Push It January 2014


Yesterday was 30/30 and about 15 minutes of core from Horizontal Conditioning. It took me 10 minutes to figure out my workout for today which ended up being Muscle Endurance. I need to pick out a rotation for August.

DS 16 enjoyed football camp. He called the first night and expressed that he was very tired. DH and I joked that after paying $250 for a 3 day camp, he better be doing something to make him tired. The camp was at a small college in West Virginia and he enjoyed the experience. DS has always been a starter, but now that he is a junior on Varsity, he knows he has to work extra hard for some playing time.

Jennifer---gardening and weeding definitely counts as a workout. Do you have Muscle Endurance? I continue to try to improve my form on the standing glute raises at the end of the workout. I don't have all the Cathe DVDs but most and I dont recall this move in any workout.

Nancy--if you have never been on a RT, definitely consider it whether its Daytona or in New Jersey. The adrenaline is like nothing I have experienced before. I had so much fun in Jersey last year.


Sorry I've been absent for the past few days :eek:; I had a long weekend filled with lots of activity! Did XT Legs (all sections) on Friday, Flextrain on Saturday, long walk on Sunday, and XT BS Bis & Tris yesterday. Planning on LLA w/barre tonight with a long evening walk (temps are VERY cool for this time of year!).
Where did July go? I can't believe how fast it went by! I am sitting on some vacation time and need to start thinking about a September get away! My DH and I prefer to travel after Labor Day to avoid the crowds and high prices! We generally have trails all to ourselves!

Jennifer, I love the website for Cultures for Health (http://www.culturesforhealth.com/) and have thought about culturing food and making my own yogurt and kefir for a while now. It looks like it would be fun and VERY nutritious!

Heartymax, I have really learned to appreciate Cathe's newest leg workouts, too! At first, I thought LLA & GG were too easy, but now I really get into the depth of moves, etc and get a great workout! You have me intrigued with "standing glute raises"...I'll have to watch the ME clip and see if I can spot that move!

PS My knee donuts are working great for me! I noticed that the little water balloon on my kneecap is getting much smaller! I used them while scrubbing the floors and bathtub and it was SO MUCH more comfortable!


Hello Ladies. I have worked out every day but I can't remember what I did each day. One workout that I have not done in a while was LIC total body trisets. I did the upper and lower. I used my step bench alot because I really don't like balancing weights on a stability ball. I also remember doing a faster than my normal pace interval workout on the elliptical followed by Jillian Michael's 6 week 6 pack which I don't care that much for JM walking around during the workout. Today was a 3 mile run followed by upper body from Muscle Max. I have been doing mostly endurance workouts this summer. I was doing mostly split workouts for a while so I was trying to change things up. I miss heavy lifting so it may be time to hit it again.

I went back to work on Friday.


Hey fit, fab ladies. Happy Sunday :)

I continued my workout streak since I posted last (Tuesday):
Wednesday was just a couple sets of thrusts, squats, hip rotations, band abductions, and hamstring roll-ins.
Thursday was PiYo Buns, PiYo Strong Legs (uses the discs), and Muscle Endurance Upper body split.
Friday was Yoga max - can't believe how I've improved on that one (finally!) and I'm happy about it; still have a ways to go before I feel like a Pro but that's okay ;)
Saturday was Push/Pull and about 3 hours of cleaning.

This morning I took a rest day, my first one since last Saturday when I gardened and cleaned for hours.

My sauerkraut turned out awesome :) Loved the caraway seeds in it; I don't really notice the radishes but the whole batch has a pretty pinkish color:D Plus this batch was more crunchy than my first batch. I will tweak it again; it is really fun playing with flavors.

Now I'm fermenting a batch of yellow summer squash (our garden is producing them like crazy!). I used vegetable culture, pepper (I'm afraid too much but we'll see), and garlic.

The woman who got me started on culturing vegetables (Deb) takes my Pilates class. She brought in some samples of her sauerkraut and her summer squash. Oh - My - Gosh... her squash tasted better than the pickles from the Panera Bread Company; they were so fresh and clean tasting... and it was squash instead of cucumbers! She used some peppercorns, garlic, and red pepper flakes but nothing was over-powering. Just a few more days and I'll get to see how mine turned out:cool:

For my next trick (hehe) I'll try making my own Kombacha. I ordered the Starter kit. I'm very excited about that because it's so dang expensive. Close to $4 for 16oz. Glad I only drink 8oz/daily after lunch or dinner. I doubt I'll drink any more than that even when I start making my own.

