Push It January 2014

Happy Friday!

Been working out: HiiT 40/20, Flex Train, various glutes/thighs, Burnsets, and a Pi-Yo workout called Drench... so far in the Pi-Yo series I've done Strong Legs, Buns, and Drench. The first 2 use the Slide discs :) I was very happy with Drench; not boring like Yoga, it worked me pretty well, and I enjoyed the stretch aspect of it. I still have some more P90X3 workouts to try; this weekend I'll try what's called Triometrics:eek:

Today was Intensity Step followed by upper body chapter of BodyMax2 followed and then just a couple sets of deadlifts and hamstring stability ball work.

Tonight instead of walking the neighborhood with my neighbor we're going to a Norwex party -- they're a non-chemical type of company for cleaning supplies and some personal products. I figure *what the heck* - something different. I don't plan to take a lot of cash with me so that is my budgeting strategy :)

TOO FUNNY that you are tired of blackberries! I probably would be by now, too!

The gratitude journal was my neighbor's idea -- she started one years ago. I've been writing in it every night (mine, not hers :) ). It really has helped me stay positive and appreciate how fortunate I am!

Your room is perfect! Love the mats! I really am excited for you. Nice Cathe bag on the wall, too:cool:

Thanks for the reminder about Muscle endurance. I used to love that one but it managed to get pushed to the back of the stack:rolleyes: Cardio Fusion -- funny, I looked at that one this morning! That's a good one, too. I ended up doing Intensity step portion.

I best get -- Hi Toni, Tash, and Stacie! Hope all is well!
Jennifer--I laughed at the name "Drench". Does that mean prepare to be a sweaty mess with pi-yo? What parts of the P90x3 do you like. I tried the last version and just wasn't that impressed with Tony. Is this the one that is 30 minutes like T25?

Nancy---I haven't had any blackberries this season. I need to focus on more low sugar fruits when I go grocery shopping and leave those cranberries laone.

I choose Intensity as my workout today. After the step portion, I decided to jump on the elliptical and complete enough cardio that would finish out the DVD so that was about 25 minutes. Yep---I skipped the Hiit portion and still got a good workout. :D
Good morning,
Well, I didn't get around to trying Triometrics this weekend after all. Instead I did Great Glutes Extreme and added on some Strong Curves work (thrusts, hip rotations, abductions, and front/back band walks.

Yesterday I did Pi-Yo Define Lower body. It's listed as 35-minutes but it's really only 20 minutes. However since Chalene does the Warrior series two times on the first leg but only once on the second leg I rewound it so I could do that leg again; she must need Cede to count for her! Having said that the workout is actually closer to 25 minutes. It was a good stretch and a good workout. I added on Party Rockin Step #2.

Tomorrow I'll do P90x3 Triometrics first and then see what gaps is has and need to be filled with either a Cathe premix of some sort (because of a timing issue) or with a Pi-Yo workout "Define: Upper Body" which should be 35 minutes.

Nice job finishing Intensity Step with the elliptical! I haven't done Intensity's HiiT routines in quite a while.

Yes - the latest P90X3 is the 30-minute workouts. However I heard that Tony is coming out with a regular, plain 'ol P90 for those people who just need to take things a little lightly. I'm glad he's creating a series for the people who just want to be a little active and not get ripped. Anyway, I've done 5 of the workouts:

Pilates and Yoga were okay. For me personally the Yoga moved too fast to really feel any flexibility benefit; I think it would have been better if he cut out some of the poses and instead held some of the other poses just a little longer.
Pilates had some very challenging and different exercises; it was okay.

Eccentric Lower body -- I liked it but needed more of a workout so it was nice to have the time to add on to that. I've done this workout one other time.

Eccentric Upper body -- I also liked it but I had to do it twice in a row in order to feel worked. I did feel it for the next couple days but not too bad. It was well balanced with a couple different moves. I might do it again before I send the set back to our friend who let me borrow it.

