are) -- but that's not what I need from him (I want affection and for him to do things for me like help me with projects). SO, that being said, we will learn each other's love language and understand each other better. The results were based on a test that we took; the test has 2 versions, one for the men and one for the women. It was fun and a real eye opener! We still have one more week of this class but Craig is going to a hockey game with one of his friends (he invited me but I thought he needed a "guys' night" and I wanted to go to our class; he was fine with that :) )Anyway, all really is okay with us; we signed up for the class just because we thought it would be something fun to do together and it would help during those ups/downs that all relationships have -- and it really has been enlightening (and fun)!

Thank you for helping me encourage Heartymax to stretch; I think it is working :)

How are your achilles and foot feeling? Nice job catching MM on sale; it is a great workout :)

Have fun with your rotation! I do think that grip strength is often neglected but after watching American Ninja Warrior I realized that I would totally bomb; rock climbers have such strong fingers and forearm strength, and I know that I could go heavier with deadlifts if my forearms were stronger. And after doing Cathe's S&H I realized how much I need those curls. I've heard of Fat Gripz (which make the dumbbells thicker so you have to use more of your finger strength) but instead I just decided to add on a set or two every couple of days. High frequency = consistency = results, but of course that's just one method of strength training. Also, the side-lying external rotations are easier on my shoulder joint that doing the band pulls (standing, under-hand grip and pulling the band out and away). I wonder if it's because pulling a band with both sides at the same time is just too much for me to use proper form. Anyway, I won't ramble any more :)

Toni, Stacie, Tash -- thinking about you and wishing you well!

Have a great day, everyone!


Jennifer - I believe Gary Chapman is the author of 5 love languages. I read it a few years ago but couldn't get DH to read along. I love the book..Kudos to you and Craig for your staying in love class.


I slept well last night so I felt so energized this morning. Got in 30 minutes of elliptical cardio followed by Pi-yo full body blast. This was a great combination. Only the 2nd time trying Pi-yo but I like the change.


What a BEAUTIFUL morning out there today! This is such an energizing time of year for me because the temperatures are mild and the bugs don't stick to you as much :p!
Today my DH and I are celebrating our 3 year wedding anniversary! 3 years ago it was a breathless hike up to the summit of Pikes Peak for a spontaneous tying of the knot! We plan on getting outside and enjoying this fine weather, working out, and snugging in for a healthy meal and a movie at home.

Muscle Max arrived this week and I'll be giving that a go later today! It looks fantastic. I am amazed at the level of fitness Cathe & Crew have...these gals were/are seriously fit! It has me very inspired to really give it my all and get ready for Ripped with HIIT!!!

Jennifer, you must be getting VERY excited for the upcoming road trip! I think it's a good idea to be hitting the workouts as hard as you have been...you'll be SUPER challenged with all those classes that go on! I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of you in action in the road trip slideshow! Have you been on a road trip before? I'm not a "group exercise" kind of person, but maybe someday I'll make an exception and attend one.

Heartymax, isn't it amazing how great you feel after getting a good night's rest? Sounds like you hit the magic combination of exercises for your energy level...Are you following a set rotation or do you select your workouts based on how you feel?

Stacie, how did the workouts go this week? Hope the DOMS is at a bearable level ;)! Are you aiming for a certain number of steps per day with your step counter? I've been trying to get up from my bench more during the day and taking walks up and down the hallway. I actually need to set a timer to remind myself to do it! When the timer goes off, I drink half a glass of water and go for a walk...my goal is to work up to doing this every 30 minutes (with all that water drinking I probably will be RUNNING to the bathroom :p).

Toni, thinking about you so much these days and hoping you are still on the fast track of healing. How is the stretching and walking going? Do you have a time frame for when you can do weight bearing exercises?

Tasha, how are things going up in the wilds of Toronto? I still get newsletters from Nia and think of you everytime! Did you get that one she put out on the playground equipment workout? I totally pictured you walking Bella to school and then killing it on the playground! Hope to hear from you soon :).


