Push It January 2014


I see it has been pretty quiet the last few weeks. Hope everyone is doing well. I have done about 3 to 4 workouts each week for the past two weeks. DH and I eased back outside with a 2 mile run/walk late yesterday evening. I told him that I wanted to incorporate some walking since it has been a while. I didn't want to feel to beat down that it would prevent me from working out for a few more days this week.

Jennifer---Maybe RWH will grow on me...right now it is just okay.


Good morning everyone! I keep meaning to post but it feels like something keeps coming up. May wasn't great for workouts. I took a week off the second week and then I've been sick the past two weeks. I'm finally feeling a little better but having trouble sleeping due to congestion.

Jennifer, Mother's Day was good. I saw my mom and sister. The day before was the funeral service for my neighbor's son which put a damper on things. How was yours?

HeartyMax, great job getting back into running. I miss it.

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