MMX takes a lot of practice to get the moves down and I don't have the patience for that -- I'd rather do KPC or 4DS Kickbox.

As for Pi-Yo's Drench, I did sweat drops but certainly wasn't drenched. I will say that it was a good workout that really did stretch me out -- and it's more more interesting than Yoga. I really liked it.

I also really liked Strong Legs (one of the 2 "Strength" dvds that are sold separately and use the glide discs) and Buns. Those two workouts paired nicely together and creates a 1-hour workout.

The Pi-Yo series from Beachbody is supposed to be a "physically demanding, calorie-crushing," etc type of work out but I haven't found it to be the case so far; however I do like the workouts that I have done. Most of the workouts are about 30 minutes (Drench is 45-minutes). I really like that they stretch the muscles and contract them at the same time. It's different than a Power Yoga.

I did the Full Body Blast workout which uses the discs and I remember not being super impressed with it.

Other workouts I haven't tried yet are "Core" which didn't get great reviews but is okay; "Sweat" is supposed to be good; "Sculpt," "Strength Intervals," and finally the *freebie* called "Hardcore on the Floor."

Oh, it also comes with Turbo Fire's HiiT workout. I already have Turbo Fire but haven't done it because right about that time I was getting tired of Turbo Jam and wanted workouts that were lower impact and that moved a little more slowly so I could focus on the moves instead of just jumping and feeling out of control.

Guess that's all I have for now - I best get busy with some other reading and writing (no arithmetic ;) )
Jennifer---didn't realize Pi-yo was by beach body. They are constantly marketing something. I remember trying Turbo once. I pulled it up on You Tube while on vacation once. I actually liked it. I need to remember to try it as again. I almost purchased it too because I was interested in it. I need to look for a full version on you tube since I can access it from my tv. Thanks for the reminder of Turbo Fire. Question for you below too.

Yesterday was lower body blast. My disc worked very well on the mats. Did you have trouble with yours sliding from the beginning or as the mats aged?

Today is a rest day.
Jennifer---'OMG'--- I just watched a clip of Pi-yo. Interesting. I truly think I may want to try it. I dont see it on the Beach Body website. I want to read more.
I am repeating last week's Gym Style rotation. Last night I started the week out with High Step Challenge. It was harder this time! Especially all the calf work (which I REALLY need!). Tonight will be two X10 segments; Low Impact and maybe Step. I'm getting ready to preview the step segment during my lunch to decide. I still need to watch out for too much jumping (my foot).

I've decided I REALLY need to dedicate more time for stretching/yoga. I am getting weird creaking knees and feel kind of achy all over. I'm used to always having something on my body being sore from mild DOMS, but lately I feel a need to elongate and strrrrrrrretch! I also am not working on The Crow pose as much as I had initially intended. I wanted to try for 30 seconds every day as a short term goal. Need to shoot for that again!

Jennifer, I can't wait to try the Party Rockin' Step workouts! That's next on my list for previewing. I have been slowly getting back to step and everyone talks about how fun those two are! (BTW, great reviews on the P90X3 workouts!)

Heartymax, glad those mats are working so well for you...I had read other posts about alternatives for the disc surfaces...you're lucky that yours work with your mats!

Well, I'm going to eat lunch and preview the step segment of X10!
Hope everyone gets a good workout in today!

I started to do Triometrics this morning but just wasn't feeling it. It's basically 3 different intensity levels of cardio; I was wanting strength. I didn't give it much of a chance before I changed workouts. Agility X (on the same disc) didn't really call out to me, either, so I looked through the other discs.

Turns out (after looking more at my calendar) I have done a couple other of the workouts the last week in June which I had forgotten about (give me a break, that was weeks ago:rolleyes: :) ) .

Total Synergex and CVX: I did both of them to make one single workout. Unfortunately I don't recall much of what they were about but I DO remember that I liked them pretty well.