I went to a Norwex party (again). And I finally cleaned my house using their Enviro-cloth. Wow - that thing cleaned my house better, faster, and easier than using Pledge and Windex! A-Mazing, that's all I have to say about that. At the party I bought another cloth and a few more things.

LOL about your son better be doing something to make him tired at football camp! Glad he enjoyed it, and I bet he will be great in Jr. Varsity.

Nice job working out every day; some people think a Rest day is absolutely necessary, and maybe for them it is, but lately I've found that doing something - just something - everyday (for the most part) is better.

Wow, it is so hard to believe that school has already started. I guess one thing that's nice is that the school year ends earlier.

I do have Muscle Endurance; I've done it a couple times over the last couple weeks and I have you to thank for that since you've mentioned it a few times :) I prefer glute-specific exercises to the leg presses, though, which are so quad-dominant for me.

I love Tri-Sets Upper Body (haven't done lower body in a long time); thanks for the reminder! I'll have to do that one this week.

Good to hear from you! I was wondering where you were. Glad all is well... and that your knee donuts (and knee) are working out so well! Great idea about using them to scrub the tub. I need to cushion my knees when I do that, too (I triple fold the bath mat and kneel on that).

Glad you're interested in culturing veggies! I had no idea how beneficial those things are (especially the variety of all 3) but I have to say that I really have noticed a difference since incorporating all 3 into my daily intake. Just a cup of Kefir, a cup of Kombucha, and a few tablespoons of the cultured veggies.

I saw a Fairy garden made with broken pieces of flower pots; they were so cool! I thought of you. They looked like mansions with spiral staircases - it was really amazing. I wish I could remember where I saw them so you could see them, too, but you probably have an idea of what I saw. I never did get around to making one:eek:

I best get - have an awesome day ladies!


My poor 85 year old Mom is crumbling away :(! She has had 2 procedures this week to repair recent compression fractures in her vertebra (she has 16 old fractures!) from severe osteoporosis. The poor lady has been in excruciating pain. She'll be at a Med Assist facility for a few days so that she can re-hab and get PT. Once she's home she'll have re-hab/PT at her house along with senior helping hands (they cook, clean, do laundry, run errands). This has been a real eye opener for the family. For me, it justifies the amount of time I put into my Cathe workouts and my attention to a healthy lifestyle. My mother did not/does not exercise and eats like crap.

On a happier note, I am planning a hiking trip up to Shenandoah National Park in September! We've gone to this same park for the past 2 years, but there are many hiking trails we've yet to tackle (and it is only a 4 hour drive from our house!). So, I am going to set up a pre-hiking rotation: emphasis on lots of leg work and cardio. I'm thinking of more total body work with upper/lower split. I still need to carve it all out! We'll also be doing more hiking locally to get ready: we have great trails for incline speed drills...and then there's walking in the neighborhood (and the stairs in the parking deck at work) with my 20# vest on! I really need this vacation ;)!

Jennifer, the cultured veggies sound marvelous! I'm lucky enough to work with so many southern ladies that love to garden and ferment their produce (and SHARE it)! Keep us posted on your progress with the Kombacha. I really want to make my own kefir and yogurt....maybe after my vacation????

Heartymax, I can't believe your time off from school has already come to a close! I'm sure there is a lot of prep-work to get ready for a new year. When is the official first day of school? Thanks for the reminder about TBT! I enjoy upper, lower, and total body very much! I will definitely incorporate those into the Hiking Rotation!


Hi all,
It's been a busy week. Busy is good, though :)

Monday was Burnsets Chest/Back/Shoulders plus some hip thrusts, goblet squats, cable hip rotations, and cable torso rotations.

Tuesday - GS Legs and front/back band walks.

Wed - HiiT 40/20

Thurs - PiYo Drench followed by GS Back and GS Shoulders.

Friday - Intensity Step portion, glute work (cable hip roations, cable abductions, and thrusts) and finally shoulder stabilization work (mid/lower trap exercises the PT gave me).