Nice new format, don't you think?!

This morning was S&H Shoulders and S&H Back. I added on some goblet squats and elevated back-leg lunges. I'm feeling nice and strong! Yesterday was PiYo Drench and PiYo Define Lower Body. Last week I also did HiiT 40/20 and Athletic Training, PiYo Sweat, S&H Biceps/Triceps, and of course additional glute and back work (cable row reps).

My kombucha turned out wonderfully; I don't even need to flavor it. The tea I used (and sugar) was the perfect combination; it sort of tastes like a sparkling tart apple cider (just a little bit of that sparkling carbonation). I'm so happy about that because I've had several trial/errors learning how to brew my own. It is as easy as making tea but there are other factors during the process -- and the fact that I was a nervous wreck about it made me worry I was going to poison myself or just do it all wrong and not get the same benefits as the store-bought kombucha. But they were normal, newbie mistakes. Now I've realized that I needed to chill and not worry about it... it paid off :) My fermenting/culturing of veggies are also still turning out very well (dill/garlic/pepper green beans are crunchy and awesome), and my Milk Kefir grains have grown so much and making so much kefir milk that now I'm straining some of the milk and making cream cheese with it... and still giving some grains to the dogs so I can cut back on making so much -- I'm having to buy way too much milk to feed those grains! I must be feeding them well :)

Happy Anniversary, Nancy!
I you both look so happy together; I saw your photos. Sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate! Minus the working our part that's what Craig and I do most of the time; dinner and hang out with a movie or catching up on TV shows :)
LOL about the bugs not sticking to you (as much) - that is definitely a good thing!

Looking forward to hearing what you think about Muscle Max.

YES - I'm SO looking forward to the RT. It will be my 2nd one. Last year Heartymax and I met at the NJ one and we met so many awesome people. I'm really looking forward to this one as well, although I'll miss Heartymax and our other friend Tinelle there will be a few other Cathlete friends that I met last year. It's just so invigorating and exciting to spend a weekend with Cathe and enjoy so many workouts -- only we can understand that kind of fun :)

Heartymax, yes, you're right - the author is Gary Chapman. So cool that you read the book! Maybe DH will decide to read it one day. At least you have been enlightened :)

Awesome combination - elliptical and PiYo Full body blast! I'm also glad you slept well. I wonder if it has anything to do with the extra stretching?! haha :)

Gotta run - Have a wonderful day, ladies! Cheers!


Nancy- Happy Anniversary. I was doing Meso 1 and 2 but haven't picked a rotation after that. My leg/shins have been bothering me so I am trying to just take it slowly. I feel much better after the week of rest but I am trying not to do too much high impact and ease back into things. I have been thinking about different rotation options but haven't decided on anything yet. I am trying to figure my way around the new set up here. My apps is not working on my phone so I am sure I need to reload it again so I am own the desk top this morning. I remembered that I hadn't seen your vacay pics but now I can't find your album under this new set up.

Jennifer--I was thinking about the RT over the weekend and how excited you must be. I am jealous and THRILLED for you. We will meet up again at a RT. Smile for all the cameras so we can see plenty of pics of you. I am pretty sure Michelle Backer is going on this RT too.

Toni---Hope you are feeling better.

This was a very busy weekend trying to get caught up with cleaning around the house and grocery shopping. I got alot done but could use another 2 or 3 days of cleaning. It is embarrassing but I am just that far behind and we have been junky lately with our on the go and got so much to do life. Yesterday was Tabatacise levels 1 -3 followed by elliptical cardio and stretch. Today was Slide and Glide which is one I haven't done in a while.