I think I'm finished with P90X3 so I plan to send them back this weekend. It was nice having them for a while to check them out and if it ever goes on sale for really cheap I'll have to buy it because there are a few in there that I did really like for a change of pace.

I really am liking Pi-Yo! These discs have really motivated me to wake up a little earlier so I can do them and then add on because frankly I like them and they are good workouts, and a couple of them had me almost begging for mercy in a couple areas however I feel the need for more work in other areas. Today after Pi-Yo Strength Intervals (which was hard but only about 20 minutes long) I added on STS M2 Back.

It's easy to incorporate some PiYo since they are short and mesh very well with Cathe's workouts and premixes as well as my own hodgepodge circuit workouts.

I plan to keep up with Yoga Relax and Yoga Max because I've gotten used to them and they are good Yoga workouts for when I really just need a rest but want to stretch.

Even when my Great Mats were brand new I didn't think the discs worked very well on them so I bought the piece of carpet pretty much right away. I'm glad you're not having any trouble, though. I do wonder, though, if they would work better on a piece of carpet and spraying the discs with Pledge; that's what I like to do - I can tell when it's time to add more Pledge (or some people say they use car wax). It REALLY makes them slide!

I don't know why Pi-Yo is not on Beach Body's site -- but i see that you are right, it's not. I received an email from BB when it was released (last month after their summit). A little background info - I guess since I've ordered from them before (?) several months before that I received an email asking if I wanted to win a free Pi-Yo set and to sign up if I did. So that's when (last month) I got the email that it was ready for purchase; obviously I didn't win it!. I don't know why it wouldn't already be posted on their site. That's crazy!

I did find a link for you, though --

PiYo Workout is Coming! - Beachbody.com

You also may want to go to LucyFitPT.com (Lucy Fit Personal Training | Helping Moms Live a Fit Life!) to see a Product Review about it.

Lucy is a Cathlete and posted her review about Pi-Yo. From what I can tell she is on target. I noticed she also has a bunch of reviews for Cathe's DVDs but I didn't read those since I have almost all of them already :)

If you are interested in increasing your flexibility while working your muscles (and I think you are) this is a good system; you'd probably really like most of the workouts. I think the Strength workouts (that use the discs and are not included in the pkg) are worth the extra money... the Buns is great and pairs great with Strong Legs. However, the other Strength workout (full body blast) didn't impress me too much but it was a nice change of pace.

Nice job repeating GS! Great series! Gosh there are just too many good strength DVDs:eek: I wish I could remember to keep rotating them!

See what I wrote (above) to Heartymax about Pi-Yo; it might interest you as well since you want to increase your flexibility!

It sounds like stretching would really help you; tight tissues can really do a number on your feet, knees, hips, shoulders, neck -- you know the drill! It was SO hard for me to get into Yoga but I realized that it was just something that I HAD to do if I wanted to feel better. Mind over matter. But now with PiYo I think that will be a very nice addition. Plus, I can do more strengthening workouts without hammering my joints and tissue... and using more muscles more often does make a great difference.

Party Rockin' Step #2 is SO FUN! I do love it. I usually do the premix that has 8 combos; the regular workout has 6 combos. The 2 extra are from PRS#1.

Alright, I must get - time to do some writing and reading.
Happy Stretching:D
Ooops, I need to correct myself about this morning's workout... Pi-Yo's Upper Body Define (17-18 minutes) followed by Sculpt (under 30 minutes) was a great combo. But yes, then I did STS back. Strength Intervals was earlier in the week; I added the Upper Body chapter from BodyMax2 after doing that.
Jennifer, I think the discs actually slide very well (almost slippery). I was very surprised how well they worked when I tried them. Thanks for the link for me to read the Cathlete's review of Piyo. Interesting that you both think the same thing. Question----can the Cathe discs be substituted for those discs? Just curious. I think I may consider this purchase later when I can budget it. With all the stuff I have gotten lately I have to remind myself that it doesn't make financial sense right now:D.