Saturday - Flex Train!

Sunday (today) - Yoga Max. Oh man did I need that!

My cultured summer squash turned out awful; I way over seasoned it. I mean, Craig won't even eat it! I didn't want to waste it so I steamed it, slathered it with butter and cheese... um, made it tolerable for one serving. I'm not sure I'll be able choke down anymore so I'm afraid it will be tossed. I'll chalk it up to a learning experience. Craig did tell me that Rome wasn't built in a day and he's right.

I sure hope my Kombucha turns out; I started that yesterday (Saturday). I have to leave it alone for 7 days and then taste it to see if it's sweet or not. Then I add the flavoring and funnel it into 16oz bottles and wait ANOTHER 7 days (geesh!) before it's really ready. I've been saving all my bottles so I don't need to buy any special bottles. I guess if that batch doesn't turn out well then I guess that's just another learning curve.

I just found out that Whole Foods has a deal that if you buy 12 bottles you get 10% off... over a couple months that savings will add up. Besides that they sell it for 10-cents less per bottle than the health store I was getting it from.

So sorry sorry to hear about your mom. I sure am glad she's getting the PT help she needs and that it will continue when she gets home. very true - watching family go through these types of things really helps motivate us to do everything we can to avoid that situation. I hope she can get better quickly and that her pain goes away soon. I also hope that she can improve her nutrition.

I can relate... my family traits via various issues are not good so I'm (especially now) working very hard through nutrition and extra back/shoulder work to prevent as much as I can. I have become a believer in healing nutrition (Kefir, kombucha, cultured veggies, dairy from grass-fed cows/goats, less pasteurization, etc).

I realize that some people don't understand why I take such care of myself (you know, the eye rolls and comments) but I want to feel good -- not bad -- and I need my body to be healthy, as we all do; sometimes the odds are stacked extra against us so we have to work harder to stay healthy and fit.

My brother is only 2 years older than me and just had back surgery this past week; herniated discs and they thought a piece broke off and was causing his pain. He's healing okay but I haven't talked him long enough to find out if that was in fact what they found when they went in there. He lives in Montana and has 2 small children (one has special needs) so it's pretty hard to connect with him.

Congrats on your upcoming hiking trip! I'm excited for you:cool: Good plan, too, waiting until it's not so crowded!

I best get - hope all is well with everyone. Have a great week in case I can't check in until next weekend!


Nancy----I hope your mom is starting to recover. I understand your frustration and disappointment. Like Jennifer said, most people just dont understand our desire to eat healthy and exercise with joy. It is not a chore for me. I have so many family with various health conditions. Your hiking trip sounds like fun. It has been several years since we have been out to Shenandoah. We have visited Luray Caverns twice since I had the boys and enjoyed the mountains while we were there.

Jennifer---sorry one of your culture didn't come out right.

I have a tendency to forget what workouts I did when I don't post for a while. Someone let DH borrow some disc from Insanity. I think my workouts for last week (in no particular order) I did Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs, Cardio Resistance, Xtrain Biceps and Triceps, PUB total body bonus premix, 3 mile run and Super Cuts . DS12 ran with us on Saturday. He has been running a few times with DH but Saturday was his first time doing 3 miles. We decided to get him so running shoes since he wants to tag along on our runs.

It was my first time doing Insanity. Shaun T. Cueing is bad but I liked it better than the few discs I tried from P90. I didn't find it as hard as I thought. I just took water breaks just like I do in Tabatacise. The warm up was the exact same thing in both workouts. Not sure why he didn't have a different routine.


This has been a fun week of workouts for me; I've revisited STS Total Body and High Reps (filling in the gaps with Tabatacise, Flextrain, Afterburn, and Turbo Barre). I'm trying to do more endurance type and total body workouts to prepare for hiking next month. I forgot how tough HR was! Tonight will be Afterburn and tomorrow will be Turbo Barre. Then on Sunday we'll go hike at our local state park. I've been trying to do the 7 flights of stairs in the parking deck at work a few times in the afternoon, too.


Hi ladies,

Sounds like you both have been staying on top of new and challenging workouts!