I loved the teaser that Cathe threw out there about the cast members for RWH; I really don't have a favorite, but I did like Lorraine a lot...wonder if the "old" cast member is her? I think it's fun to speculate and anticipate these workouts...gives me something to work toward!
Yesterday was Flextrain (LOVE LOVE LOVE Flextrain!) and I hoping to do Great Glutes Extreme tonight. I'm sort of winging it rotation wise. I get so many great ideas from you ladies and love mixing it up. I love that Heartymax was doing Meso 1 & 2 and now I'm thinking that could be a good lead in for RWH...I dusted off the 3 month Transformation Rotation and have been looking to tweak it to include the newer workouts, and I've been contemplating adding the BBW from the newest Rock Bottoms rotation in there somehow. Not enough free time in the day for me do do everything I'd like :(.
I would also LOVE to start making my own yogurt, kefir, and fermented veggies like Jennifer. That is still under contemplation (actually has been for about 3 years!). I have lots of ideas like starting my veggie plants from seed inside, but never seem to get around to it :p.
Well, I'm hoping to get more of a feel for the new forum and post to you ladies more often!
Stacie, Toni, and Tasha: hope things are going well for all of you....would love to get some updates from you all ;)!


Our little check has been conspicuously quiet these days! I'm still learning my way around the forum :rolleyes:, but I'll get there soon!
Yesterday I finally got the courage to do Party Rockin' Step#2!!! What fun! Yes, I stumbled around there a bit and found myself going up and down the step in a sort of eternal reverse V-step; but I DID IT! I was very sweaty and giggly by the end. I am thinking of doing the October 2013 rotation and decided I had to put the Party DVDs in there since I'll be subbing RK and HS (those little shuffles really irritate my foot :(). Have any of you done this rotation? If so, what kind of results did you get?
Today I'll be ending the week with Muscle Max...what are YOU doing today???;)


Good morning!
I started my day with FlexTrain (yes it IS a blast!) and Slide and Glide since Heartymax mentioned it; I had extra time this morning so I figured a little extra would be good. It's a fun workout, too :)

This past Thursday was Burnsets Upper body premix but instead of chest I worked on my grip strength and reverse curls.
Friday was Yogamax; Saturday was some glute work (activations and thrusts) followed by the bandwork in Turbo Barre followed by Intensity Step.

yes I think everyone is just so busy! It's actually funny to me because I used to be in the forum every day and now I'm lucky to get in once a week!

Congratulations on PRS2! It is a blast (eternal revers v-step -- LOL!). I haven't done the Oct 2013 rotation. In fact I haven't done a rotation in a very long time; the last (and really only) rotation I remember was the Rock Bottom rotations and while I did notice some results I did not get the results I'd hoped for which is why I stick with Strong Curves principles; that is what works for me. Sorry about the shuffles irritating your foot. That's irritating (haha :) )
So you're ending the week with Muscle Max -- cool!

It's so cool that you've been thinking of doing the fermenting and such for so long; that's impressive to me especially because I only found out about these things earlier this year! Craig was watching a TV show and in the show a guy offered some Kombucha to someone... it was funny, the little skit, but it made me glad to hear that it is really starting to catch on. It makes so much sense that all that good bacteria from the variety of fermented things are so good for the body!

Heartymax, sometimes cleaning is just the last thing that anyone has time to do. I understand; I get a little embarrassed as well. It's just the easiest thing to let fall behind!

Yes, Michelle Backer is going to Daytona; there are a handful of others that are also going and I've been Facebooking with them since joining the Tripping with Cathe group. It really is going to be fun but I wonder how the classes are going to be since the equipment can't possibly be as varied as what we had in NJ at her gym. But no matter what I know we'll get to do great workouts and have a lot of fun.

Are you getting more used to stretching? The tibialis anterior stretch is a great one; it's where you point your toes to the floor. I wonder if that will help your shins feel better.

I best get -- gotta let out the dogs (who let the dogs out?) and let them stay out for a while before we leave for church. Have an awesome day!