Sunday--Lower Body Blast
Monday - Rest
Tuesday - STS Total Body
Wednesday - Extreme Premix from Cardio Fusion---73 minutes and tough
Thursday - Xtrain Bi's and Tri's and Hiit 40/20
Friday - 35minutes of Bootcamp Horizontal Conditioning and a 30 minute premix from Party rockin Step.

We head south today to visit with our family. I am hoping to convince DH to go running a few mornings but I am not sure if I will. If not, I do feel that I have done some kick butt workouts this week and if I don't get a chance to work out, it will be fine. Our trip is short since we have to bring DS16 back to go to varsity football camp.

Nancy---PRStep 2 is fun. 1 is complicated in my opinion. Those are the only two workouts that I have from that series.

Have a great weekend ladies. I make "snoop" and see what you are up to while I am away even if I don't post:D
Absolutely - you do NOT need to purchase the PiYo disc/Strength DVD set. The Cathe discs work fine.
Speaking of, that's cool! I'm glad to hear you're happy with the way they slide on your Great Mats!

Please enjoy Georgia for me, especially those peaches! Have a safe and fun trip; enjoy your jogs:)

Hi Nancy; hope all is well!

Have an awesome day -- gotta get back to work!
Happy Sunday!

Today was Muscle Endurance (thank you Heartymax; gotta admit, though, instead of the leg presses I subbed other glute exercises... reverse back extensions (where you lay your stomach on the step and then lift/lower the legs) hip thrusts, hip rotations, and abductions.

Either way, Muscle Endurance is a great workout; I love the exercises (except for all the leg presses). I'll have to look at the premixes in that one; maybe there's a Double Upper premix like there is in BodyMax 2.

Yesterday I worked out for an hour and a half! PiYo Buns, PiYo Strong Legs (separate Strength DVD), and PiYo Sweat.

As for PiYo, additional Back work is a must.

Earlier in the week I also did Burnsets, Slide and Glide, and Afterburn. I've really been consistent with working out... Every single day since the 9th! I'm saving my day off for Wednesday because I have to fast that morning until 10:30! Health Screening so I can't eat. I plan to sleep late and go into work late otherwise I'll surely pass out!

I'm subbing the PiYo class on Thursday and since I've actually been doing some real PiYo workouts I hope to have a little routine mapped out for them. They will be surprised :D Normally when I sub for their class I do Pilates instead; they already know it and would rather have something than nothing and I appreciate that they still come to class and bring their A-games.

Is anyone having trouble with their FlexTrain and/or Great Glutes DVDs? I finally emailed customer service. They are freezing and skipping. I've cleaned the discs and the player but it didn't fix it. I don't have any trouble at all with my other DVDs so it has to be the DVDs.

How is your foot doing? How is your Crow doing? Are you finished with the blackberries?

Still doing Gym Styles?

Hope all is well with everyone!
We arrived safely on Saturday morning after a long 13 hour drive. DH and I ran 3 miles on Sunday morning. It was cloudy and very humid so it was a tough run. Our goal is to run again on Tuesday and I will be back home on Friday.
Jennifer I don't own those DVDs. I remember having a problem with one from the Shock Cardio series and they easily replaced it with no problem.

Yesterday I created a 40 min workout from squats, dips, side lunges, front raises, glute raises, push ups, tricep chair dips and then finished off with STS abs since I found the full core workout on you tube.

Today was a 2.5 mile run and .5 mile walk. DH and I are not going to track til after 8 so it's pretty hot by then.

I am not doing much on the visit. Just chilling around the house with my mom. We are planning to go out to eat a late lunch at Cheddars tomorrow. My mom's bday is next weekend so I will take her out to eat with her sister and my cousins.
I just received the DOD knee doughnut/wrist wedge/head rest kit and it is a god-send so far! http://dodfitness.com/ That weird water balloon keeps coming back on my knee because I keep kneeling on it :eek:! I've been trying to avoid doing so, but I just can't do a lot a pushups on my toes and tend drop down to my knees with out thinking...same thing with pizza presses and cat cow. So, I think these things will save me from further injury. The wrist wedges are great for tricep pushups. I haven't used the head cushion yet.