I took 2 rest days last week.
I also did PRS#2 (8-combo premix),
Athletic Training after some Strong Curves glute work,
Friday was High Reps after some glute activations,
Saturday was X77 however I also was doing laundry so I did end up taking a couple of 5 minute breaks between a couple of the segments.
Today was GS Back/GS Shoulders/GS Legs floor work only and I added on banded front let raises.

There is a website that many people seem to know about but I just found out about it... etsy.com; it has EVERYTHING. I typed in its search Fitness and all kinds of things popped up... cool jewelry, workout attire, Running shoe tags (which look really cool), and motivation decals for the walls in a fitness room. I'm very interested in looking more at those because I would love to help DH stay motivated. Yes, it will add some pizazz to the workout room but really I'm just hoping to help my husband. Maybe a Tough Mudder logo or something :)

Anyway, all the prices were extremely reasonable! As much as I'd love a couple pieces of the jewelry I am not much of a jewelry person so I'll just focus on the wall decals.

I had to throw away my Kombucha and order 2 new SCOBYs. Mine somehow got mold on it. I think it was the tea I used... it apparently had oil in it (Earl Grey).

I also ordered Kefir grains. I've fallen in love with Kefir milk.

Eventually I'll nail the process of Kombucha and save a ton of money because I won't have to keep buying it. I hope there won't be such a learning curve with the Kefir.

Seriously, I absolutely feel a lot more energetic since adding these things into my daily intake.

The awful squash is finally gone; I mixed it in with salads which covered up the taste. I started a new batch of cultured squash yesterday since we have so much squash to use. This time I didn't season it at all other than a touch of salt and the starter culture.

My latest batch of sauerkraut/carrots turned out awesome so I'm very happy about that.

How cool that DS-12 is running with you! A family that plays together stays together :)

Glad you liked Insanity better than P90.

Great idea doing the stairs! Sounds like you're training perfectly for your upcoming hiking vacation :)

I did High Reps the other day and also thought it was harder than I remembered. Same with Athletic Training -- my buns were sore after that one... I think it was those hamstring kickbacks!

Have fit week filled with another bought of awesomeness :)


Hello ladies :)

Sorry I went MIA after my post. My grandmother was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer a few months back, so it's been very rough for me and my family. She died last week :(. To see her deteriorate the way she did, was incredibly hard. Even though I miss her, I find peace knowing that her soul is at rest now. It's excruciatingly painful losing a loved one :(. On a more positive note, when someone you love passes, it really helps put your life into perspective. It forces you to take a step back, and re-evaluate what's important in your OWN life. This ordeal has only strengthened my will to become a better person.

I'm so sorry to hear about your mother :(. Thinking of you during this difficult time.
I'm reading about your hiking trip, and I SO WISH I could join you! Enjoy :)

Jennifer and Hearty
I will be back to write personals later on today!

Toni and Stacie
Are you ladies still here?

Wishing you all a safe and happy day :)


Tasha, I am so sorry to hear about your grandmother :(! Pancreatic cancer is such a fast one...again, my heartfelt condolences. You're absolutely right about that fact that losing a loved one can be life affirming. Our time together is so very brief...it is imperative to live life and not just go through the motions. On that note, last week my sister's husband was diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis and given 2-5 years mortality. It is yet another gut punch for my family. He is only 67 and was the life of the party! My poor sister is in for a very rough road ahead...all we can do is love them both and be supportive as best we can. They will be going to counseling and have started doing yoga together in a class that is for people with breathing issues. They are also trying to clean up their diet. It makes me realize that our healthy lifestyle with fitness and clean eating is the way to go!
On a happier note, I am very happy to see you back on our check-in...I have always found you to be informative and motivating! We have all been plugging away at our workouts and giving each other ideas for mixing it up. Can't wait to get your updates on your dead lift numbers ;)!


I have really been enjoying these past few weeks of the total body/muscle endurance training. I feel leaner and can manage my hunger much better! I realize I need to incorporate more of this type of training into my rotations. Last night I did High Step Challenge and it was a challenge! While it isn't an especially grueling workout, I felt that my stamina was tested and I enjoyed it! Tonight will be Supercuts, and tomorrow XT Legs (all segments). Then on Sunday, another hike! I've been doing the parking deck stairs every afternoon after lunch. It is so hot and humid that I get quite "a glow" going. Might not have been the best time to go off antiperspirant! (I've started using Bella Organics Creme Deodorant and I love it!) I may have to start bringing in some body wipes and a change of clothes (LOL! :p)


Hi ladies!