I officially downloaded the October 2013 rotation to my calender in Workout Manager and started last night with Rockout Knockout (first time doing that one!)! It was so much fun! I may not have the moves down yet, but I had a great workout...I used my 1# Cathe wrist weights since I don't have boxing gloves and I am feeling it in my shoulders and core today. Even my legs feel it...and I am not a great kicker! My foot seemed to handle to shuffles fine...Cathe broke it up nicely with jump ropes and jacks. This was a great start to what looks like a tough rotation! I like the idea of doing some new stuff along with some of my tried and true favorites.

Jennifer, you did Flextrain AND Slide 'n Glide together????? YOU ARE A WARRIOR!!! Hokey Smokes!!!! You must be on Road Trip Energy already! I'm excited for you and will be looking forward to the pictures.

I love the updates for the new series...I am getting very fired up and ready to take things to a whole 'nuther level! Did you guys pre-order?


No workout yesterday (the dogs let us sleep until 6! I think that's a record!) so I didn't have time. Today I did PiYo Drench and finished it with GS Legs Floor work (glute tucks, stability ball hamstring roll ins, and more glute tucks).
Tomorrow will only be HiiT 40/20 and then off for an oil change/tire rotation before work.
Thursday I'll probably do Rockout Knockout now that Nancy mentioned it!

so glad to hear that Rockout Knockout didn't bother your foot! I haven't done that workout in a while but when I first got it I did it several times and loved it. I don't know why it got shoved to the back -- isn't it funny (or sad) how that happens?! Even w/o a heavy bag I still did the drills and it was a great workout that absolutely gave me DOMS! I may need to break that one out again.

Oh yeah, I am STOKED about the new series; only another month or so away!

I did Flextrain minus the abs section and only the cardio portion of S&G -- so, maybe only a mini warrior :) I am excited about the trip, though; it's coming down to the wire and I haven't packed yet. It looks like there will be a lot of break time compared to the NJ RT last year and I'm assuming it's because in NJ we were at the gym all day instead of at a resort. It'll make cleaning up easy, though, since I won't need to tote around a gym bag of sorts to clean up between classes.

I best get for now. I'll post pictures for sure! Have a great rest of the week and weekend!


Just got done looking at some of the RT pictures on Cathe's FB page and I think I saw Jennifer! Are you wearing a tan baseball cap? Everyone there looks so fit and healthy! I'm sure that kind of "can-do" attitude is infectious!
Today I'll be finishing up the first week of the October 2013 rotation. It has been pretty tough! I had to switch yesterday and today's workouts because my legs are fried and I couldn't have done Party Rockin' Step last night....did XT Chest, Back, Shoulders instead. My coworker is going to start week 2 with me so I'll have some moral support for the next 3 weeks on a daily basis! We are hoping to get each other motivated.
I'm so excited that they finished the filming of the new series. I bet we will have the DVDs by Thanksgiving!
I'll try to post back later today....lots of work to do this morning!


Hello ladies!! I was cleared for exercise this past Monday(10/13)!! On Tuesday I did 30 minutes on the spin bike. I put in my endurance DVD from spinning.com, which is all about keeping the heart rate fairly constant. I didn't do the entire thing and I didn't follow the workout exactly, but I did get 30 minutes in!! Today I did the warm-up plus 3 combos of KickMax. And that was quite enough!! My cardio capacity is pretty pathetic, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Besides that, I want to feel the effects of each workout on my body to see where my limits are. Both days I have felt some slight discomfort after the workout for about 20 minutes, so I know I can't push past what I'm doing right now in terms of intensity and movement. Next week I'm going to try XTrain weight workouts. Only the lighter endurance ones and with much less weight than I would normally use. I just need to see how lifting feels. I'm going to hold off on ab work for another 2-3 weeks until all the soreness above my incision is gone. I pre-ordered the new series and I'm hoping to be at that level of exercise by the end of January!!

Glad to see everyone is still getting their workouts in!! Jennifer, how was the RT?? I really want to do that one day!!