Last night I did XT BS Bi&Tri + Core#1. Tonight I'd like to do Cardio Leg Blast. I think this will be an XT BS week. I had a bit of a set-back with the weights last night; I couldn't lift what I had the previous session :confused:. I reached failure way too early on most of the exercises. I noticed that it has been 1 month since I last did BS Bi&Tri. I think I may do a month of XT and sneak in LLA and GG, and Flextrain and X10 as well. I also plan on incorporating the 100 rep challenges. Do you guys do the 100 rep challenges? If so, do you just tack them on to the end of your workout? Or the beginning?

Jennifer, I have not had any problems with any of my Cathe DVDs. They have great customer service, so I'm sure they will take good care of you! Yes, I finished off the blackberries! I have about 2 cups frozen for smoothies. Right now I am all about cherry tomatoes! My plant went berserk and I have over 100 very sweet little tomatoes! YUMMY!!!!! I am trying to do the Crow everyday, but keep forgetting about it! I think I need to designate a time: 10 am, time to CROW!!!! I'd really like to do 20 seconds everyday for now and build from that. It is easy to let life get in the way!
WAY TO GO with the consistency in working out! You really have had an impressive run of it! I really hate to have a blank spot on the calendar! Do you use the calendar in the Workout Manager?

Heartymax, I think it is awesome that you and your DH keep up the fitness while traveling! I like to do the same (except for the running :eek:). I have a bodyweight exercise book by Bret Contreras that give some great ideas for staying with the program while away from home. Also Nia Shanks has this fun playground workout: http://www.niashanks.com/playground-workout/
I imagine the humidity is a killer down there, it's pretty bad here too! My DH goes running in the thick of it and it is really wiping him out. He's joked about running laps in our apartment's pool!

Well, that's all I've got for now! Hope Toni, Stacie, and Tasha are doing well and enjoying some challenging workouts!
Today was another created no equipment workout for 40 minutes. My mom's bday is next week so we took her out to lunch while we were here. One of my brothers, his wife and another sister in law drove over 2 hours to join us. Some of my cousins and aunts came so we had a nice time.

We leave early in the morning to head back home.
Happy Friday,
I had another good workout week :) Wednesday morning I fasted for a health screening (all was well) but I went to Ripped class that night at the gym and then did Pilates.

I've enjoyed more PiYo this week - Hardcore on the Floor was challenging; I followed it with GS Back, Goblet Squats, Bulgarian split squats (elevated back leg lunges - don't know why they can't just call it that! LOL!), seated band abductions (owee!), & finally hamstring ball roll ins.

Also did Low Impact Hiit;

PiYo Drench -- really good workout. I confirmed that Chalene does do one lunge/triangle series longer than the other side. I suspected that the first time I did it... next time I'll rewind and just repeat with the other leg. I followed Drench with GS Back (again), hip thrusts, band abductions, and a lot lateral raises and held at the top of the contraction (hard!).

This morning was Flex Train and I played Premix #1 (no core) and it worked fine. Then I did the Great Glutes premix for Stability Ball and Floor sections which also worked fine for the most part... it fizzed in and out for a few seconds but other than that it went much more smoothly than when I played the GG Extreme premix.

The DVDs' problem is that they used to work fine. When I emailed customer service (Nancy) told me to try the DVDs in another player and she's right, there is no sense sending me new discs if it's just going to do it again. However they didn't use a different duplicator -- and the discs used to work fine but now they don't. Whatever. I'll take the time (at some point) to view it from the DVD player upstairs but I'm not about to go changing around dvd players to workout. I bought the downloads but only to use on my Kindle when I'm not at home.