I went back and read a few pages and "liked" the ones I read :p. Would any of you be interested in starting a private FB group? TBH, I'm on FB at least 1x/day and it would be much easier for me to post my w/o's on there and write personals. Would it be more convenient for you gals to do it that way also? If so, please let me know :).

Jennifer, Nancy, Hearty
Awesome workouts! :eek: You gals are always very motivational and kick-butt! I find that for people who exercise AND actually enjoy and love it, it's much more of a way of life than it is short-term goal. So essentially, I'm not just praising your w/o's, but the healthy habits you have adapted as a way of life :).

Damn, my daughter is buggin me to go out right now :mad:. As soon as I start typing, she instantly wants to get me away from the computer LOL. SO, I'm gonna make this short and sweet, and try my hardest to check-in again later!

My w/o's this past year has been very simple and I'm thriving on it! I train total body 3x/week (mostly heavy compund lifts) in addition to walking daily. Sometimes I throw in a Cathe step w/o cuz' you gals know how much I love step ;). I feel fantastic -- very strong and confident! My lower back, after 10+ years of chronic pain, has never felt better. My knee's, shoulder, joints, all feel amazing. I honestly think that scaling back the isolation work is what helped me tremendously, in addition to increased mobility work, foam rolling, stretching and LOTS of TLC. Here is a sample of of D1 w/o:

1) 3x3 sumo deadlifts
1x12 sumo deadlifts

2) 6x6 push-ups superset w/
6x6 inverted rows
*during my break I add in firewalker's or stab ball roll-outs*

3) 10min UB isolation work (focus on rear delts)

Have a great day :)


Nancy---I focused on total body endurance last month and it was a good change for me. I had been doing splits or just upper or lower mostly. My body responded well even though I missed the heavy weights.

Tasha---as you know I post my workouts daily on FB because its easy to do and I don't write much. I also have people who enjoy reading my posts. I am in one other check in on the forum and its down to just me and another person. I think people are just getting so busy and keeping up with personals are hard. I love staying connected with common minded healthy focused individuals.

I am so exhausted right now after Meso 2 Legs this morning. My workouts have been going well.


Last night was High Reps...burn, burn burn! Those static lunges get me every time ;)! The rest of my week will go like this:
XT AOLIH + Core#1
XT Supercuts + Core#2
XT Cardio Leg Blast
LIS TBT Total Body premix

My vacation technically starts Friday night! I'll be doing a "staycation" for the first week and intend on hiking our favorite nearby venue every day that we can! I'll still incorporate Cathe workouts focusing on upper body. Then, it's Shenandoah! I like doing Travel Fit, Slide n' Glide, and BW exercises when I travel...this year I'll bring along Tabatcise, too! I like the BW exercises in Bret Contreras' book (the anatomy one...can't remember the name). I try to utilize playground equipment a la Nia Shanks too! I'll have a few days to come down from hiking before going back to work on the 18th. I am going crazy here at work this week!


I am still here...sort of. I'm super busy this month(I dislike August) and honestly haven't worked out for the past 2 weeks. I am scheduled to have a hysterectomy on 9/11(2 short weeks away) and I have been trying to get a bunch of projects done in my house. Additionally, my life has also changed in that I am divorced now. Been busy making some life adjustments there as well. And for the record, had nothing to do with my step kids. They are actually doing well :).

Posting on FB would be fine with me. I like posting my daily workouts, but like HeartyMax said it gets hard to keep up with the personals. I won't be working out for a while after surgery, but will be getting back to it as soon as I am able little by little.

Folks seem to be enjoying endurance workouts lately!! I've actually noticed lately that my body thrives on the endurance total body type workouts. When I do them I just feel 'sturdier' if that makes any sense. Additionally, I find that I simply do not need to workout more than 4 days a weeks. In fact, my body seems to be thriving on that as well. I will definately stick to that form of workout moving forward.

I am thinking of taking some classes for a Human Service Assoc degree. I can only take one class per semester, but I'm really excited about it. I don't want to do a total career change, but I would like to do more service type activities and I think taking some of these classes would help me in that area.