Nancy, I forgot all about Rockout Knockout!! I'm going to have to preview it. I can't do any shuffles or any impact, but if there are low impact combos I'm down for those!!

I'm going back to work on Monday. I cannot wait. I'm so tired of sitting in this house. I've lost 6 lbs since surgery and I need to gain some of that back. I'm anemic also, so that is not helping. I'm hoping having my normal routine will help. I hate cooking of any kind and I'm not really eating enough calories simply because I have to schedule to tell me it's time to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


So happy for you that you are cleared for take off!!! ;) I imagine you must be pumped to get moving; little by little I'm sure you'll be back where you were in no time...you have the drive! I am sending you a virtual "high-five"!
I'm still plugging away at the October 2013 rotation: last night was To The Max (been 2 years since I did that one!) and I loved it! Tonight is Hard Strikes. Only did that one once a while back and had to stop because of my foot, but now I think I'll be able to do it!!!
Go get 'em, Toni!!!!
Hope everyone else is doing okay too! :)


Toni, Welcome back to exercise! Glad you are feeling better and gently getting your body back into some fitness :)

Nancy, the RT was a total blast; met some great people! The endorphins and Cathe just keep everyone on a constant high. We were able to do some of the new RWH workouts; oh boy are they gonna be awesome. One armed burpees! I heard there are one-legged burpees in STS Meso 3... it was only $60 at the RT so I bought it. I opened it but that was as far as I got. I also bought Core Max and STS Ab circuits (for Craig and asked Cathe to sign them). I don't tend to do a lot of targeted ab work because of my back (sit ups are not good for me) and because I do Pilates and Stability ball roll-outs (and now PiYo which has quite a bit of planking)... however I did STS No Equipment and I really feel it in my stomach (not my back) so I will continue to work on it. I think I officially have all her DVDs now except for the Basic Step one. Anyway, RTs really are a blast and you should come sometime! Pics are posted on Flickr on Cathe's page - lots of good shots of people having a blast. The resort was great; the beach was wonderful. The rooms had microwaves, stoves, refrigerators/freezer, and coffee maker... and there was a great little grocery store right across the street! It was nice being able to buy salads and kefir. The buffet dinners Fri/Sat nights were good; the weather was perfect. Sunday I had to leave early so I only did some of the beach workout -- but it was awesome to do a little bit of a workout on the beach.

We didn't have a lot of equipment on the RT; 5lb weights, bands, and the evil dixie cups! My buns were sore all week. My upper body wasn't phased although we did work the UB just not as much as the lower body. In fact my glutes, hips, and lower back were so sore I had to get a massage; I wore my Feel Fit Wear shorts and had to ask the massage therapist/physical therapist to focus on that area. I feel much better but the lower back and hip are still tight. Needless to say this past week has been fairly light; not a lot of glute work... just a couple PiYo's, a few upper body workouts (BM2 UB premix twice and today was GS Back/Shoulders/Biceps), Intensity step portion only, and the STS Abs No Equipment a couple times.

There was a bit of talk about the next Destination RT being in San Diego; that would be awesome! I sure hope I can go to that. On the other hand I'd look forward to the NJ RT as well because the new hotel is about a mile away from the gym (much better than the long bus ride to/from the gym), there are stores close to the hotel (food/drink runs), and we'd have all the regular gym equipment for step classes and weights. Decisions, decisions. I certainly can't afford to do both! No matter where I go plane tickets are at least $400 and there's no driving anywhere... unless Cathe does another Chicago one. I heard that resort was wonderful. March in Chicago (and driving) isn't appealing but if it came up again I'd give it a try if I could.

So that's about it; I'll post some pictures and let you know. Oh - I didn't get around to doing Rockout Knockout that Thursday I left; I figured I'd be busy enough trying to pack and get to the airport... Yes, I procrastinated packing until Thursday morning. Oh well :)

I best get -- time to get started prepping dinner; Mexican Lasagna tonight. Have a great evening!

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