This weekend I feel an Imax2 and a Heavy lifting workout (either GS or Burnsets).

Welcome home! Sounds like a very nice way to break back into the swing of things. High Reps and a run :) I was thisclose to doing High Reps this morning but it was a little longer than I was in the mood for.

Sounds like a nice and relaxing trip, and that your family celebrated your mom's bday in style :)

I love how you and DH run together!

That's a great goal (crowing)!

I can relate to hitting failure too early. It'll be nice to change some things around.

I do the 100-rep challenge for Back but haven't done it for anything else; I should do it for my Shoulders. When I do it for Back I do it After the workout and then do a nice 5-minute stretch.

As for pizza presses, my chiropractor told me that I should lay on my stomach with my legs a bit wide and then do the pizza press with one leg. It really works out well when my back is feeling tweaky which luckily isn't very often. I thought I'd mention it in case you want to try doing them that way... then you won't have any pressure on your knee.

However, your fitness wedges look fantastic! I'm so glad it's helped you so much! Especially with Cat/Cow... can't do those on your stomach :)

I write down my workouts on my Cathe calendar; I don't use the workout manager. Maybe one day:rolleyes:

I best get - have some reading and writing to do. Have a great evening!
Jennifer--I did enjoy my short visit with my family. I finally watched a clip of Flex Train. Still haven't looked at Great Glutes.i try not to "tempt" myself. It's hard to believe they still have slots open for the Daytona road trip. I saw it in the newsletter last week and on FB yesterday. My mind had to remind myself that I cannot financially budget that with the current bill I am trying to pay off. I am definitely going on a RT next year. I wish I could join you Jennifer.

Yesterday was AfterBurn. Today was Xtrain Legs and stability ball abs from Butts and Gutts. I really didn't like the Xtrain Legs at first but I am learning that my legs don't always want the heavy weighted work. That's what I love about Cathe---she knows what we need even when we don't realize it. Love that she offers a variety and I can always find a workout.

My 12 year old ran 1.5 miles with his dad this morning. My husband ran 3 miles. DS wants to start running and two weeks ago he started at a half mile run and a half mile walk. DS16 is expected back from football camp tonight. The camp was 3 days. Can't wait to hear all about it.
Hi! It's Tuesday!

Weekend was very productive; harvested and weeded the garden and did a lot of cleaning. That was my workout/activity Saturday.

Sunday I did BodyMax2 and subbed band walks and band abductions for the squats/lunges. (did not have time for the upper body portion)

Monday was Burnsets.

Today was HiiT 40/20 followed by 4DS Kickbox.

Last week I started a new batch of sauerkraut; this time I added radishes and caraway seeds, and I will let it ferment a couple days longer (9 days instead of 6-7). I also added a Starter Culture which I didn't do last time. It's not necessary but I bought the Starter Culture so I could ferment the excess of squash and tomatoes from our garden... those veggies supposedly need the culture to really make it beneficial. The benefit of fermented foods is the extra absorption of vitamins, especially the B vitamins.

Legs after Afterburn - that is awesome! I agree, we don't always need heavy weights especially if doing high frequency workouts.

I will miss you in Daytona but I totally understand. It's so important to prioritize finances. It helps SO much in the long run. Dave Ramsey always says "live like no one else lives NOW so that you can live like no one else lives LATER." It is no easy feat at first but it is SO satisfying to see progress in financial stability, and of course that is motivating in itself. I will look forward to seeing you next year because I have RT fund budgeted in my savings account :)

So cool that your 12-year old is starting to jog!
Looking forward to hearing about football camp. It's like a RT but for football players; bet he had a great time:D

If you're on the fence regarding the Daytona RT I hope you go! You'll meet so many awesome people, and it's SO fun; the adrenaline keeps everybody pumped up and happy, and it's so nice to have a great group of people who love Cathe and working out as much as we do :)

Hope all is well with everyone - Toni, Stacie, Tash -- take care!
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