So glad to see you back. I totally understand life changes...I've had a few lately. Prayers to you and your family for your loss. I hope you are all able to greive and heal as time moves on.

Still being awesome I see!!! So jealous of your hiking trip. I'm not going to be going on vacation for a bit to get some things paid off, but I can't wait to go on another hiking trip when finances allow!!

I just bought a cash envelope system from Etsy!! I'm not really a crafty type chick and most of that stuff is just too frilly for me, but I was able to find something I liked. The cool thing is that lots of things can be custom made by people selling on that site.

I like Shaun T, but he doesn't warm up enough for me. The Insanity warm-up always made my foot hurt because I wasn't warmed up properly. Other than that he wasn't bad.


Toni, Oh My Goodness!!!!!
I can't believe how much you have been dealing with :(!
I am sending you the biggest e-hug I can muster! We will all be thinking of you on the 11th and sending out healthy healing vibes! Here's to a speedy recovery so you can get back in action with Cathe ;)!


Hi everyone! Hope you are enjoying the 3 day weekend. I celebrated my 46th birthday on Friday. DH and I went out to dinner that evening. The restaurant has the best carrot cake. We went there several years ago and I have been wanting to go back so I was excited when he made reservations. I had a chance to catch up with a friend that I have not seen in a while when she invited me to breakfast for my bday on Saturday. Church service was nice. Our pastor's wife who is the Asst. Pastor preached and I just love her humor and ability to deliver the word.

My workouts have been going well. This morning was step only premix of Cardio Fusion.

Toni----at least you know that you made an effort to save your marriage. Sending a big hug your way. Good luck in exploring the career change. Insanity is a good change but I think his warm up is too fast and too long.


I've missed you guys! Sorry to have been away so long. Yep, seems busy, busy, busy are the words nowadays! Especially with all my new *science experiments* or science *projects* as I like to call them. I can't say enough good things about home-made kombucha, kefir water, kefir milk, and cultured vegetables.

About to get even more busy; my church is offering "staying in love" classes on Tuesdays (3rd time it's been offered -- everyone who has taken that class says it's fantastic), a "hot button issues" class on Thursdays (things like abortion and same-sex marriage, etc -- sounds interesting), and I'm still teaching Pilates on Wednesdays.

Work is also super busy -- no complaints about that :)

Workouts have been going well; I've also changed things around a bit. I'm rotating in more endurance and metabolic to my strength. Still killing it with my glutes and mid-back. PiYo has been great; Drench is my favorite. I also still love GS Legs (ball and floor exercises). GS Back, Yoga Max, BM2 upper body, Flex Train, To The Max -- basically something almost every day. A couple rest days here and there but mentally and physically I do better if I do something almost every day... it's the level of intensity that I change so that I don't over-work myself or neglect to rest the muscles that need rest.

Heartymax, when I do log in to FB I do enjoy seeing your posts. What I've found is that -- with a few exceptions -- only the Cathelets group and Tripping with Cathe group seem to be interested in anything that has to do with health and/or fitness so I don't post. It's great that you have a handful of people who are able to support you when you post :)

So glad you enjoyed your birthday! Also especially nice that you were able to catch up with a long-time girlfriend for breakfast.

Toni, so sorry to hear about your divorce. Sounds like you are moving forward and being strong. Hugs to you anyway -- wish we all could get together for a girls' night out. Glad to hear the step kids are doing well, though. Sorry to hear about your upcoming hysterectomy. I hope you heal well and fast.

Very cool about the cash envelope system and especially that you ordered it through Etsy!

Happy Staycation! I love those :) I'm excited for you and your hiking trip -- that's coming up so soon! I have Bret's Body Weight Training book and also like it; I flagged a handful of pages so I could take the exercises to my Pilates class but then got distracted. Now I'm all into PiYo!

It was so good to see your post. Always glad to see you drop by :) I loved that in your Grateful challenge you mentioned realizing what is important in life. That is so true.

Your workouts still sound good.

I long on to FB when I can so it's nice keeping in touch :) Bella is so adorable and growing so fast! Is she excited about school?

I'm getting tired and want to wake up early for a nice UB session tomorrow before work so I best get on with the evening routine. Be strong and fabulous as always!

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